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  1. My favourite Bingley is from the 1995 BBC series but my favourite Jane and Mrs. Bennet are from the 2005 film. I wouldn’t like to be as trusting as Jane – I fear she would never survive in todays world with all the people who try to take advantage and relieve you of your money! Thanks for this post although why on earth you allowed Mrs B in I have no idea. 😐🙊

  2. Susannah. Rosamund was lovely but all that giggling between her and Keira irritated me. Crispin is my choice for Charles, and I would love to have a cloak of invisibility just to sneak Inti his classroom and watch him teach.

    This interview had he in stitches, thank you!

  3. Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennet. Some might say she was over the top, but Jane Austen meant her to be a comic character and Alison Steadman definitely brought her to life.

  4. So…did you ever give Jane Andrews’ direction? That was fun! For me Susannah and Rosamund are my favourites and I love them both. Crispin hands down for Mr. Bingley but Simon and Naveen are a close second. As for Mrs. Bennet, Alison Steadman!

  5. Jack! What a hoot! You might know that Mrs. B would want to “unknowingly” steel the show from sweet Jane. I loved the many faces of Jane, Mrs. B and Bingley. Great fun on a COLD, I mean really COLD Indiana morning. Jen

  6. Brilliant!! And so fun!! Jane’s “Yum” had me falling off my chair and nearly spraying my breakfast all over my laptop.

    Thanks for starting my day with a laugh, Jack! I really needed it this morning!! 🙂


  7. Rosamund was a perfect Jane. She had those moments of sternness that I think were perfectly played and she was utterly gorgeous, which a Miss Bennet should be if she can help it. 🙂

  8. Favorite Bingley was Crispin Bonham-Carter in the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. Besides, there’s never been a better Darcy than Colin Firth and a better Elizabeth than Jennifer Ehle. Even Alison Steadman played the best Mrs. Bennet.

  9. Your interviews never disappoint! I love your characterization of Mrs. B. and the change in Jane. I vote for the actors on 1995 BBC production as they captured the essence of the characters.

  10. Thanks for this fun interview Jack. I can so picture Mrs. Bennnet acting in such a way. My favorite Jane, Mrs. Bennet, and Bingley are all from he 2005 adaptation.

  11. Love your charming bit of nonsense! Rosamund, Allison or Brenda, Crispin… actually each one brings their own unique interpretation to the character they play. My greatest discomfort is with the 2005 version which misses so much of the original story – but that is certainly not the fault of the actors! Thanks, Jack, for this fun piece!

  12. I enjoyed this “interview.” Mrs. Bennet never changes, does she? I have to admit that I like Brenda Blethyn best, but I think that is at least partly because I like the way she was written. I know that it’s not the way our dear Austen wrote the character, but I loved the way she really wanted what was best for the girls, and that she and Mr. B. seemed to truly love each other, instead of him ignoring her all of the time.

  13. Thanks to all of you for commenting! There is no “right” answer; that’s why there have been so many productions of P&P, and all have their strengths and weaknesses.

    While “Bride & Prejudice” get a little love (for Mr. Andrews) and Rosamund Pike has her fans, the consensus seemed to be for the 1995 production. It is the most popular version, but for me I like the 1980 BBC miniseries. It’s funny and not over-the-top. And its the only production that gets Mr. Collins right. All the others get him wrong.

    Speaking of Jane, IMHO Maureen O’Sullivan, Rosamund Pike, and Namrata Shirodkar have the looks, but Sabina Franklyn gave the best performance. The 1995 adaptation gave nothing for Susannah Harker to do with the role (I blame Andrew Davies).

    Makes you want to pull out the DVDs and watch them all again, doesn’t it?

  14. So funny as always, Jack. Thanks for the laughs and the pictures. I loved Bride and Prejudice and appreciate you including it here as it doesn’t get a lot of attention generally.

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