Chapter Sixteen – The Search for Elizabeth — 12 Comments

  1. Oh sh**! Leslie why did you put Elizabeth on the roof?! What the heck is Lizzy doing on the roof?! Trying to get back to 1813 by jumping off the roof?! Baaaaad idea!!! Maybe some kind of sentimental way to be closer to Darcy and her family?
    Oh Tom and Ellie, gosh I love those two, especially their flirting! It’s cute and romantic! I really really hope they have a HEA by the end of this! Kind of ironic that two Darcy men end up with women called Elizabeth! Love it 😍

    • Perhaps she’s just contemplating the view. Who knows? Oh wait! I do 😉 We’ll find out what’s in her head next week. I promise! I’m so glad you like Ellie and Tom’s flirting. I’m having a lot of fun with that! Thanks, Sophia!

  2. Oh Leslie! I’m completely baffled now I’m afraid! I can’t think why Elizabeth would be on the roof, I only hope and pray that she is not thinking of jumping to try and get back! Surely she would know that Tom would disappear again if she did (and poor Ellie would be alone again but even worse she would know what she was missing.)
    No, I cant think that Elizabeth would do that. Maybe she is looking for the shooting stars and the storm and hoping if she is closer then she might get to go? (although I suppose if it’s Ellie who knows more about Lydia’s elopement, then she needs to go again).
    No, I give up Leslie. I’m really sorry but I think you are going to have to sort this out by yourself then I will do as I usually do and say “well of course that’s what happened, I knew it all along!” 😉
    Can’t wait for next week but I will let you know in the meantime if inspiration strikes (don’t hold your breath! 😂)

    • Their belief is that if Ellie fixes Lydia’s situation, then Elizabeth goes back, so their operating under the assumption that Ellie is going to continue going back. Perhaps faulty, but we’ll see what happens! 🙂 Thanks, Glynis!

  3. On the roof…reminds me of Jane Eyre with the first Mrs. Rochester, who jumped off the roof. I do hope the Elizabeth is conscious of her surroundings and not sleep walking. Is there a door to the roof from the attics? Or do they need a ladder to get her down. Yes, Tom and Ellie are cute together, kissing and holding hands and taking it slowly. Thanks for this chapter…which came in at 12:11 am just as I was about to shut done my PC and go off to bed. I hesitated but then decided to read it when I was fully awake and not in need of sleep. But it was tempting.

    • I will say there is a door to the roof, which definitely makes things easier. I’ve been there when trying to decide whether to continue reading or sleep. I did that last night. Now, between my reading and the almost 15 mile bike ride I took today, I’m wiped! Glad you enjoyed the chapter! See you next week! 🙂

  4. Such a delightful “flirtation-plus” between Ellie and Tom!! They are so sweet together!

    But Elizabeth on the roof? I’m nervous for her and wish that next Wednesday wasn’t an entire week away!!

    A brilliant story, Leslie; I’m definitely on the edge of my seat…quite regularly, in fact!

    Thank you for sharing this tale with us!! You definitely brightened my week!!

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Maybe Elizabeth is trying to replicate Oakham Mount. That’s where she always went to calm her mind and think through her problems.

    • That’s a good theory. Ellie pretty much knows she’s not up there to hurt herself or anything, so it’s definitely one of the possibilities left. Thanks, Jessie!

  6. Well maybe she just wanted to be closer to heaven so she could talk to God without being disturbed and maybe whatever weather pattern happened before to send her here would send her back!? Yes, Ellie and Tom are certainly making up for lost time! Looking forward to what really is in your, I mean, Elizabeth’s head!

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