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  1. These sound cute and I read the Austenprose review on them when it posted. I look forward to a chance to read them.

    My memorable romantic meal was when my then boyfriend now hubby took us out to dinner and then to see Phantom of the Opera on stage. That was fantastic and unexpected.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. I love your books! I can’t wait to read the latest Jane Austen. It looks so interesting. I love how your spin your own version on Austen’s books! You add such s fascinating twist to them!

  3. These sound great – especially the Nightmare of Jane Austen! That sounds like it would be sooo interesting to read – I cannot imagine her dreaming of her own characters 🙂 Super and thank you for the giveaway too!

  4. Wonderful post. My most memorable and romantic meal was with my husband many years ago when he proposed. The setting was in the countryside, an outdoor, tranquil locale which was ideal and fit the occasion perfectly. 44 years later and I still remember the beauty of the scene. Your books are always unforgettable and lovely. best wishes.

  5. I have enjoyed your novels which are captivating. My most romantic meal took place when my husband arranged a unique proposal which consisted of romantic music, all of which contained the name Diane, and Diana, by many known singers and artists. This provided the background to an unforgettable repast which I still think of fondly.

  6. I read the reviews and decided to buy this kindle book so will read and post reviews on Amazon. I have not been introduced to any of your books previously. Can’t say I have had any romantic experiences. My husband is just not that type of guy. Sadly. That’s why I read romances – to live through them!!!!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

    The Harrison Duet sounds like my kind of books to read because I love romance novels. I have read Jane Austen’s Nightmare and love your short story so I know that any books by you will be great. I’ve not have the pleasure to read your other novels though I own all your Austen-inspired work. I can’t wait to fetch them from the book shelves and read.

    Syrie, I hope you can make the giveaway international as I’m able to purchase Kindle e-books.

  8. I would order the book but am wary after the review that says “steamy”. How explicit do you get in these stories?
    My most memorable meal was on my first date with the man who was to become my husband. I was nervous. I tried to cut my meat, and it slipped off my plate onto my lap. My date was so sweet – he immediately pushed his plate over to me, saying, “This is delicious! You must try it!” He never said anything about the food on my lap. We were married a year later, and to this day he claims he had no idea I’d “lost” my dinner!
    My most romantic meal was a fun dinner I went to with friends. The restaurant had advertised a special Valentine’s Day meal – all the food was heart-shaped or red. I’ve regretted not keeping the menu. The food was fabulous – five very special courses. We were the only table for four. We were the only table chatting. All the other tables had couples who were NOT talking or even looking at each other. The restaurant did not repeat their promotion the next year, though we’d planned to go each year (leaving our husbands behind).

    • Beatrice, The Harrison Duet has a few romantic love scenes, but nothing racy or explicit at all… I think “steamy” refers to the emotions involved. I promise you that you will enjoy these love stories and not find anything offensive at all. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your memorable and romantic meal stories! What a wonderful man you married. Your Valentine’s dinner sounds amazing. I too which you’d kept a menu and taken photos! You’ve give me a great idea for a future Valentine’s meal!

    • I just finished (today) reading this book. The sex scenes are well written and not at all distasteful. This coming from a grandmother may allow you to proceed. I found that they added to the story and were not just thrown in for shock value or to appease publishers who think “sex sells”. I found the vocabulary more appealing than is some stories…never did like the use of “her secret place”. But that is my opinion.

    • Thank you, Sheila, for your wonderful 5-star review on Amazon! Wow, you sure read the books fast! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Your name is now “in the hat” for a chance to win an advance copy of my next book, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. Please email me at the address below so I’ll have a record of your email address.

      Thanks again and happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. My romantic first meal was breakfast at 2:00 a.m. in the morning on the night of my first blind date with the man who is now my husband of 9 years (as of February 12th). We had our first conversation 5 years (to the day) before we got married, so two days ago was our 14th anniversary together… we recreated our breakfast and I have to say, the experience just gets better and better.

  10. These two books are a must read to me. I have love Jane Austen’s books and books that are related to her. Thanks for the giveaway and Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

  11. My most memorable meal took place on our honeymoon. We went to the Saranac Hotel, in Saranac Lake, NY. The hotel was (is) part of a college practicum for students in their hospitality program. We had chicken parmesan and laughed all the way back to our cabin. The dinner consisted of a relish bar with a few olives and pickles, an overcooked frozen chicken patty, and a small pile of cold pasta (I think). The patty sat in the middle of the plate, curled up with a blob of canned tomato soup on it. It was so bad, we couldn’t get angry. We figured it was “Beginners Night” all around. This was almost 42 years ago. We tried to go back for dinner last time we were in the area, but they were closed. We have heard they have improved greatly since then.

  12. Most memorable meal: romantic only in the sense that my whole family participated and shares this precious memory.
    In the 60’s while I was in nurse’s training my fiance and I decided to surprise my family and drop in for dinner. My grand parents drove several hours their home on a surprise visit that that same evening. My father was especially surprised as he was participating in a experimental program that night.. As a guard at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary he had agreed to invite an inmate to dinner at his home on that night. The inmate participants had been incarcerated for long periods of time (25+ years) and we’re about to be released. They were at a very low risk for escape or danger. The purpose of this was to give the inmate some experience in “normal” interactions outside a prison setting and easing there way back into society.
    This was an unusual situation even in our family.
    The gentleman who attended dinner that night was a grandfatherly gent, dressed in a blue suit and highly polished brown brogue, who said that he “hailed” from Chicago. He had been arrested in the 1930s. He was quite charming and soon had us all smiling (especially Grandma) and more relaxed.
    The conversation around that table was quite animated and it was soon revealed that our inmate visitor and Grand Dad had a lot in common.
    They lived and worked around Chicago in the same time frame in the same neighborhoods.
    They knew many of the same legendary figures of the Prohibition era.
    They were at the same speakeasy on the same night.
    They took a second look at each other and, darn, if it wasn’t good ol’ Joe. How you doin, Joe! How’s the ol’lady? I can’t believe you’re still kicking…

    We spent the rest of the evening listening to stories about the good old days when booze flowed with clandestine meetings and jazz music in the background. Who knew my Gramps had such a Roma tic past.

  13. The winner of one digital copy of The Harrison Duet, drawn at random, is:

    Donna Holmberg who left a comment on Feb 14, 2014.

    Congratulations! To claim your prize, please contact me at by February 25, 2014 or you will forfeit your prize.

    Thanks to everyone who left comments! I loved all your stories!

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