The Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 9 — 4 Comments

  1. Fitzwilliam should upbraid Collins most severely and a perfectly worded threat should also be issued. That’s what I believe Darcy would do. No matter what Mary says Michaels should be told so that he can protect her in the future. After all he is her fiancée and his right.

  2. I can’t imagine that the Colonel will let this abuse go without letting Collins know it is unacceptable. I understand that women have few protections, but the man is a clergyman. I do worry for Charlotte but perhaps her pregnancy will protect her. What a sleeze! On the other hand, Fitzwilliam needs to respect Michaels’ relationship with Mary. I’m not sure he will, but he should. As should Mary. As I said, I’m not sure she will. Poor Michaels!

  3. The problem with the above is that only the vicar/rector themselves can decide to change their circumstances. Once appointed, it is for life. The only other remedy would be to take the cleric to a church court on charges of mal or misfeasance of office. Women had little to no rights at this time. Men could beat their wives (the type of stick was of a certified size). Of course, they also used their hands, fists, and feet (kicking). Marriage was not the romantic myth we have made it. Most men left their wives after the requisite number of children to take up with mistresses and other vices. This was why young women were taught not to expect love — or to give it.

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