The Regency Interpreter on Pride and Prejudice, part 2 — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for re-posting this, Maria. As someone who missed it first time around, it’s great to be able to catch up on things like this.

    I hadn’t been aware of the reputation that militia carried around with them. Mre Bennet remarks at a later date that she herself had been fond of a red coat in her youth so her upbringing must have been somewhat lax as well. It isn’t suprising then that her daughters, especially the two youngest, had no idea to be what they could be letting themselves in for.

    • I found it interesting to learn about the militia’s reputation as well. I think it is amazing how much more I understand P&P knowing some of the history surrounding it.

  2. I too am really enjoying learning the mores of those times, which add so much to the story! Thank you for re-posting it! In Mansfield Park the comment is made, “A woman can never be too fine while she is all in white.” It was when Fanny was going to her first invited dinner at the Grants with Edmond. Is that connected to the wearing white you mentioned above, or was he just paying her a compliment?

    • Yes it is connected. I actually have done this same Regency Interpreter on Mansfield park on m own website. I have a couple installments left to go one it, but I hope to bring it here eventually.

      In Fanny’s case, it was also a recognition of how she had risen in her uncle’s esteem. Until that point, she had dressed very drab compared to her cousins. To be given a white dress what in a way to raise her to a similar status as her cousins, Maria and Julia.

      Thanks for a great questions, Carol!

  3. I see the lace issue has now been addressed. Learning something new about wearing white…I thought it had to be worn by new debutantes or unmarried young ladies going out into public. However, it was a sign of wealth. So many of the historical romances interpret it as I have stated…seems these other authors also need to study up on mores, etc.

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