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  1. Congratulations on the new releases! They both sound great.
    As for desserts: I love chocolate mousse! Or really anything with chocolate in it!

  2. I enjoyed reading both books and need to post my reviews. As for my favorite desert…depends upon my mood….chocolate raspberry cheesecake is delicious or a Napoleon or a piece of baklava. Your post has made me so very hungry (a piece of pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream for breakfast),

    • Deborah~
      Well, pumpkin is a vegetable, right? You were practically eating salad for breakfast… 😀
      The very mention of chocolate raspberry cheesecake makes my mouth water! Mmmm!
      And thank you again — so much — for reading both books. I’m thrilled you enjoyed them!!

  3. Please exclude me from the giveaways as I have the books…but I wanted to celebrate the double release (Wooo HOOO!!!!) 🙂 and…well…my favorite desserts have changed with food allergies. My favorite USED to be chocolate eclairs….*le sigh* Now, since I’m allergic to so much my favorite is a very dark chocolate fudgey brownie topped with nuts. My favorite takeaway from this scene is that he left the choice up to her. Didn’t push the “moment” in the sauna, just gave the address and walked away. So very romantic.

    • Oh and the Bon Jovi fangirl in me from waayyyy back always gets the giggles when I read the (very apropos) title of the next book. 😉

      • Stephanie!!!
        First & foremost, *thank you* again for reading my books and for celebrating with me. You’re wonderful! xox
        As for desserts, it’s painful to admit this, but my body is developing some allergies as well, and I’ve had to limit ice cream (the horror!), so I’ve been moving more toward dark chocolate, too, which I also love. Imagine me making some of those very dark chocolate fudgey brownies with nuts today & sending you a batch!!
        p.s. My little rocker heart belongs to Jon Bon Jovi…so that title is my favorite out of the whole series 😀

  4. I love apple pie ala mode, but have to say I am picky about my apple pie (lots of apples, thin crust and not too sweet).

    I did purchase both of those books but would love any signed paperback copy is so lucky. I have not yet read the books – so many on my pile of books and just borrowed several from Joy and Claudine plus have been reading some on Mel’s JAFF. In other words, pigging out on JAFF!

    • Ha! Laughing about the idea of pigging out on JAFF 🙂 . There can never be too much Jane!
      And, Sheila, thank you for buying the books and for taking the time to comment. I love apple pie, but it’s my husband’s absolute favorite! For “Pi Day” (March 14th = 3.14) I always get him an apple pie or two…

  5. I am looking forward to reading this new series. The sauna scene was incredible smoking hot. Would love for Chase to massage my shoulders!

    Enjoyed the previous one Pride and Prejudice and the Perfect Bet.

    • Patty,
      Thank you so much!! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Bet, and LOL about the sauna scene from Take a Chance on Me. I tried to make it steamy! And, yeah, I want him rubbing my shoulders, too… I’m sure it would help me write faster. 😀

  6. Both of these books look amazing–congratulations, Marilyn!!!

    I’d love to have either–actually both! But we can’t be greedy now, can we?

    Well, unless there’s Boston Cream Pie around. The best of everything: spongy cake, rich custard, chocolate, whipped cream, and a delicate pie shell! Life does not get better…seriously. Especially when my husband of 30 years makes it for me for my birthday…YUM! 😀

    Congratulations again on your double-release, Marilyn!!

    Susanne, who is bleary-eyed after grading stories until 6:00 AM for the online fan fiction class I teach

    • Susanne,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and celebrate with me — especially after staying up until 6am!! Oh, my goodness… I’ve made it to 4am a few times, but never 6… You deserve a nap today, my friend!
      And the Boston Cream Pie alone would be amazing, but to have your hubby make it for you? Heaven 🙂 .

  7. I would never be able to resist someone with a bakery! But what excites me the most is knowing that ‘Chance’ was the first story in your heart, when you were an aspiring writer and not yet published. Congratulations on achieving your dream!

    • June,
      Oh, thank you! It means so much to me to get to share these characters and this community with all of you…these many years after they first captured my imagination. I hope you’ll enjoy them all half as much as I do…xox 🙂

    • Monica,
      Thanks so much for the congrats! 😉
      This has been a tremendously fun series to work on, although I can’t say it’s been helping me with my diet all that much, LOL. *sending you some virtual brownies & baklava*

  8. Went out on a limb and bought them both. Though it’s not much of a limb as I love your writing! Going on vacation soon and I look forward to reading them by the lake….perhaps a glad of wine at my side. Can’t wait, it’s been a long, long week!!

    • Lynn,
      THANK YOU!! I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll like them both! And thanks so muck for your kind words about my writing 😉 . *hug*
      Enjoy your vacation & that wine… Have an extra glass for me!! xo

  9. I´m for ditching the towel too, like a commenter above already pointed out, lol. What an excerpt. I really want to know if she´s going to ring at his doorbell!

    There are soooo many delicious deserts in this world. I love everything Finnish – so I´d say korvapuusti, a kind of cinnamon roll! Yummy!

    • Katrin,
      Ha!!! Yeah, if they were alone in the gym and all the doors were locked, we’d be getting rid of those towels. 😀 I’m so glad you want to know what happens next — thank you!
      As for desserts, your Finnish cinnamon roll sounds fabulous — “Korvapuusti” — I must try it sometime!

  10. 127 Arpeggio Avenue. Apartment 3… I’ll be right there. Oh, I mean NIA should go straight there. Yeah, that’s what I meant…

    I hate saunas because it’s hard for me to breathe but with guys like this, who needs em?!

    Congrats on the double release! I have them both on my kindle and am eager to read them. Between JAFF and Outlander and Poldark, I feel like it’s been forever since I read anything more recent than 19th century! My favorite dessert would be cheesecake! *drool*


      • Monica!!!
        Chance would totally love it if you showed up at his door 😀 . Just sayin’…
        Thank you so much for celebrating my release week with me, and I’m really hoping you’ll like both books!
        It’s funny, even though I write in the contemporary world, I’m still glued to “Outlander,” “Poldark” and all things Austen. I need to look up what else Aidan Turner has been in because I’d love to see him in some other films. *swoon*
        And YAY on liking the song titles!! I had a lot of fun choosing them for the series, LOL.
        Sending you xox’s & some virtual cheesecake!

    • Tara,
      Many thanks for your kind congrats!! I appreciate them 😉 .
      And apple pie — ooooh, warm with a scoop of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream! — is delicious. That is always a party pleaser at our house!

  11. I love chocolate lava cake. Everytime I see it, especially on Masterchef, it always makes me want to put my hand through the television and to devour it.

    • Gabriela,
      LOL!! I can totally imagine that 😉 . And they’re so good about zooming in on every bit of dripping chocolate and gooey cake when they show it on TV, too. It always looks so unbelievably delicious!

  12. The random drawing is done!!
    CONGRATS to Sheila L.M. for winning the signed copy of Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Bet…and also to NovElla for winning the signed copy of Take a Chance on Me!!
    Please email me (MarilynBrant AT gmail DOT com) with your street address so I can mail out the paperbacks to you.
    Many thanks to EVERYONE for your fabulous comments and for taking time to celebrate this series launch with me last week! 🙂

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