The Cajun Cheesehead Chronicles – Mr. Darcy’s P&P POV (the abridged version) by Jack Caldwell — 44 Comments

  1. Jack, I was chuckling to myself all the way through this extract, causing raised eyebrows from those around me! To me, Darcy always had a sense of humour that rarely showed but to listen to his internal monologue in this extract was highly amusing, especially his observations on the people around him. I shall be downloading the free abridged version as soon as I’ve finished typing this.

    I just love all your various names for Wickham – Straw for Brains, Useless, He Who Must Not Be Named. Though I think even Wickham still has a long way to go to be in the same class as Lord Voldemort.

    When and where will the full version be available? It will be another item on my TBR list when it is.

    Thanks so much for posting this extract.

  2. I really enjoyed Darcy’s comments about Mrs. Bennet and Lady Catherine. “The treason of the family indeed!” He’s grown into a much nicer person, and I love the fact that he takes the time to admire Kitty’s embroidery. That’s really sweet!
    Sorry to see CCC is at an end, but it was great to see the kinder, humbler Darcy emerge.

  3. This is my first time reading any of the story and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I I am looking forward to reading all of it. As Anji said I really enjoyed all your nicknames that Darcy had for Wickham. it was very nice to see a softer side to Darcy at this point in the story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jack,
    An wonderful entertaing ending to a wonderful entertaining story!

    Good luck in retirement. I hope this means more writing!

    Love it ( as usual)

  5. It’s over :(. Jack I have so enjoyed reading your posts, it seems like ages between them and now… They’ve come to an end. Very entertaining as always, thanks for writing this version of Darcy, it makes him so human and real or perhaps modern is a better descriptor either way it has been a joy so thank you!

  6. What an enjoyable read….it brought laughter as well as tears to my eyes. I do so love getting inside a man’s head as in my life I see few males who express what they are feeling….all actions! and I loved this – “As for that evening, I will only say I shall never forget the breathtaking sight of her coming to me with her hair down about her shoulders. Other memories are mine and mine alone.” So sweet! I will now try to find “the rest of the story.” Am reading your latest and will probably finish that today – also delightful.

  7. Lovely! I love Darcy’s humor. “The trials of being me”. LOL And teasing Kitty and tolerating the whole of the Bennetts…thanks for putting it in book form too.

    Q: Is “Companion” going to be available on Nook at some point?

  8. I too have loved your humorous re-telling of our beloved P&P in this original voice of Darcy making him even more real and lovable than ever! I particularly enjoyed these little insights that add so much to the depth of the story such as this little interpretation of his understanding early in Chapter 59: “How could I have confused Elizabeth’s saucy looks before with the clear adoration in her eyes now?” And your delightful names for Wickham were appreciated too… though I did think you could have been just a bit more harsh in naming him! 🙂 I look forward to having the whole book in my hands to re-read and enjoy over again! Good luck to you and do keep writing!!

    • “And your delightful names for Wickham were appreciated too… though I did think you could have been just a bit more harsh in naming him!”

      I had a few in mind, but I wanted to keep this story “family friendly.” Use your imagination–you won’t be far wrong.

  9. Loved this line! “I will not say I do not get along with my new family, but distance makes my heart grow fonder when it comes to Longbourn, principally for my new mother. It is a relationship that should not be endangered with close intercourse.”

    Thanks for the treat.

  10. Thanks for the story….I have already enjoyed the rest of it…. 🙂

    Favourite part is the conversation between Kitty and Darcy. I liked Kitty’s personality there.

  11. Delightful Jack and I too am sorry it’s ended…loved the discussion with Bingley and how Darcy will now have to help Caroline find a husband! That would be a priceless story with your twists to it! Though you did write a wonderful book with her in it, Three Colonels, which I absolutely loved. Then the exchange between Darcy and Kitty…sweet. Thank you and look forward to reading the whole when it’s posted. Thank you!

  12. Really enjoyable ending! You can see how much Darcy’s changed! He sounds content and satisfied, finally, and his sentiments towards his family are pretty cheerful and tolerant, despite all their shortcomings that used to grate on him. His interaction with Kitty was so gentle and sweet. Thank you! Looking forward to whatever you have planned next!

    • How much and how little, Kathy. While he’s more polite and tolerant, nothing of his essentials have changed. He’s still the Regency’s biggest Boy Scout. Thanks for commenting!

  13. Beautiful, Jack! My favorite line in this post: The trials of being me. ROFL! Poor widdle Darcy…. XD

    I am sorry that Mary never made any effort to know her brother-in-law, but you were following along in canon very faithfully.

    Jack, your writing gets better all the time. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. <3

    • Thanks, June. As for Mary, I think she came out rather good in THE THREE COLONELS, MR. DARCY CAME TO DINNER, and THE COMPANION OF HIS FUTURE LIFE. So, for all you Mary-philes, there’s your fix!

  14. It’s beautifully written, Jack. I have a delightful time reading about Darcy’s thoughts and experiencing his love for Elizabeth. I hope there is a new story in the works which takes the male characters of Jane Austen’s novels and tells their story.

    • Thanks for the idea, but I don’t know. Darcy’s such a wonderfully easy target. He’s so stiff and closed-mouthed that he feeds right into my rather insane sense of humor.

      But take Wentworth or Brandon. Way too dramatic for such a treatment. Tilney’s kinda out there, Ferras is a cypher, and Bertram is oblivious. Knightley could be possible, but frankly his relationship with Emma, given their age difference, is a bit icky for me.

      Let other pens take up the challenge. I’ve got THE PLAINS OF CHALMETTE to write.

  15. Thank you for this delightful tale. I look forward to reading the entire story and have already downloaded the free pdf version!

  16. Jack, really?!!! I am LOL every time I read your use of WTF in Darcy’s POV under FREE BOOKS. I am sure that is authentic to the period. But we all need to laugh.

  17. Great job with the grande finale, Jack. I’ve been enjoying this story since you started posting it on AA and find it bittersweet now that it is over. I am glad to read the (very funny) HEA but sad there aren’t more segments to look forward to. Always the rub with a good story. Thanks for showing us what was really going on in Darcy’s head all that time!

  18. I love that conversation with Kitty and Darcy the best, but his observations after the wedding were good stuff too.

    This was a wonderful series, Jack! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  19. I hadn’t read the these posts before, but read through the whole .PDF. I meant to just read a few sections, but I couldn’t stop! You brought Darcy to life wonderfully. I loved the internal dialogue, it is so spot on and such a fun read! I especially liked the “WTF? WICKHAM?” and when he comes across Elizabeth at Pemberley, “(Mind goes blank)”- I laughed out loud at those, the sentiments were so fitting. The meeting scene at Pemberley is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the story with us!

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