Austen Locations – Bath – Part 1 – Anne Elliot Meets Captain Wentworth at Molland’s – Mary Simonsen — 18 Comments

  1. Well, that was a tease…just the thing before I head off to sleep. Thanks for that short interlude between Anne and Frederick – a favorite couple.

      • Yes, when we reach the age of true maturity (having witnessed up close relationships,those on scene and stage and those of world famous figures) we know all about love, second chances and even love, the second time around. With this couple I know that they will appreciate their finding of each other again with so much more tenacity and strength. But as Elizabeth said, “Think of the past only as it gives you pleasure.”

        • Your comments reminds me of how the internet has changed everything. I have two friends–one widow and one divorced–who found love with their high-school sweethearts. Both were after at least 30 years of separation. Remarkable.

  2. What a wonderful tease and just a day before I head of for Bath! Such a lovely meeting between Anne and Frederick , I think they are my absolute favorite Austen couple next to Elizabeth and Darcy

    • For me, P&P and Persuasion are tied. I love how mature Anne is, and Captain Wentworth never stopped loving her. What a great story. Have a fantastic time in Bath.

  3. What a sweet tease. I love the double meaning behind Wentworth’s words of the ‘dark clouds bearing down upon you….that tend to linger’ and Anne’s comment about ‘ocassional busts of sunshine.’ Looking forward to part 2. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. A favorite, only second to p&p.

    Love that in this scene, both Anne and Frederick are comfortable together.

    Eager to read what comes next!

    • Hi Carol. For me, P&P and Persuasion are tied. It’s probably b/c I’m older now and can appreciate these two wonderful characters.

  5. Wonderful teaser..cannot wait to read more. While I love Darcy and Elizabeth, I adore Anne and Frederick. Never enough continuations of their story.

    • Thanks, Stephanie. I agree there aren’t enough Persuasion stories, but they are a hard sell. If it’s not P&P, your sales go down by half.

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