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  1. Wow Leslie. What a wonderful start to Christmas Eve. Thank you. I have enjoyed all the posts but especially the Darcy and Elizabeth stories. I love to read all the different versions of their story so this was just lovely. Thanks for the giveaway and I would especially love to win the ebook of The Earls Conquest. Have a great Christmas 🎄

  2. I would love one!! I was so excited when you announced you were publishing this story but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to get a copy yet! Love this short too! Are you going to make this part of a longer story?

    Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

    • I have no plans to expand on this one at this time. I have several short stories that I have put aside for when the mood strikes, so you never know. Thanks, Megan!

  3. All the stories are excellent! But I especially remember the one about what pantomime was. As a French I was totally unaware of this tradition.
    I hope I’ll have one of the ebook! Thank you 🙂

  4. I enjoyed all of the 12 days, but I think this story is my favorite. I liked the way Darcy and Elizabeth misunderstood each other over Lydia’s elopement. I got the impression that there had been no secret let slip by Lydia, and thus no letter to Aunt Gardiner explaining Darcy’s involvement. It was a very fresh approach to dealing with bringing our favorite couple back together. And I especially enjoyed Lizzy’s last comment.

    And yes, please enter me into the drawing for “The Earl’s Conquest.” Merry Christmas!

    • Lydia might not have slipped up, but to me it was more that Lady C didn’t interfere and Darcy didn’t return after Bingley and Jane’s engagement. I honestly didn’t delve too much into all of that. The more backstory with something this size, the longer it gets 🙂 Thanks, Florence!

  5. Your Christmas story is simply wonderful and I love it! I would like to have the book. In Italy we have other tradition. Thank you and a Merry Christmas!!!

  6. What a Merry Christmas giveaway. Loved this excerpt about Darcy and Elizabeth. Misunderstandings run rampant with these two. Love how they finally come to an understanding.

  7. Perfect!

    My favourite thing about the 12 Days of Jane Austen was simply all the wonderful stories and information posts. They were all rather different in their own ways.

    I’d love a copy of The Earl’s Conquest 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Wow, just had breakfast reading this story. What a wonderful start to Christmas Eve. I have loved all the 12 days but this has to be my favourite. Darcy proposing to Elizabeth at Christmas. This story has set me up for the dsy. Thank you. Hope you and your family have a lovely Xmas

  9. I hope I’m not too late to say that I would want The Earl’s Conquest. I would also love to be in the running for the original giveaway. What I like best is the giveaways offered by the various authors. Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

  10. I enjoyed all the stories and the historical information shared over the past 12 days. Each was unique and fun in its own way. I already have the Earl’s Conquest on my very long TBR. Thank you for the generous giveaway. I must say the Mr. Darcy join would look good on my husband while I wear my Mrs. Darcy pin.

  11. Thank you for all the lovely stories and
    this wonderful giveaway! This was my
    very favorite because, in some ways,
    all lovers misunderstand and let doubts
    hinder their “course of true love.”
    Happy Christmas and New Year

  12. I have enjoyed all of the 12 days because they were a little bit of stolen time just for me in this busy season! Thank you to all the authors who contributed to the special treat!

  13. A cup of tea and “Jane” are all I need to help with the stress of any season but was a gift just for me this Christmas month. I have loved every bit of it and your giveaways are a bonus gift any of us readers would love to receive!

  14. Thank you for the lovely story. I think the modern version was my favorite “day of Christmas” Merry Christams to all Janites!

  15. Honestly, I loved this final post the best with its tipsy Lizzy and loving Fitzwilliam. I have The Earl’s Conquest and adored learning about that romance.

    Please keep writing JAFF. You have a wonderful skill for creating perfect stories. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much, Kathy! I’m glad you enjoyed the tipsy Lizzy. She was fun to write. Didn’t even think about it, she just guzzled what was handed to her in anger and frustration. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  16. This was a lovely 12 days. I really couldn’t read them all, I have been swamped in work, but the ones I read were lovely. But I think this one is my favorite. This story is so nice!

    I would have loved to get one of the e-books but I am way too late. Well, I will have to buy it as soon as I’m able.

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

    • At least the posts won’t go anywhere! You can read them when you have some time. I hope work lets up a bit so you can enjoy your hoidays! ¡Feliz Navidad!

  17. Sigh…that was a lovely vignette that brought tears to my eyes with the pain of love that Elizabeth was feeling. You expressed her heartache so beautifully. I must say that I enjoyed reading that Mary and especially Kitty (as she has always been a favourite of mine) improved with the attention they so desperately needed.

    Thank you and all the authors for your written ‘gifts’ and for your generosity at this busy time of year. They have all been a delight. It is hard to pick just one as I have loved them all. This one however, is like an epilogue showing everyone’s HEA.

    As for ‘The Earl’s Conquest’, I own it, read it and loved it! Looking forward to your next book!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  18. I’ve loved all the stories, but I believe this story is my favorite. Just lovely!

    Too late for the e-book, darnit!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  19. Leslie, this was the perfect Holiday Short for me. I loved it so much! What a beautiful way for ODC to reunite, even though Mrs. B more or less had the final word. Great fun! Jen

    • I couldn’t resist Mrs. Bennet having a bit more before the end. Fortunately, Darcy didn’t seem to mind! Thanks, Jen, and Merry Christmas!

  20. Loved this! Our dear couple takes misunderstandings to an Olympic level!

    Loved the effect the brandy had on lizzy! Brandy infused courage ! Worked!!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the reading enjoyment !!

  21. Goodness–I’m not sure I can choose my favorite part! Today’s story was amazing…and it may just be my favorite!! 🙂 Thank you for writing for us!!

    This site is simply amazing; I can’t get enough of all of these wonderful stories!!

    Wishing everyone a joyous Christmastide! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  22. What a lovely snippet…
    Much to our sons chagrin, I still enjoy catching my husband under the mistletoe..
    Merry Christmas!

  23. Each day has been special to read the new posting. The final story was the perfect ending to these twelve days. Thank you to all and thank you for the giveaway. Joyous Christmas!

  24. For sure it was this one because I am a hopeless romantic and any time a mistletoe is involved I am quite giddy. Plus the one on one show of ones romantic thought to a loved one makes me smile. Especially when it involves Darcy, Elizabeth and a proposal. 😀

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Darcy, Elizabeth, and a proposal always gets to the hopeless romantic in me. Thanks, Sheila! Happy Holidays!

  25. Leslie,
    I love your work – although you wouldn’t know it as this is the first time ever posting on any of the sites I have been lurking on for the last 3 years….
    Anyway, I have to say this was my favorite of the 12 days of Christmas. It truly was a tough contest between your story and Kara’s; yours won because #1 the story ended with Darcy & Elizabeth engaged and #2 – yours is a regency which I ultimately prefer.

  26. Well, I think I like this last part – Elizabeth in Darcy’s arms with a proposal, which she accepts this time! How lovely on Christmas Day.

    • I couldn’t resist! It was a bit of fun re-imagining that part, so I’m glad everyone enjoyed my whim.
      Thanks, Sheila!

  27. We’re supposed to choose a favorite? Impossible! I’ll just say that I enjoyed this one a lot. If you want to assume that it’s my favorite, that’s fine with me. Thanks for sharing.

  28. This was delightful. The season has been too crazy to remember all the posts, so I’ll have to choose this one for now! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!!

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