The Ladies of Rosings Park – Chapter 4 — 10 Comments

  1. So obtuse! I wonder if her efforts will prove successful 🙂
    Poor Anne, especially as she knows Darcy will never offer for her. I hope she can find some other way to escape her domineering mother.

  2. Blind, blind, blind! “How often I have observed that when a thing wants doing properly, I must take it in hand myself.”–Yes, and that’s the problem. Lady Catherine believes that by her willing something, it must occur. But she can’t force others to her will: not Anne, definitely not Darcy, and most definitely not Miss Elizabeth Bennet!

    This poor woman has a rude awakening coming around the corner…

    Thanks, Shannon, for sharing this intriguing story with us!

    Susanne 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, Susanne! I had so much fun writing Lady Catherine, especially knowing what rude awakening was coming her way – this first one with Darcy’s defection, and a second comeuppance later on. Teehee.

  3. Inflexibility leaves one running into the same ‘wall’ over and over. Lady Catherine ‘knows’ what the right way of life should be…for everyone … and is determined they should be forced that direction to make her life’s endeavors satisfactory to herself. I eagerly await the moment when she realizes others cannot be ordered to obey her vision of the future. And, when Anne finally directly opposes her, the shock will be earth-shaking in her world. THAT will be a moment to immortalize.

    • Yes, Joan, Lady Catherine is in for a very rude awakening – both with Darcy’s defection and then a second equally shocking event later! But never fear; she’s a survivor. She’ll find somebody else to blame for her miscalculations!

  4. I can just hear Lady Catherine saying to herself, “What is wrong with these young people today?”!
    Then there is the obsequious toad Collins yammering away…looks like Lady Catherine will be wanting to throttle someone very soon…

    • Haha! Lady Catherine has a chapter later on entitled “Surrounded by Incompetence.” It must be a severe trial for her to put up with so many imperfect people all the time!

  5. Oh my goodness, Lady C looks as though she’s in for at least two rude awakenings. The first when she realises that Darcy will never marry Anne – can’t wait for her version of the conrontation with Elizabeth at Longbourn! I assume there WILL be a second when Anne eventually makes her own wishes apparent, later on in the story. Of course, none of this will be Lady C’s own fault – it’s all these other obstinate, headstrong people!

    • You got it, Anji. Nothing is ever her fault and she is NEVER mistaken! I didn’t write the confrontation between her and Elizabeth (since it’s already in P&P), but I had fun writing Lady C’s subsequent confrontation with Darcy (a ‘missing’ scene) – the one where she inadvertently taught him to hope!

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