The Fitzwilliam Brothers at the Pemberley Ball by Mary Simonsen — 46 Comments

  1. This is by far the most fun and delightful story that I have read in a while. Any plots concerning the antics of Antony and Eleanor are always hillarious. Thanks for sharing again with us, Mary. A very Happy New Year to you too!

  2. That had me chuckling and sometimes outright laughing. At 4am my DH didn’t find this amusing, but what a way to begin my morning. I have read this before but was so happy to do so again. The colonel, his brother & Lady Eleanor are some trio and Darcy tripping him was so funny. The icing on the cake is ODG telling ODB that her mother was coming & he could voice no objection. Thank you so much for sharing this amusing piece.

  3. I must join the chorus here: this story is a delight and I absolutely loved it. There were elements of comedy, a little farce, hints of romance, and charming characters. I did love the feuding Fizwilliams, and I love the hint of a romance for the Colonel. I am delighted that he and Georgianna are not a couple, and very relieved that he and Miss Bingley are not a couple either. He is a long time favorite, and the idea of him with the Bingley woman would have had me ranting and pulling my hair. As always, the two saddest words in any language, are The End. I would love to see more of this story, and to see it expanded. It is wonderful in so many ways. This was a true gift for the holiday season. Great job Mary. It will be a very happy New Year for all of us with stories like this.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. I do enjoy writing lighter fare, and a bad boy earl is perfect! Happy New Year! All the best.

  4. Loved it! The scene where Darcy trips Fitzwilliam had me laughing out loud but I was relieved that Caroline managed to repulse him before too long!
    Thanks for the New Year’s present!

  5. I love, love, love this!!! When Darcy stuck his leg out and tripped Colonel Fitzwilliam I couldn’t stop laughing!!!
    to see Darcy in a playful mood was truly wonderful..
    Keep up the good writing!!!!!

    • Sorry it’s dreary in Georgia b/c it is a glorious day in Arizona, but we do pay for it six months of the year with the heat. Happy New Year. All the best.

  6. Ditto on the above comments….and then there is the risqué “Although not as handsome as Mr. Darcy, but then there are few who are, he certainly fills out his breeches.” Tsk! Tsk! Caroline, where are your eyes wandering to? I loved this! And the last news imparted to Darcy by Elizabeth had me grinning ear to ear. Happy New Year, everyone.

    (Col. Fitzwilliam has always been one of my favorites so I am sooooo happy Caroline decided he would not do.)

    • Hi Sheila. I love Col. Fitzwilliam as well. Austen was very limited in her description, so it gives a writer a lot of leeway when writing about him. Happy New Year!

  7. Yay! I love any story with Lord Antony. He’s great. Also, I have noticed that Lady Eleanor is always being described by others but that she is never directly “in” the narration of the story. (At least from the excerpts I remember reading.) (Is there some kind of writer’s term for that?) She is so universally reviled by her family that it’s truly humorous. I’m glad that Elizabeth’s first ball at Pemberley was not a complete success, but that she retained her good humor throughout. And the whole family felt like a big, rambunctious but affectionate group. Bravo!

    Thanks for this, and happy new year!

  8. Entertaining story. Thank goodness Richard resigned his commission and this turned off Caroline Bingley. Love the continued antics of Lady Eleanor and Lord Fitzwilliam throughout Lizzy’s first ball. Wish this story would continue. I’m sure the Fitzwilliam’s could continue the mayhem they deal with daily.

  9. Lov, love love this. I just had to laugh. At the Colonel’s determination, at Georgianan’s affront with her cousin’s wife, and most of all at Darcy’s indignant reactions. He wanted a perfect evening and although it didn’t go to plan, he and Elizabeth proved by their complementary actions that they were perfectly matched. Thanks so much for sharing this, Mary.

  10. More, more, please! You must tell us if the Viscount, Lord Pentwith, is safe from Caroline’s talons…. and if he ends up with Georgiana.

    Thank you for the giggles!

  11. Oh Mary this was so cute at every turn something else and how it ended I couldn’t help but to bark out a hardy laugh.

  12. I absolutely adore Colonel Fitzwilliam! He definitely needs a wonderful wife in his life! Please continue his story! This was a delightful read. Thank you for sharing your talents! Happy Happy Happy New Year to you!

  13. Lol! Love the twist at the end. Surprised Lady Catherine didn’t pop up but Lady Fitzwilliam was more than enough for the party.

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