Snowbound at Hartfield, Chapter 2-Maria Grace — 19 Comments

  1. Well this an interesting conversation! The Colonel no longer needs to worry about finding an heiress! Miss Elliot has turned into a keen observer and is trying to curb her ‘mean’ thoughts/words! Love it! Now which younger sister married?

    • Actually all the Bennet girls are now married off–convenient for Mr. B, right? I think poor Miss Elliot has really had a rough patch and has learned from it. thanks, Carole!

  2. Wow, an improved Elizabeth Elliot! Hipow nice to see that she is taking in a kife of her own, rather than acting as a reflection of her ridiculous father.

  3. Oh, this should prove interesting with all these people have different views about the separation of classes as well as good food and how to reside among those with or without titles. I trust Emma and “Liza” will get on but how will Elizabeth fit into the conversation? And are we pairing the Colonel with Elizabeth? Thanks for another chapter.

    • I could see Emma and Liza getting along well. It was rather challenging to figure out how to deal with two character’s named Elizabeth in the same story, so Mrs. Darcy became ‘Liza’, somehow it just didn’t fit for Miss Elliot. 😉

  4. “Darcy coughed and Liza pressed her foot to the top of his. No doubt she was warning him not to mention Bennet was there to learn as much as Fitzwilliam himself.”

    Darn it! I wish I had written that line! Well done.

  5. Miss Elizabeth has certainly come down in her expectations has she not? I hope she won’t listen to her pompous father, and listen and take a good look at Fitzwilliam.

    Great second chapeter

  6. Intriguing!
    How the mighty have fallen! Am delighted to see Elizabeth making every effort to be pleasant to all in her company,and being wise enough,probably through bitter experience,not to voice opinions that would serve to upset the people present.
    Love the obvious closeness shared between Darcy and Lizzy.
    Thank you for posting this chapter. Am certainly looking forward to seeing the relationship that emerges between the Col. and Elizabeth.

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