The Heir of Rosings Park Ch 13 and 14 — 6 Comments

  1. I started out really liking micheals. That has changed drastically.
    I think michaels is making light of those concerns. Almost to the point of disbelief.
    Waiting to see how the tides turn !!

  2. I quite agree with Carol. It seemed to me that he was going to be a good champion and protector for Mary but now he is acting as if he is clueless about her feelings, always being late.

  3. Michaels is far too literal to perceive the truth. If something isn’t actively burning, such as an overdue payment, doesn’t mean that there is no flame. Fitzwilliam will tire of talking in circles before much longer … I hope!

  4. We don’t really see what drew Mary to Michaels and then to be betrothed. I’m thinking she saw an opportunity to escape it with a man who was steady and hard working. As much as I like him, he only sees things that are right in front of him and gets so engrossed in whatever that is. He doesn’t see the ‘shadings’ around people. Mary needs a man who needs her just as much…

    Sorry to hear about all your computer problems! Thanks for the reminder about backing up ones documents!

  5. Yes I agree – I liked Mr Michaels at first and disliked Colonel Fitzwilliam and now my opinion is gradually changing the other way. Interesting writing to achieve this – thank you Maria Grace

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