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  1. Goodness me! Well at least he answered Elizabeth’s question about the animals although personally I think I would be wary of going on excursions with him but I am sure Darcy can protect his Elizabeth. Will there be more of this lovely story?

    • Byron isn’t exactly a tame lion, Glynis! No wonder Elizabeth worries whether her children will be safe around him and his animals! Glad you enjoyed the story, and yes, there will be more!

  2. And the Venetian story continues and I’m glad as it’s really fascinating and even Byron appears imagine that! I wonder what will happen next?

    • (coyly) Wait and see, Sophia! Glad you are enjoying the story, and you never know what will happen next when Byron is involved!

  3. I like the parallels of Byron being persued by a mad woman and Darcy’s bachelorhood. This should allow Darcy to feel some sympathy for Byron, he had a similar experience prior to marrying Elizabeth.

    • Some people actually think Byron and Darcy are very much alike, Meg! Remember, Darcy calls poetry “the food of love.”

  4. I wonder what would have happened had it not been Darcy from Pemberley and another English couple instead? What would Byron have done? What was his intent? Was he going to tell them to get out of his Italy? Wow… what a pompous ass. Anyway… I think he will find Darcy and Elizabeth Darcy to be a unique and unusually intelligent couple that will be a force to reckon with. Yep, that would be interesting. Thanks for sharing this excerpt.

    • Dear J.W. Garrett, Byron really loathed English tourists. I am proceeding on the assumption that he thinks better of the Darcys. I mean…that library! Glad you liked it, more coming.

  5. A very similar parallel to celebrities today…! Only Byron would know of the greatest libraries in England or anywhere for that matter. I think their sojourn in Venice will be very enlightening for both Darcy and Elizabeth if spending time with Byron is part of it! Thank you for expanding on this story! Now I am curious about the monastery…

    • Thanks, Carole! I have actually visited the island of San Lazzaro so the details will be as accurate as I can make them. Can’t vouch for the plotting, but I will try!

  6. Byron wasn’t a pompous ass. he was pursued. He had women sending him locks of hair and trying to catch his eye. He didn’t have to seduce women for they did it to themselves. Think rock star. Or Justin Bieber.
    I don’t think he would have mentioned his illegitimate daughter.
    Ada was 2 in December of 1817. Also, Allegra was born in January 1817 . The girls were 13 months apart in age.

    • No, Lord Byron never lived in England again! But one thing I do know is that the Darcys will get back home safely. 🙂

  7. How funny, Byron loathing english tourists, being one himself…
    The Darcy’s must be quite content there were no tigers or wolf present although monkeys might make some mischief.
    Wonder why Byron seemed to like the Darcy’s?

    • I think Byron felt he’d had a pretty raw deal in England, with his marriage ending so badly, and creditors and scandals everywhere. I’m guessing he would like the Darcys because they were such exceptional people – Darcy with his library and well-educated mind, and Byron would surely have found Elizabeth and her fine eyes attractive! I think any mother would be worried about wild animals next door! Thanks for reading.

  8. Only Elizabeth would feel sorry for Byron! Yet he has made his own bed, and must now lie in it, even though it means being separated from his children. But those are the consequences for living a life of “free love” in the 1810s vs. the 1960s. 😉

    I’m sure that Byron is thrilled to find such a well-educated English couple to show the sights of Venice. I loved that Byron knew the reputation of Darcy’s library more than his personal reputation, LOL!! So very Byron-ish!!

    I do love Byron’s poetry, especially his book-length satiric poem Don Juan (pronounced “Don Joo-en” by the English), but his personal life was a mess–as was the case with most of the English Romantic poets; Keats and Shelley also lived short and tumultuous lives, mostly on the Continent after offending the English with their unconventional lifestyles which were splashed across the newspapers’ gossip columns. They were rather the Kardashians of their day–only they had intellect and true (yet greatly wasted) talent.

    Thank you for this amazing story, Diana; I am very much looking forward to their outing and Elizabeth’s conversations with Lord Byron which will likely amaze and amuse the poet.

    Susanne 🙂

  9. I have read biographies of Byron and the group of English ex-pats who sometimes he spent time with during his phases of life while in Italy. The Venice period for Byron (as I recall) was a particularly hard one — he had one particular mistress but many sordid liaisons; he was starving himself and writing poetry through the nights. Teresa’s relationship with him provided a more permanent livable escape than the one he knew while around the Shelleys and their entourage.

    Poems that he wrote while in Venice, especially any on what he saw (but I know this was a more mid-19th century approach) would give a feel of it.

  10. Ellen – Byron’s adventures in Venice are so vividly recounted in his letters, I feel like I’m there reading about them. The main thing he was doing at the time of my story is studying Armenian with the monks on St. Lazzaro, but he also had the sordid swarms of mistresses, and the improbable menagerie. What a character. I bought a little engraving of the Mocenigo Palazzo and am waiting for it to come. Thanks for reading.

  11. Y’all are all too erudite for this country girl! I shall have to look for a bio on Lord Byron now! This was a delicious chapter Diana on the Darcy’s and Lord Byron. I look forward to reading more.

    • Wonderful article, Joyce, thanks so much! Slight delay on story continuation as husband is in hospital after a fall. He’s not in danger and things will settle down soon, then back to writing!

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