Special Ebook Sale for Readers – Perfect Match & Perfect Bet! — 28 Comments

  1. Wow, I was waiting for this. Thanks for the bargain. Already read the first book. Looking forward to reading this.

  2. Thank you! My TBR is empty right now and this will be a good way to start filling it again. I haven’t read the first book yet so now I have 2 new ones. Just perfect!

      • Eileen, THANK YOU!!! That’s so exciting for me to hear! I’m thrilled you loved Perfect Match… Hope you’ll enjoy what happens with Bingley & Jane in Perfect Bet as well 😀 .

        • The second one is just as enjoyable as the first….maybe even more so. My favorite character in the first story was Bingley…he made me laugh. And he continued to be just as fun and sweet in this story as well.

          • YAY!!! Eileen, you just made my night! There’s nothing like knowing that someone else loves a character as much as I do… Thank you — from both me and Bingley 😉 .

    • Thanks so much for the congrats, Lúthien!! xo
      As for the sale, Perfect Bet should still be on sale through this Saturday at midnight Eastern time (but the prices will start shifting back on Sunday morning – the time it takes to do that is always a mystery, though!); and the Perfect Match sale will continue at least until July 31st 😉 .

  3. Thank you so much Marilyn. I got a second copy of The Perfect Match for my Kindle app as I already had it on my Nok. I am 1/3 of the way through The Perfect Bet. It is difficult to put down, but, alas I must. I am enjoying it immensely and will hopefully finish it tonight. 🙂

    • YAY, Deborah!!!
      I’m glad Perfect Bet is continuing to hold your interest — makes me grin like this to hear it –> 😀
      And thank you, too, for picking up another copy of Perfect Match!! *hug*

  4. I am so excited. Just purchased both nook books, Pride and Prejudice, and the perfect Match AND Bet. Anxious to get started reading soon.

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