Chapter Two – The Near Miss by Caitlin Williams and L.L. Diamond — 38 Comments

  1. Not just a paranormal/ghost type story, but a body swap as well? Gets better all the time! Thanks so much Caitlin and Leslie. I honestly didn’t see that coming.

    As to a possible title, a few came to mind but they’ve already been used, so I’ll have to put my thinking cap (or should I say bonnet?) on.

    Can,t wait for the next instalment.

  2. I do love how the transition between past and present is progressive and subtile. I was not expecting a body swap though. Ellie seems quite stuborn and prejudiced in her own way, it did not take her very long to have wrong ideas about Tom Darcy. I wonder what will happen when she meets Fitzwilliam Darcy at Pemberley. That could be awfully akward for both but highly interesting for the reader 🙂 Thank you for posting this story online, it brightens up my day.

  3. Love this story. Please tell me it will be a book, and more importantly, when can I buy it? Lots of fun to read. I don’t have a title, I just want it published. 🙂

  4. Oh! Well I didn’t see that coming! Hmmm. I think the Mrs Darcy the lady in the shop wouldn’t speak about might be a wicked stepmother or an aunt? I really hope Ellie doesn’t sabotage Darcy and Elizabeth getting better acquainted while she was visiting Pemberley. Oh Lord I have no idea ladies which is why you are the ones who write such wonderful books and I am one who loves reading them. Roll on next Wednesday 😍 (I will let you know in the unlikely event that I do think of any possible plot bunnies! 😂)

  5. From the Mists of Pemberley

    Loved this chapter…got teary eyed when she looked in the mirror! Hoping that after this experience she does meet Tom…the lady was just protecting him as Regency Darcy had to protect himself from gold diggers.

    Thanks for this chapter.

  6. That was a bit unexpected. I know Lizzy has a mischievous send of humor, but what is she up too? I am not sure poor Ellie is equipped to face the regency world. Seeing how she handles it will be interesting. Also what was that bit about “Mrs. Darcy?” Is Tom divorced? Looking forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for reading, Linda, I’m not sure Ellie is equipped for the regency period either. Is Tom divorced? Ah, if I were to confirm or deny it, I might spoil the whole story for you! Hope you’ll join us again next week.

  7. Oh, my!! I did not see that coming! Quite the surprise for poor Ellie!

    Well, she wished for a simpler life, and now she has it! I’m not sure that I wouldn’t wish the same today, actually. It’s been a stressful morning. 🙁

    Thank you for this lovely story, and I **adore** the portrait of Elizabeth!! Her eyes just sparkle with fun; it’s almost as if she’s planning some mischief!! 😀

    Thank you, ladies!! Brilliant twist!! 😀

    Susanne, who sucks at coming up with titles…. 😉

  8. Dear Susanne, who sucks at coming up with titles…

    So do we, that is why we are asking you guys. LOL.

    Yes, one of the themes of this will be – modern vs regency – the simple life vs modern convenience.

    Thanks for reading.

  9. Poor Ellie. Her language will give her away that she’s not of the Regency period. To wake up as Elizabeth Bennet is a treat. She’ll get to meet Fitzwilliam Darcy. Smile. Love your story. Post more soon.

  10. Ha! Services her right for being so suspicious! Seeing Mrs. Darcy on the grounds and who also saves her! Yes, she did jump to conclusions, especially after Tom said in the first chapter that he too was getting over a breakup, I believe. The portrait is wonderful too! Now after Ellie’s reaction we could title the book…Mrs. Darcy’s Revenge!LOL!

  11. Oh,what a wonderful chapter !
    Like others,I certainly wasn’t expecting a body swap! How utterly intriguing!!!
    Can’t imagine what’s ahead for Lizzy,how she’ll react when she encounters Mr Darcy……can’t wait for next Wednesday!
    Many thanks to you both for this tale!

  12. Wow how did I miss this update I wonder?!
    That was… wow I don’t think there is another word for it! A body swap, I hadn’t seen that coming! I thought maybe a ghostly visit but a whole other life… that’s going to be very interesting!

  13. I’m so SO behind on your story but enjoying a sleepy Sunday afternoon playing catch-up! Just love it ladies! 🙂

  14. Oh god where have I been..jus read first 2 chapters and I love it so far..think I’ll have it all read by end of today..jus can’t put it usual I love all ur books..

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