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  1. What a great giveaway 😃. We don’t really have any traditions. I did take my children to the pantomime several times when they were little. I never realised that they had been popular for so long although I think I prefer the more modern versions. Thanks for this post.

  2. We definitely don’t have any cool Christmas traditions. Being a military brat we were usually in the middle of a move during Christmas and we’re lucky if our gifts weren’t in a brown paper bag.

  3. We always listened to carols on Christmas
    Eve, walked around the neighborhood to
    look at lights, ate Chinese food, and opened
    one gift.
    Thank you for the giveaway and a Happy

  4. How very interesting. I still go to the pantomime every year with my 24 year old daughter and i have taken her since she was 3! It is my next door neighbour’s birthday on Christmas Eve so we usually pop to her house for a few drinks. Thanks for the give away x

  5. Happy Christmas from Send in Surrey in sunny England. Thank you for a lovely year of Austen Variations. I have enjoyed reading these emails from this website and the extra stories.
    Christmas traditions include an Advent candle to mark down the days of Advent, a Christingle service at church on Christmas Eve and midnight communion and an advent ring at Church to mark the Sundays of Christmas and Christmas Day.

    • Isn’t it wonderful we can enjoy these posts from both England and the USA? Your traditions are similar to ours but different enough to make for interesting reading indeed. I enjoyed a first time visit to Great Britain last summer and plan another next September. Have a joyous Christmas and Boxing Day.

  6. When my children still lived at home where we had a few acres of mixed trees, we would go out and select a native cedar to use as a Christmas tree just as the prairie pioneers did. Often lopsided and always imperfect, I found the little tree had more meaning to me than one purchased on a tree lot.

  7. Even at the tender ages of 8&10 my grandchildren love creating Christmas traditions. Perhaps we should give this a try! It is also nice to read about the history of bye gone eras. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  8. Thanks for the fascinating bit of history. My family doesn’t have a favourite Christmas tradition but last time we used to go for Midnight mass on Christmas Eve at our church. But that has stopped since my mom sleep quite early. So it’s just my dad and I who would attend the midnight mass but not for this year.

  9. When we were younger, we would go to Arizona to spend the Holidays with all of my Grandparents, haven’t done that for over 30 years. Now we spend Christmas Eve at my brother’s home and Christmas Day at my mom’s.

  10. What an enjoyable History Lesson. Going to midnight Mass was always a tradition in our family. Somehow we all managed to be awake. The days before Christmas, the grandchildren would go to grandpa and grandma’s house and bake all the German Christmas cookies we cound make. Thank you for your giveaway.

  11. My DH is “Mr. Christmas”, so we have many traditions. Although we have teenagers now, and often get the sigh of discontent, we care on with cookies under the tree etc., some day they will re-appreciate and hopefully carry on with the next generation.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Merry Christmas to all,

  12. Hmmm. Don’t really have any specific traditions, other than the usual tree and ornaments, and other decorations. Both of my brothers are single with no kids, so they try to come up to our house for the holiday, so that they can spend time with my boys. I bake a lot to give cookies to friends and relatives. Would love to win the giveaway – a nice Christmas present!

  13. we would always set a fire then decorate the christmas tree with hot chocolate and marshmellows (peppermint of course). On christmas eve we would go see the christmas houses with family at one place every year. i remember the carolers and all the unique attempts in christmas decorations. Some included the various themed houses and my favorite was always santas fair ground. Some people also made hot chocolate to hand out. Merry Christmas to you all and remember if you have a cup of hot cocoa, don’t forget the cnady cane for a christmas touch! <3

  14. I give my children and now my grandchildren an ornament each year but my favorite tradition is simply getting together as a family.

  15. What an awesome giveaway! Our family has an Advent calendar that my boys use to count down the days to Christmas. We always go to church on Christmas Eve then at home we read The Night Before Christmas and hang our stockings right before going to bed.

  16. We don’t really have any traditions. Relax, eat and play Scrabble has been the usual activities for the last few years. Thank you for sharing this interesting information. And thank you for the chance to win!

  17. One of our many traditions is that our 3 kids make a Christmas play/movie for my husband and me. This is the 6th year. Their movies are the highlight of the holiday. We cherish this time knowing that this tradition will must likely come to an end as the kids get older. I can imagine watching the recordings for years to come though!

  18. The Advent Calendar is a treasured tradition. I had a hand crafted one in my kitchen. Each child had their own calendar, and they would open a door each night before bed. I was amazed that my adult children loved receiving them from me, and now my grandchildren receive one. I Face Time with my 18 month grandson as his mother opens and reads each evening. His eyes are big with delight. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  19. A panto-packed post. Very interesting. Thank you.

    My family traditions include watching the carols, eating a hot Christmas dinner, lots of Christmas cake and pudding, seeing family and friends and trying to stay cool in the heat!

  20. Our biggest tradition was family! Getting together at the farm with all the relatives. Playing outside with cousins. As I age, the together times are what I miss the most!

  21. One of our very simple traditions is to hide a pickle ornament on the tree. When my boys would find it, they would get a pickle prize. The prize was something like a hot wheel when they were little. This has expanded to other friends and family looking forward to coming over to also earn their pickle prize. I keep a handful of prizes available.

  22. Does anyone continue to do these Pantos? They sound like a lot of confusion unless you know ahead of time what is the purpose of all the antics.

    • Great post and comments. On Christmas Eve we have a traditional meal with 12 dishes (for 12 apostles), we share a special Christmas blessing and sing carols. A very special family evening

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