The George Wickham Papers: Regarding Lydia — 11 Comments

  1. Sir, you claim to “hold your honour more important than anything”…what about your marriage vows? It certainly doesn’t sound like you are bringing your wife to Newmarket on the 15th! Not that I am disparaging Mrs. Wickham…

    • Madam, that is a slight on my dearest Lydia. Indeed, who knows what other females the Wickham family might contain, each a candidate to enjoy the fine sights offered by Newmarket!

  2. Sir here you say you are honest and a gentleman. What about your falsehoods about Mr. Darcy? As for being a genleman, what gentleman would run off with a 15 year old girl? Just wondering.

    • Must a man be forever judged by the impetuous decisions of his feckless youth? There has been much, much more to my life than Mr Darcy.

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