September’s Interview with a Janeite, with Special Guest Glynis and Host Kara Louise! — 28 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Nicole and Kara Louise for such a great interview.
    I was a little nervous about doing this at first but they made it so easy.
    I do so like that all the people I have come to know through reading JAFF are friendly and willing to share their thoughts
    Thank you again 😊

    • Thank you Caitlin. It was a pleasure. I love that all you authors find the time to post excerpts and items of interest to the whole JAFF community.

  2. What a lovely post!!!
    It was so nice getting to know you,Glynis!
    Well done to both you and Kara Louise for such!
    I really enjoyed this one!

  3. Glynis, it’s so nice to learn more about the person behind the comments! Was it strange seeing Lyme Park in P&P1995 when you were already so familiar with it? Thanks for being such a great supporter of Austen Variations and for joining us today.

    • Thank you Abigail. Yes it was strange to see Lyme. The trek to the house is so true, when I was young there weren’t so many cars and they used to have a little train with 4 or 5 carriages which ran from the bottom of the drive all the way to the house. I loved it. As a teenager I even went one evening with a group of friends ghosthunting! But luckily we didn’t find any (well actually we didn’t look too closely😱)

  4. What a wonderful interview Glynis! I like how you turned the tables on Kara! How cheeky of you to want to be the maid in his bed chamber! But what really caught my attention was how close you live to Lyme Park!!!! Maybe one day I might get there and meet you in person!

    • Thanks Carol. I don’t have the money to be on equal footing with Darcy so if I have to be a maid? Well what could be better? As for Lyme Park I am ashamed to say I don’t go there as much now but I could be persuaded if you do manage to get here (and hopefully we won’t miss each other as happened with Lory and Rita)

  5. That baby is ADORABLE!!! Twin grandsons, Glynis? That would be a lovely armful.

    How delightful to learn more about you and to have a face to put with your name. Your comment about being a maid was a hoot, dear lady. You are as much a wit as Lizzy Bennet, I suspect. Thank you for being brave enough to share. Great questions for Kara. I read her answers with eager anticipation.

    • Thank you so much Joy. I must admit that my twins are gorgeous. The one in the photo is James, he’s the cheeky one who has one hand in his own plate at dinner and the other hand stealing from Elliot’s plate!😂.

  6. I have read and loved all of Kara’s books. Some I have in paperback under their original titles as I didn’t have a kindle when I first started buying JAFF. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo – reminds me of myself and my grandchildren. Grandchildren are so much fun I should have had them first.

    • Thanks Sheila. I know what you mean about Grandchildren. I wish I had mine earlier-my Mum used to take mine and my brother’s children sledging but I am great at cuddling and reading stories 😊

  7. Lovely interview, Glynis and Kara Louise. ❤️

    I think new technology is wonderful when it can help us feel connected and closer to far off friends and family! I’m pleased you have a son close by too, though, and those twin grandsons will no doubt keep you very busy as they grow! Love the photo! ❤️

    • Thanks Cass. Yes I am so grateful for Skype because when my daughter and family do come over the boys know me so we don’t have any problems.
      I’m not great with technology in General (when I went to work in the Post Office someone had to explain what a calculator was – I was not convinced of its efficiency so checked the sums in my head!)
      I really enjoy ‘chatting’ to so many JAFF authors and fellow readers thanks again to the technology that makes it all possible.😘

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