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  1. Ooh, interesting! Will Mr Darcy be leading a double life? I’ve heard that the Prince Regent’s family was made up of quite a cast of characters but never read up on it much.

    I’m always happy to hear you’re working on your next book. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen a fascinating documentary on TV here in the UK that touched on this very subject, Abigail. I can’t remember what it was called or which channel it was on, but until then I’d no idea about Princess Charlotte and her story.

    I love it when authors touch on real historical events in their books, provided it’s done in a believable manner. I’ve no doubt at all that you’ll have done it very well indeed.

    That tag line is most intriguing. I wonder what the disguise is. Is he just hiding his true feelings from the world agter some event in his personal life (Georgiana/Elizabeth perhaps?) or is it a more literal one?

  3. Great article, Abigail. I agree, the Georgians were a lot more racy than often portrayed in fiction. I look forward as always to the next book, and Princess Charlotte’s guest appearance.

  4. Your novels are always a favorite. Including historical characters adds interest to me if done in a realistic way. I’m certain yours will be such. Looking forward to more teasers on this new book and reading it in its entirety when it becomes available.

  5. Very interesting, thanks Abigail! I’ve researched her not so long ago, after I watched a documentary about the House of Saxon-Coburg on German TV. Her memorial really stuck with me, it’s so highly dramatic and romantic. Perhaps she was so very loved by her subjects, because they sensed that she was more alive and more authentic than all the other Royals. Although I feel for her parents who had to create a child although they detested each other… all in all a interesting choice of name for the youngest English Royal, let’s hope she is destined to a long and happy life!

    • Oh, by the way, did you know, that her husband, Leopold, became the first elected king? He was chosen, because Belgium couldn’t find a suitable man amongst their own nobility…they were very modern at the time…and he was the key to his niece, Victoria, marrying his nephew, Albert of Saxon-Coburg, which made the small duchy in northern Bavaria a big player in European Monarchy and History.

    • Fascinating! I had no idea about Leopold’s post-Charlotte life. I’m oddly limited in my knowledge – I tend to know a lot about what happened up until 1815 or so, and then very little after that. 🙂

  6. I’m watching the Crown on Netflix. It’s obvious that Elizabeth was born to be a queen. She did everything to a tee that was expected of a modern monarch. What a contrast to the Hanovers! Victoria also married into the Saxe-Coburg family. No wonder there were genetic disorders in the family. Looking forward to reading the book.

    • I haven’t seen The Crown yet, but it sounds like fun. I’ve tried to think of whether there were any other British princesses who were destined from birth to become queen, rather than being a question mark in the line of inheritence with the expectation that a younger brother would displace them.

  7. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! Looking forward to Princess Charlotte’s appearances in your next book. I can only imagine Darcy’s ‘role’…

  8. Very excited for the new book! I saw a gorgeous painting of Charlotte at some house I was at a few years ago – it’s embarrassing to say I can’t remember which one – first world problems for sure! I’m thinking it may be Charlecotte House in the Cotswolds – but anyway the guide had LOTS to say of her, and so I was educated as to the scandelous lifestyle she led and it was fabulous to learn!! Is there a publish date??

    • I’ve never made it to Charlecote, though I’ve wanted to go. Maybe my next UK trip, if there ever is one. 😉 No publication date yet, but I’m thinking February. I’ll be posting the first excerpt in a couple of weeks, though.

  9. So looking forward to your new book. Thank you for the info on Charlotte; I will try to get to Netflix to see more soon.
    Thank you!

  10. First time I heard from Princess Charlotte was 2 weeks ago when I watched the series Victoria on tv(sorry I’m a French girl). Prince Leopold was speaking about her and how things would have been different if she still were alive. Thanks for giving her life!

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