The Heir of Rosings Park Ch 5 — 10 Comments

  1. While I admire a strong work ethic, I think Mary is well within her rights as Michaels’ fiancee to put some limits on his diligence. She isn’t asking him to take breaks to hold her hand three times a day! Even God took a day off, and although Rosings holds many problems, showing up on time for Sunday lunch is a reasonable request. Both Mary and Michaels have a way to go in terms of effectively communicating with each other… preferably before the wedding!

  2. A chapter full of insights into Mary’s character; she certainly is Elizabeth’s sister!! I really appreciated this sentence:

    “Quiet was not the same thing as meek, and reserved did not mean mild.”

    So true! I’m very much like Mary–more like her than any of the other Bennet sisters. I love seeing Mary’s quiet demeanor masking a woman of intelligence and insight.

    Thank you for another lovely chapter!!

    Susanne 🙂

  3. Poor Mary. Her self doubts are a bit sad when one really stops to think about it. Lady Catherine needs to be locked up somewhere safe for those around her. Dealing with her when she had her mind was bad enough, not it is intolerable.

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