The George Wickham Papers: Intrigue in Italy — 16 Comments

  1. What a beautiful description of how Wickham’s grandmother came to be found and rescued!

    Waiting for the ‘raging Posedion to give up his dead’, instead they received this little bundle of joy,whose descendents left little joy in its wake.
    Loved this piece of writing and look forward to the next chapter on dear Wickham’s eventful and ‘gloried’ past.

    • Thank you, madam for your kind words; who would have thought from such misery as a shipwreck might one day come such joy as Lydia and I have found?

  2. Ah, kind sir, there is such wistful poetry in your tones of late! You seem to have been greatly attached to your grandmother. What a pity that neither you nor the rest of us are ever to know more about her origins. But the delights you tantalise us with are great indeed. How entertaining that you should give comfort to tavern keepers! This answers the long-unanswered question: ‘Who listens to the tavern-keeper’s woes?’ As to amusing forlorn maidens with tales of your adventures, now dear sir, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all 🙂

    • My grandmother was a woman amongst women, and shall dance merrily throughout the pages of my recollections. She it was who made me, who gave me my pleasing aspect and my lightness of conversation. Hail to thee, Nunzia, the rose of Pesaro

  3. Your words flow from your pen, sir, like the river during the first thaw. However, were you at a loss for description when it comes to the following? “…Nunzia, a beautiful rose amid a field of rugged, ruddy turnips.” Ruddy turnips? Did you hit a block of ice or were you in need of some libation?

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