The Cajun Cheesehead Chronicles, by Jack Caldwell — 5 Comments

  1. Jack…I really enjoyed The Journey when I received it the first time a month or so ago. Glad I was able to see you and meet your lovely bride! Let me know when you return so I can get my books autographed!


  2. It seems like a class reunion speech could be all about looking backwards, so I was impressed by your hopeful, thoughtful words to your classmates. I thought it was notable that while we might fixate on what a person like your great-grandmother had seen and gained in her long life, she would find it more remarkable the kind of life she led and the people that were so meaningful to her.

  3. This was a great speech/read. For the first time I am going to forward this link to certain people of my acquaintance. With a few word substitutions this speech could be read at every reunion, but is has ongoing pertinence. My class graduated in 1968 and like every generation, the changes don’t stop.

    Working with youth as my profession I have often said aloud, “I wish I could put the wisdom I have learned from my experiences into “that teen’s” head. But we all have to learn for ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Jack, I understand your writing is historical fiction, but you appear to have a grasp of the history of Coulon Plantation, at least during the years when it was owned by the Leche family. I’m working on a documentary project of historic live oaks along Bayou Lafourche and am planning to include the oak grove around the Coulon Plantation home, though I’m coming up short on historical information about the various owners and the property where the oaks are located. Do you have access to information about home and family that you would be willing to share? My project is being sponsored by the Bayou Lafourche Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and will comprise a self-guided driving tour of the locations of historic live oaks along the Bayou.
    Many thanks

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