The Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 1 — 11 Comments

  1. As you know, I am loving this series too! Can’t wait for Mary’s story to come out! I am really liking Mr. Michael…a perfect match for Mary!

  2. I’m glad you’re getting back to this series. I’m looking forward to the continuation. I just adored Lydia’s story.

  3. I have always been a fan of Mary and love books in which she is portrayed positively. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for Mary in this book as I absolutely **loved** the other two books in the series!!

    Thank you!!

    Susanne 🙂

  4. I do hope that this means Mary will enjoy a happily ever after like her sisters. She is really so kind and so diplomatic in her care of Charlotte, her role as a companion seems ideal. And twins for Charlotte? I wonder how Mr. Collins will do with that.

  5. I loved the first two novels in this series and am looking forward to reading about Mary and her love life. She deserves some happiness as the one who was always left out of everything being the middle child. I think she will find the love of her life!!!!!

  6. Having followed the first two in this series it is not any wonder I am here reading along even if I am behind in opening and reading e-mailed blogs. I do like stories which give Mary some attention…but noting the title I am wondering where Colonel Fitzwilliam will come in. Thanks for sharing.

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