The George Wickham Papers: An Announcement — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Mr. Wickham,
    or may I call you George? I feel sure you are not a man to stand on his dignity despite, obviously, being an officer and a gentleman. Your tender feelings for the lovely Mrs. Wickham do you very great credit, and how wonderful to hear that she is a woman like no other. Sorry – lady. And how very inspiring it is to infer that you think the bigamist’s 3 wives should be locked up with him in solitary confinement (punishment indeed) – even if they knew nothing about each other’s existence. Such a prospect should certainly deter any future bigamists! One question, though, George … do you think your military bivouac might be planted in the swamps of Aldershot any time in the near future? Because that is where I live (though not in the swamp), and I would be enchanted to meet you and offer you hospitality. I run a little card game on Friday nights …

  2. Dear Sir,

    I see congratulations are in order for your entry into this esteemed assembly of Austen Variations. I, for one, look forward to your archivist, Ms. Curzon’s knowledge and further incite into your life.

    I must say, you have become quite eloquent in your praise of your dear Mrs. Wickham. Such a departure from the other day. However, I am glad you will be visiting on a monthly basis and providing us a forum for asking you questions.

    Speaking of milliners, how many bonnets does Mrs. Wickham own? I know this seems a frivolous type of question, but you keep bringing them up!

    Until next time…

    • My dear madam,

      My thanks to you for your generous congratulations. I am but a simple man and listened well to your guidance regarding my dearest Mrs Wickham; I trust I have righted that wrong.

      I shall conduct an audit of Mrs Wickham’s millinery forthwith and return with the answer next month – it may indeed take some time to finalise the figures.

      My best wishes


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