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  1. I can’t say I have ever thought about this…but I am sure I will now. 🙂

    Will you be doing the females? If you are, may I suggest a chihuahua for Caroline. My aunt had one when I was young that nobody liked because it was incessantly yapping and nipping at your ankles…a general annoyance! Seem like a fitting description for Caroline. 🙂

    • Females would be controversial, to say the least. We’ll see if the muse is brave enough.

      As for Caroline, I think of her more like some annoying terrier–she just won’t let some things go. Maybe an obnoxious cat. Or is that redundant?

      See! I told you it was controversial! Now the cat people will be after me! Flee for your lives!

      • No, not a terrier…we had the sweetest, cutest little fellow that was a terrier. Although he was silly and rather tenacious. 🙂

        A cat…well, they do have attitude.

  2. I agree with most of your descriptions, especially Darcy’s. When first I read the title Doberman came to mind, with the very reasons you stated, and no I never read your post before. One additional thought on Darcy is that not only is he loyal to Elizabeth, but he becomes nearly inseparable. Someone called the Doberman the ultimate Velcro dog & I agree. They become supremely attached to one person (are loyal to the whole family) & will follow that person all about. As for Bingly…I see a Labrador Retriever. Very similar to the Golden, but. I personally like Labs a little better…they don’t make me sneeze. 🙂

    • Our late Dobies were leaners, for sure. They always wanted to touch us. Labs are fantastic, but I haven’t met any silly Labs, yet. Goldens on the other hand…

      Really, any of the retrievers can be downright silly.

      • We had a black lab once and she was so excitable, she’d pee literally everytime anyone petted her. Hopefully Bingley wouldn’t do that. 😉

  3. I am not a dog person, Jack, but I still loved reading this!

    The first three (Tilney, Wentworth, Bertram) are my favourites from the descriptions you have given and the result you came out with. Thanks for the Wednesday smile!

    Oh, and Wickham, Willoughby & Crawford, lol? Definitely a firm to avoid!

  4. Sorry…. hadn’t finished my thoughts….my own Dobie, Thunder followed me from room to room & wouldn’t let me out of his sight & when I sat down sat on my lap ( hence inseparable) & that’s the way I see D & E.

  5. Great to hear from you again. 2015 can’t come soon enough. Do you have anything set to be released in the nearer future?

    I liked your description of Edward Ferrars particularly the “everyone likes him but cant tell you why”. Perfect. He is one of my favorite characters but I really cant pinpoint what it is about him I like.

  6. This made me laugh. I love love dogs and have had a plethora over my life. I don’t know about Tilney as a poodle, he doesn’t seem quite that high maintenance. The Darcy/Doberman and Bingley/Golden, particularly, are SO apropos . We had 11 Dobies when I was in high school and it was almost impossible to walk as they were always a cluster around your person. But if a guy came to take me out…he never knocked on the door for sure. 11 sets of growling teeth and beady eyes were a serious deterrent. =D Great piece Jack!

  7. Very interesting read! I am sure that took a lot of pondering. We owned dogs from the SPCA, usually mutts, while I was growing up and now can’t have a dog or cat due to my husband’s allergies. So I am not at all around dogs enough to be able to give you an opinion. But your descriptions of the males works. Thanks for an interesting read. BTW: “so I though you would like this little past from the past. Enjoy!” is this what you meant to say in the first paragraph or “blast from the past”

  8. Jack – loved all your choices – especially Darcy and Bingley. I did think, however, you would choose a water dog for Wentworth – Navy and all. I think a black Lab would fit him nicely, although I guess they’re a little too “playful” for Frederick’s personality.

    I also enjoyed the above suggestions for Caroline Bingley. I nominate the Pomeranian for her. To me they are one of the most annoying, yapping, ankle nipping and over the top froo-froo dogs in existence. They almost look like they have built in feathers when you grow their hair long and brush it out, something I think Caroline would love to have – permanent feathers sticking out of her head.

    I think the chihauhua might work for Mrs Bennet, although I don’t know how smart they are. I may be dissing the poor dog without knowing it! Which dog is on the bottom of the canine intelligence chart anyway?

    I think doing the ladies would be great fun. Start us off, Jack!

  9. I definitely agree with George Knightley as German Shepherd or other shepherder dog. As for poodles, I could see Sir Walter Elliot as a French poodle – high maintenance and foofy in appearance.

  10. This was hilarious! I loved the photos of the dogs you used as well – some of their expressions are just right. Really like the glower from Edward Bertram’s St. Bernard. I think Bingley also brings to mind beagles and cocker spaniels. Before you nominated the Doberman for Darcy, I was picturing a dog with a more wolf-like appearance, like a Siberian Husky.

  11. I love Wentworth. Makes so much sense. My grandmother had a female Giant Snauzer and my aunt a male one. An I can so see him a Wentworth-like. I would have never thought of that – very fitting!

  12. Jack, I couldn’t even come close to the success you had with your selections .

    Entertaining as usual!

  13. Can’t say I have pondered what type of dog I pictured all the ‘hero-type’ men of Jane Austen’s books. However, I have always imagined Charles Bingley as a Whippet and Darcy as an Irish or Scottish Wolfhound. We owned a lovely Whippet named ‘Ares’ for 14 years. When we do get another, and this time two of them, we are naming them Mr, Bingley and Jane. I would like to get a Whippet and Wolfhound and name them Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, but I can’t convince my husband on the Wolfhound.

  14. I love all of what you’ve done here! I think perhaps Darcy would be better depicted by a Great Dane. They’re very sleek, like the Doberman, but more apt for the ‘tall, dark and handsome’! Also, their size can make them intimidating, yet they are very loyal and cuddly (as much as something that’s as big as its human can be cuddly!)

    If you do end up attempting to define the women, I think Jane should be a greyhound. Lydia should be a hyperactive, yapping mutt that just can’t be trained – something mixed with a Jack Russell terrier would supply the high-strung part.
    I like the suggestions for Mrs. Bennet so far, but maybe a Border Collie would be good, too – always trying to arrange her girls, and get them to behave.

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