The Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 6 — 2 Comments

  1. I wonder if anyone is as impressed with Mr. Collins as he is with himself. My guess is that the Colonel will tell him to take as much time as he wants. Lady Catherine’s response is less predictable, but ultimately unimportant. The world does have a way of moving forward without us, no matter how important we think we are. If anything, I am concerned about Charlotte. She married Collins for security and I hope she’ll get past her pregnancy anxiety to show her husband that Longbourn is much more secure than his present employment.

  2. It’s Charlotte I’m concerned about. She’s already had inconsistent care during her pregnancy and she’s obviously very worried and now to hear of the deaths at Longbourn, it must chip away at the little confidence she has. I’m hoping the midwife will be sensible and help her through.

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