The Heir of Rosings Park – Ch 4 — 8 Comments

  1. The Colonel will likely have to hit rock bottom before he admits that Michaels’ recommendations make a lot of sense, ultimately providing him with the living ‘to which he had been accustomed’. Right now, in my opinion, he is acting like a spoiled child. Personally, I’m not sure I would be better natured if I were in his boots because Lady Catherine is such a trial.

    One quick question about wording. Is the word fair or fare when you ask how Colonel Fitzwilliam will ‘fair’?

  2. Something very drastic will have to happen to truly open his eyes to what he has become…an alcoholic. He is a soldier and in over his head, but he has to find his way back to himself…quit feeling sorry for himself!

  3. I think he will make a decent master of Rosings, but he will first have to learn that he has a lot to learn and then roll up his sleeves and literally get in and work with what he’s got. Drinking it away won’t fix anything but that has to be learned too. Perhaps the alcohol stores running low is a very good thing. LOL

    • I have a feeling the Earl of Matlock takes a very different approach to managing his estate than Darcy does his. Matlock’s way involves hiring the work out and trusting he’s too big to fail, I think. But that’s not going to work now. He’s going to have to take Darcy’s hand’s on approach if there’s any chance of success.

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