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  1. My question is for the authors….Who is your favorite character to put into new situations? (Since I have already purchased the ebook, I am very interested in the goodie bag.)

    • Hi Jennifer

      For me, it’s the Colonel as a character from the original, but in this story, it was Theo and, by extension, Darcy. Theo was so much fun for us to create, and he continued to evolve throughout the story, but giving Darcy a younger brother also impacted on how his character evolved too.

      Are you US or ‘rest of the world’ in terms of your ‘goodie bag’ entry?

      Thank you for asking a great question!


      • Thanks for your reply. I agree that the Colonel is always fun to see more of in variations. I’m half way through another book then The Darcy Brothers is all set up to be my next read on my Kindle. I can’t wait!

        For the goodie bag entry, I’m in the US.

        Congratulations on the book.

    • That is true, Wendy. There are several sections throughout the story where some of the scenes have changed, though the essence of the plot remains undisturbed.

      In addition, we have incorporated into the story in chronological order the additional scenes requested by the readers in the latter half of the story. 😀

      We hope you will enjoy it all the more for these additions!


  2. My dear Mr. Darcy (the younger),

    Having attempted to sketch your character from the tidbits you have shared on your tour, I have a burning curiosity to know your opinion regarding a matter concerning your cousin, Anne. I am sure that it would take only a brief moment of thought for you to determine an excellent way that If you were in her position, not that I could ever imagine you as such, what course would you plot to remove yourself from under her mother’s thumb?

    Mrs. King

    (yes, I am a VERY (please draw that out as you read it until you actually roll your “R’s”) distant relation of Miss Mary King of Meryton – though I am not wrinkled, not freckled.)

  3. Mrs. King, I assure you that even if I had employed a magnifying glass I could not have detected any wrinkles when I had the pleasure of meeting you at Lady Laurel’s ball. As for Miss Mary King, I am relieved she managed to escape Wickham’s attentions unscathed. She deserves better than to be married to a fortune hunter.

    As for my cousin Anne, I do not hold out much hope for her. Aunt Catherine (the Old Bat) takes advantage of her illness to control her every move. However, now that you have prodded me, perhaps during my stay at Rosings I can contrive to find ways to draw her out.

    • Theo! What the devil are you doing here?! And how many times must I call you out for your disrespect towards our aunt? You must desist in calling her names, but if you cannot show full restraint, at least have the discretion not to refer to her in such a way in a public place!


  4. As it has been some time since I read the weekly serial installments into Mr. Theo Darcy’s affairs, I cannot remember if he mentioned this so forgive me if he did, but what is a favorite childhood memory of him with either just Prince William or with his Darcy family?

    If I were to win, I would be interested in the goody bag. US resident. Thank you for the generosity of the prizes for the tour.

    • Miss Rose, may I compliment you on your name? It is quite charming.

      I have many happy memories of my brother. Unfortunately, they were all before our brother Sebastian died. I remember one occasion when William, Sebastian and I climbed up the ladder in the stables to the loft. Sebastian was only five and his legs were too short. One of his feet kept slipping. William was right behind him, giggling every time Seb missed a step and he was obliged to give him a shove. Afterwards, we sat on the hay and ate some tarts we had stolen from Cook and peeped through the gaps in the wood at the men who went about their work, not knowing we were there.

      Those moments stopped after Seb died, which make them very precious even though they were perhaps very ordinary.

  5. It is so good to see you are about again, Mr. Darcy. It has been a long time since we have last heard from you. Your presence has been sorely missed. I was wondering, since you seem to always desire to avoid your brother, if you have ever considered visiting the former colonies? I would also like to know what you think of Elizabeth’s relations….her parents and sisters as well as her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. And lastly, are you and your brother getting along any better?

    Thank you so much for the generous give away. As I already have the e book, I would love to be added to the goody bag drawing in the US. Many thinks ladies and Mr. Darcy.

    • Why, Miss Deborah, it is a delight to see you again. You are a sight for sore eyes.

      I am not so much out of my brother’s favor that I need to go that far to escape him. *Shrugs”. If he wishes to escape me, he is welcome to do so. Though it pains me to think he has not yet accepted that I have a different character from his. I would like nothing more than to reconcile with him. After all, with three of our family members gone, who do we have but each other and Georgiana?

      One day, I would like to travel to the former colonies. They appeal strongly to my sense of rugged adventure.

      I would love to answer your other questions, Miss Deborah, but as that part of my life is yet unwritten, alas, I am afraid I must disappoint you.

      • Escape, you say? Do you truly find it in London, Theo? Or should I say, in raucous company, a bottle of brandy and an evening of mind-consuming gaming?

        Unlike you, I cannot escape what is my duty, what has been my duty for many years. As for character, I could more forgive yours if you did not constantly disparage mine.

        I suggest you take your sense of rugged adventure to somewhere closer to home. Mrs Bennet will keep you on your mettle far more expediently than a trip to the former colonies.


        • *SPOILER ALERT*

          For those who already read The READER’S CHOICE

          Mr. Darcy (the elder)

          I thought you were trying to get along better with Theo. If I remember correctly, your dearest loveliest Elizabeth charged you to reconcile with your brother and you promised her you would. If this is what you call reconciliation, I would sincerely not want to see how you talk to someone you dislike. Elizabeth will figure out what is happening without being told. She will be so disappointed when she realizes how you are talking to your brother. Have you forgotten how astonished and proud you were when you saw him in court? Please , do not be so harsh on your brother. I wouldn’t wish Mrs. Bennet on anyone except my worst enemy.

          Mrs. Fortin

    • Ah, Miss Edmisson! What is the famous saying? “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”While I have nothing but the greatest admiration for those who marry — and do so successfully — I have no intention of being caught in the parson’s noose. My brother takes this as a sign of an unstable character. So be it.

      • Ah, but, Mr. Darcy, what gentleman (Mr. Collins excluded) goes forth with the intention of being snared? Are not many in the middle before they know they have begun?

        I have already purchased and read your delightful book, so please place my name with those hoping to receive the “rest of the world” goodie bag.

  6. Mr. Darcy will you have another book? I hope you are enjoying your tour with your fine travelling companions. They are a very interesting and lively group. Also, they are very generous. If possible I would love a copy of your book. I read but a few excerpts, having joined this group in the middle of the process, so decided to wait for the entire book. It is cold for us in the southern US so nothing would be better than a weekend with you and a cup of tea. Enjoy your tour!

    • Miss Griscom, thank you for your questions. There is nothing like the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such companions.

      I am sorry to hear you are to be shut indoors because of the cold weather. However, I would be honored to join you.

  7. Sir, I would be happy to have your company and that of your fellow travelers. You could come for tea and I would have cook (me) make cinnamon scones and butterhmilk biscuits and some small sandwiches. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon, with good company and conversation.

  8. Please excuse my impertinence, but will you tell all of us your age? I am most interested to know, and would also like to know how much older you were than young Sebastian.

    I do not live in the United States, but in the French Department of Guadeloupe, on the island of St. Martin.

    • I am happy to answer, your question, Miss Leslie. My brother William is three years older than I am, and I was three years older than dear Sebastian. He was but six years old when we lost him.

    • May I ask, Leslie, as you live on St Martin, are you therefore entering the draw for a Jane Austen themed goodie bag rather than an ebook?

      Just want to be sure I place your name in the right place!


  9. Is it that Theo is not the eldest and all that entails that makes him so different, or has he spent his whole life reacting against Fitzwilliam?

    (interested in the ebook)

    • That’s a good question, Vesper. It’s a bit of both, I think. Darcy is the father figure, I think, and feels responsible for everything, including his siblings. Theo can afford to play, but he is also hurt by his brother’s disapproval.

  10. I really enjoyed the installments and the thought of an e-book with additional scenes makes me smile!
    I thought is was great that despite different authors, the book did sound like it had one voice.
    I have always liked Col FItzwilliam as a character, I think because Darcy really let his guard down with him. It foreshadowed what I imagined Darcy/Elizabeth’s marriage to be.
    Thank you!
    oh and I am US…e-book

    • Thank you, Theresa! Yes, I love the way so many authors have developed the character of the Colonel.

      I agree, even with the little we have from the original novel, it seems as though Darcy and he were like ‘brothers. Perhaps it was their shared guardianship of Georgiana? The fact Darcy shared with the Colonel the service he had recently rendered for a friend shows the trust between them.


  11. I read the WIP of The Darcy Brothers and am looking forward to the published book! I would like to enter for the ebook – thank you for the giveaway. Theo does have charming traveling companions, but I want to know if Abigail is writing another book where Darcy is stranded in a snow storm?

    • Aha! I see you picked up on Theo’s hint about Abigail’s new book, Eva!

      I am sure Ms. Reynolds will be along to confirm one way or the other shortly!


    • I am indeed writing a book with Darcy stranded in a snowstorm, and it is almost done. Almost being the key word, and that last bit is giving me a lot of trouble! There’s a bit that doesn’t work, and nothing I do seems to fix it. It’s making me a bit crazy, to be honest!

  12. I loved this story in its inception form and I am really looking forward to this final edition! I’m not a big fan of extra siblings for our main characters, in general, but I love Theo and your creation of him. What fun and what additional angst for poor Fitzwilliam.

    Count me in! Cannot wait to read the new novel.

    • Hi Rae

      So pleased you are looking forward to reading and that you liked Theo!

      Which draw are you entering, ebook or goodie bag?


  13. Thank you for sharing this excerpt with us. Questions: Theo, I am wondering, if you were not studying the law, is there another occupation you would consider? I am in the US and would be happy with either of the prizes.
    Thanks again!

  14. That is a good question, Miss Laura. As a gentleman, my choice of professions is limited to three: The church, the law and soldiering. Soldiering does not suit me. I prefer a black coat to a red one. Besides, I am not good at following orders! Preaching suits me even worse.

    If I really had the choice, perhaps I would like to be a physician. However, that is not quite respectable enough, so the Law it must be!

  15. I was charmed again to read this delightful episode of Theo’s first meeting with Elizabeth, and would love to win the ebook! I live in California.
    And I would like to ask Mr. Darcy….
    For being such a charming fun-loving person, your picture depicts a very solemn, though handsome young man! Seems like there should be more sparkle in your eyes…. but perhaps do I see a hint of smile in the upturned corners of your mouth?

  16. If only you knew what I had to endure to have my portrait taken, Miss Carol! Prince William insisted on bringing in the same artist who had painted my mother’s portrait when she was younger. The man was at least a hundred years old and he was so slow and painstaking I thought I, too, would grow old by the time my portrait was finished. There was a certainly a twinkle in my eye as I could not have endured ithe many sittings without laughing. However, I am not sure our artist’s eyes were quite what they used to be. Either that, or William may have instructed him to make me look as solemn as possible. It would be quite like William to so. Perhaps he hoped a solemn portrait might inspire me to be serious in real life.

    You flatter me by saying I am handsome, Miss Carol. When I return from my tour, perhaps we will have an opportunity to meet in a less crowded setting and you can determine for yourself if I have a twinkle in my eye or not.

      • Dear Miss glittering Diamond,

        I am afraid William would agree with you. He has tried in vain to cure me of this inclination. However, the words spring to my lips before I have had time to consider them.

  17. Dear Mr. Darcy,

    It was truly a pleasure tobe introduced to you today. Because I know so little of you, sir, I must ask: Why have you have accompanied your elder brother to Rosings when it seems so against your inclination?

    I would greatly appreciate furthering our acquaintance via an e-book for here in the USA.

    With warm regards,
    Mrs. Barrett of Pine Valley, California

  18. Dear Mrs. Barrett of Pine Valley,

    It was a pleasure to be introduced today, too.

    You ask a rather awkward question but you are right to ask it. Clearly William cannot compel me to accompany him to Rosings, in spite of my rather exaggerated protests.

    The truth is, I am trying to mend matters between us. We have been at odds for too long and I believe it is time we spent some time together. Very likely nothing will come of it, but at least I will feel I have tried.

    I am hoping that William’s reasons for insisting I accompany him are the same as mine. I dearly hope so.

    With warm regards

    Theophilus Darcy

  19. Two questions:

    Dear Ladies – following the original telling of The Darcy Brothers last year was one of the first things I took part in after I discovered the amazing JAFF community online. Mention has been made of covering further events in the life of Mr. Theophilus Darcy. Do you have any idea when or if this might happen? I’m sure there are many of us waiting with baited breath!

    Mr. Darcy – how would you feel about having the tale, or tales, of further events in your life told (that is, made public) by these wonderful writers?

    Best wishes

    Anji – from right up in the Yorkshire Dales

    • Why, Madam, I am honored to have my life chronicled by five ladies, especially since they also introduce me to many other young ladies, some of whom have very fine eyes indeed. I have heard tales of the beauties of the Yorkshire Dales – both that of the countryside and the ladies. Perchance I may yet have the opportunity to see them for myself!

    • Sorry, forgot to say which gift I’d like if I’m lucky enough to win. Could you put me in for the UK/Rest of the World goodie bag, please?

  20. To all,
    I am completely new to the Darcy Brothers and to this wonderful blog-but not new to Jane! I am always searching for Jane references-books, movies, etc. I can’t believe that I never landed here before! I have a lot of catching up to do! Where should I start in the blog? Is there news of one of my favorite characters-Georgianna?
    If selected-please, I would love the Jane Goodie bag…unless the ebooks will catch me up? Either-USA.

    • Welcome, Nancy! I will add you to the draw!

      Georgiana plays quite a role in The Darcy Brothers, so it’s as good a place as any to start! She is equally fond of both her brothers and wishes very much they got along better.

      Theo corresponds with her regularly and you can find some of his letters to her on The Darcy Brothers’ website and Tweets between them on Twitter.

      As for discovering what’s here, type key words into the Search window, explore each author’s titles on their respective pages or visit the Readers’ Library for online story postings.


  21. Mr. Theophilus Darcy,

    Though we have not been officially introduced, it pains me, as a mother, to know that you and your brother are estranged. I realize the death of a beloved brother has caused this, but your mother would be deeply saddened by it. I do commend you for trying to heal the breach but must you needle your brother so?

    On a lighter note, I do so enjoy your ‘joie de vivre’ and can only hope that you can help bring that back into your family. May you also find someone as delightful as Elizabeth!

    Carole in Canada

    P.S. Dear authors, thank you for taking such prodigious good care of Mr. Darcy, the younger! I plan to buy the book so enter me in for the international goodie bag!

    • My dear lady,

      Thank you for your kind words. I know my own mother would be most distressed by the situation, and your point is well taken. For your sake and hers, I shall endeavour to resist the urge to provoke Prince William — errr, Fitzwilliam, though at times he is greatly in need of being laughed at!

      Yours most sincerely,
      Theo Darcy

      • And you are greatly in need of exercising some restraint, Brother!

        As for being laughed at, you are not the first to level such an accusation in my direction. I can only repeat what I said then: the wisest and best of men, or their actions, may be rendered ridiculous by a person whose first object in life is a joke. Do you doubt for one moment I was thinking of you, Theo, when I said those words?

        However, I will own Ms Carole has touched upon a nerve. It pains me to think of our mother and how she would perceive our estrangement. It frustrates me I cannot see a way forward; this time in Kent had potential, but we have not made an auspicious beginning.


  22. Just got acquainted with the Darcy brothers on the Austenprose blog, and I must say the quite got me immediately! I loved the introduction of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, can’t wait to see the first time the two brothers will be in the same room of Miss Elizabeth 🙂

    For the giveaway: I’d like to enter for the goodie bag, outside US (I’m from italy). Thank you!

  23. Hello everyone!
    I’m new to Mr Darcy younger brother and taking a look at his missives on the link above a question rose to me: how did you choose the characters he’d be involved with? Was it something you discussed on the beginning or something that came along while you were writing the story?

    I’d like to be entered in the goodie bag giveaway, UK/rest of the world thank you!

    • That’s a great question, Luisa. I think it was a little of both. It was pretty clear he’d correspond with his best friend, Monty, and with family members, but which ones developed over the course of the story.


  24. I loved this ebook. It is a wonderful variation different from any others I have read. I love the addition of Mr. Theo Darcy and his interactions with the other characters. I enjoyed how the more minor characters evolved throughout the story. I hope to read more about Theo in the future!

  25. Dear Theo,

    I was shocked – shocked! – at your cousin Anne’s choice of husband. How is their marriage faring? Will you need to call him out for a duel, or will Lady Catherine beat him with her walking stick?

    (ebook drawing, please – USA)

    • Theo is out on the town for the evening with his friend Monty so he has asked me to respond to questions. As to Anne’s choice of husband, I think you might be thinking of another story (possibly The Bennet Brother) because as far as I know Anne is neither engaged nor married. It would not surprise me if Lady Catherine used her cane to discourage any suitors other than Fitzwilliam Darcy, however.

  26. So excited to have you back, Theo. Loved the excerpt and can’t wait to read and see what changes were made in the final book. I won a goodie bag earlier so if they are the same, spread the wealth, otherwise I would be thrilled with a goodie bag or the book.

    • As I mentioned above, Theo has gone out on the town with Monty. Who knows what they’re up to? Theo has told us he is pleased with final story, and he’s very happy to be a part of it.

  27. Great excerpt, and really sets up the potential rivalry for Elizabeth’s affections. Theo’s letter to his friend is so charmingly funny.

    My question for Theo would be: How did you and Sir Montgomery Preston become friends?

    For the drawing, I would like to be entered for a US eBook.

    • Theo and Monty met at school where Monty’s nickname was “Monty the Mountain” because he is a rather large fellow.

  28. Hello Ladies!! I loved reading this book when it was a wip! I remember anxiously awaiting for the next instalment. I generally haven’t cared for the JAFF that include a new sibling but when Theo was created I couldn’t stop reading about him! I have been curious ladies was it very difficult to continue each others ideas?

    either drawing-USA

    • The group brainstormed about the story and the characters all the time which made it easier to transition from one chapter to the next and from one writer to the next. The ideas would start flowing and building and before we knew it, we’d come up with something really amazing. For me that was the most fun part of working together.

  29. Captivating! This is the first time I have encountered Mr. Theo! Where have I been that I have missed this? Goodness, I should get out more often… Delighted to read this collaborative effort from some of my favorite Austenettes!

  30. Thank you, Betsy — well, it’s not too late to get to know him! As you can see, he loves answering questions.

    I love that term. Austenettes! It’s great. I haven’t heard it before. Perhaps I should get out more often, too!

  31. I am so glad to have been introduced to Theo! My question is where has he been hidiing? Has he been held captive someplace to keep him from the clutches of some sweet maiden? Oh MY Heavens! I cannot wait to read more. My to read list is multiplying exponentially…. If I were chosen This US ladyb would like the ebook. More more i want more now! This I am so glad to have found is supreme.

    • LouAnn, we’re so happy you discovered Theo! As for where Theo has been all this time, that’s exactly what Darcy would like to know. I suspect he engrossed in his London life and hiding from his brother, but we’ll keep that between us, shall we?

  32. Theo,
    I don’t suppose you have had any opportunity to meet Lydia Bennet; once you make Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s acquaintance (surely she and the Collinses will be making a visit to Rosings soon at the behest of your aunt with all due condescension) you might want to ask her about her lively younger sister. I think you will be most diverted!

    • Truly, Miss Regina? I am intrigued!

      Who is this Miss Elizabeth Bennet? More to the point, is she even half as delightful as the young lady I encountered above, who has surely become shackled to my aunt’s undeserving parson? (I claim him undeserving merely from envy, of course; he may well turn out to be an attractive fellow, full of charm and wit and good humour. Indeed, that is precisely the sort of man I believe such a lovely young lady deserves).

      As for any sister of this Miss Bennet, I am always happy to make the acquaintance of young ladies, and lively ones more than most! I am all anticipation, and I thank you for your recommendation!

      Theo Darcy

  33. Ah how nice it is to visit with old friends! I thoroughly enjoyed voting and being apart of the Darcy Brothers weekly excerpts. Theo is so charming and easy going yet so complex under the surface. I love seeing glimpses of that. I do wonder if he has a little voice in his head that guides him to smarter choices that he ignores as “Prince William”.

    I’d love to be entered for a chance to win The Darcy Brothers ebook 🙂

    • So pleased you enjoyed meeting up with Theo and co again, Lauren! Good insight too, into what might drive Theo!

      I will add you to the draw!


  34. That scene is one of my favorites from when the story was unfolding as a WIP. Mr. Darcy (the younger) – you must allow me to tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know you through your story and letters. I think it admirable that you have maintained your sense of humor and charm despite having more than your fair share of tragedy at such a young age and being in a profession that exposes you to so much of humanity’s flaws. How do you maintain your good humor in light of all that? Is it really a mask to protect you, or do you have a deeper philosophy on life that helps keep up your spirits? If I am so lucky as to win the drawing, I would love an ebook of your story to retread again and again.

  35. Why thank you, madam! I was equally charmed by making your acquaintance at the time.

    I believe my nature was well ingrained as a child, and though tragedy in the past caused much distress – how could it not – I found myself resilient, able to pick myself up from such knocks. It seems to suit my profession too. Though you are quite right, one can be exposed to many flawed individuals, there is always goodness to be found in others. Many a case will deliver a sign of of the latter sufficient to quell any disturbance of mind over the former, I assure you.

    My brother would wish I had some depth to my character, though I do believe I have more than he gives me credit for. However, my spirits are not easily repressed, and certainly not for any length of time and doubtless this contributes to the impression that I do not take anything in life too seriously.

    Your request for entry into the draw for a copy of my story is duly noted, madam.

    Theo Darcy

  36. Bingley’s sister? I could hardly avoid the acquaintance, Miss Betsey. Why, is she a friend of yours, perchance? I would be very much obliged if you would tell her (in the strictest confidence) that she must not set her cap at William. Intervention on your part may save her from making a fool of herself.

  37. Thank you, dear authors, for the excerpt! Very interesting! I look forward to learning more about the younger Darcy brother!

    A question for the authors…Are there plans for any future collaborative novels?

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win the ebook of the novel.


    • Pleased you enjoyed the excerpt, Pam!

      There are no concrete plans at this stage for further collaborative novels. With five authors all working on their own projects at the same time, it’s a logistical (though very enjoyable) challenge to say the least!

      However, where Theo is concerned, who knows? He can be very charming and persuasive, as all five of us have learned! 😉


  38. Thank you, I have just finished the book, which was wonderful. I am hoping there will be some sort of follow up because I really want to know what happens to Theo and Anne.

    • So pleased you enjoyed it, Janice!

      Would you like to be entered into the draw for the goodie bag and if so, are you US or rest of the world?


  39. I am sorry to have arrived so dreadfully late for Mr Theo’s party. I had hoped to get here at least in time to help him out of his cravat at the end of the evening but it was not to be. I hear that Lady Leatherberry is having a soiree at Leatherberry Hall today so perchance I can reintroduce myself to his acquaintance there. Despite what you may have heard, I do not generally chase men about the countryside, but Mr Theo is a delightful exception.

    I am so excited to be reading this again very soon, catching up with Theo and Company and seeing the new tidbits that were not in the WIP. 🙂 I have the ebook but if it isn’t too late, I’d love to be entered for the goody bag. (I’m in the US.)

  40. Hi, Theo! Nice to meet you again after such a long time. I’m curious to know if you have found a lady love. If you have not, may I know what criteria you are looking for other than the usual ladies’ accomplishments. I would like to put myself forward if you don’t mind. Hehe

    Sorry for coming so late. Not sure if my question has been asked before but what are your plans regarding Theo’s fate? Authors, is there to be a sequel after all as I’m sure there are many who agree that Theo is irresistible and charming. Please put me in for both the e-book and gift bag for international entrant.

  41. My dear Miss Luthien, delighted to renew our acquaintance! I am honored at your proposition to me. If I were to choose, I would certainly have you on my list of accomplished young ladies. I did make a list once of the accomplishements I would wish for in a young lady, but my friend Monty tore it up and put in in the beer of a uncouth drunken militia officer who was singing out of tune.

    However, despite my love of spirited young ladies, I have decided once and for all that I will leave marriage to my older and more responsibe brother. I do not believe marriage would suit me. I am altogther too restless to be tied down to a household.

    I do believe my friendly biographers intend to write more about my life, but just as I have no inkling how my life will unfold, I cannot foresee their future, either. Time will reveal all.

  42. Love the excerpt and all the antics that Theo gets into! I wonder if Colonel Fitzwilliam will decide to join the party at Rosings. That would make for an interesting time for all.

    Looking forward to reading this novel!

    Thank you for the giveaways. I would love either but would prefer the e-book. I’m in the US.

  43. Hello,
    My question is for the authers, how could you wright such amazing p & p variations ;D ?

    Lucky us ( the readers ) , i very much enjoy your novels with the last one i read was a fair prospect trilogy.

    It was amazingly written i enjoyed every page of it and i fear i can not do it justice..

    Therefore i am interested in the e-book for international entrants. looking forward to read it 😀

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