Chapter Twenty: Tours, Travels, and Near Confessions — 20 Comments

  1. Heh, heh, the “Ellie in the room”. I bet you had fun with that one! I love time travel stories and period stories, and it is fun to see the way you mix things up. I especially enjoy how terrible Ellie is at fitting in. She’s so impossible! Can’t wait for the next one, as usual.

  2. Ooooh so close!!!! Damned footman. Still it looks like Darcy finally might have realised that Elizabeth more than likes him? Now how do we get them on their own so he can propose again (obviously Ellie can be present if necessary as she appears to wear a cloak of invisibility 😃)
    I know they need to rescue Lydia but she is the worst person to have along so I hope that they do find her and that they have two coaches, one for Lydia and the Gardiners and one for Darcy and Elizabeth, oh and Ellie who I think will be very tired and need to sleep leaving D & E to entertain themselves 😍. Oh my Leslie another 7 days! How can I bear it! But thank you for starting to clear the air between ODC 😘

    • Ellie is a lot like Darcy in most variations, standing at windows and being aloof. LOL! We’ll see how things go. I can tell you Darcy is very eager and the next chapter had some surprises even for me 😉 Thanks, Glynis!

  3. I’m a little surprised that Darcy hasn’t opened his library so that everyone can get a book to read on the long trip. Of course that would delay the departure, but they still need to wait for the Gardiners to return from their walk.
    Darcy and Elizabeth are so close to getting “it” right, I wonder if Ellie can help them or will just continue to be the 600lb. “elliephant” in the room. Or in the coach … things could get a tad close! Or maybe they could just drop her off somewhere?

  4. Ohhhh for the love of!!! You couldn’t help yourself Leslie, you had to interrupt them when they were SOOO close to confessing their feelings for each other!
    Darcy start talking and ask Elizabeth to marry you!!! Oh god I agree with Ellie! And ohh I am delighted that she’s missing Tom! I am too! Now onto rescuing Lydia and getting back to Tom!

  5. Finally Darcy and Elizabeth on the same century and talking! lol. I can’t wait for them to continue that conversation…looking forward! 😉

  6. You have certainly ratcheted up the tension and the anticipation! Ellie learned well from reading P&P…I can just see her cringing when Elizabeth said she was grateful! Now to not talk for 4 days! She best listen well to the diction and civility of tone that will she will be confined to hear if she should open mouth and not insert foot! I can only imagine how Mrs. Gardiner is going to draw her out…first she will have to determine Elizabeth’s feelings towards Mr. Darcy. Maybe that can take a few days! Either that or hope they meet Wickham and Lydia at a coaching inn as they get closer to Brighton! Oh the scene Lydia will cause! I can hear her now saying ‘What a joke!’!!!

  7. Ellie in the room, or is that elephant in the room! Haha. She has to feel like a left shoe on the right foot – awkward. Besides, she really shouldn’t open her mouth to speak. Such odd words come out that definitely aren’t Regency period England. “Elizabeth” slips out of his mouth with such feeling and what do you do, but have him interrupted. Stop, stop, stop! No, continue this wonderful story. OMG, you just leave your readers clamoring for more. Yet another cliff hanging chapter’s end, but at least ODC are in the same time period and talking to one another. Awe, too bad that they miss the Bingleys, especially Caroline, the awful witch.

  8. Oh, poor Ellie!! Always having to be “the Ellie in the room,” stuck staring out windows like a “daft cow.” (I can almost hear Hermione’s voice saying that phrase from the HP films….)

    Their being all scrunched up in a carriage for a long, long trip is going to be something else!!

    And Darcy and Elizabeth are so…adorable!! <3

    Thank you for another delightful chapter!! Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week!!

    Susanne 🙂

  9. Thank you for another chapter. Glad that Ellie is attempting to keep her mouth shut and the hint about “gratitude” was helpful. With such a long trip, one that Darcy is saying takes four days and they can’t stop I am sure everyone’s nerves will be on edge. How can we keep Ellie from putting her foot in it or Aunt Gardiner from drawing her out. This is going to be an angst filled ride.

    • I honestly thought the trip would take longer, but there’s a trip calculator on a Regency research site for different starting points and destinations. We’ll see if Aunt Gardiner pushes to get something out of either of them. It might be difficult unless she gets Ellie on her own, and I wouldn’t put it past Elizabeth to keep Ellie close by. Thanks, Sheila!

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