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  1. Wonderful to get to read some Abigail! Best of luck with getting the new book out by December, but we’ll be happy to read more outtakes if you have them.

  2. Wonderful outtake! I completely agree with SandyH, if you are cutting out bits that good I look forward to reading what you have left in the book!

  3. Wonderful! Simply wonderful. I agree with Ceri and SandyH. Can’t wait to read much, much more, Abigail. Please post more. Please?

  4. Like Sandy and Ceri, I’m very much looking forward to reading what you haven’t cut out, if this is an example of what’s ended up on the cutting room floor! I might just have to save this to a text file so I can read it again along with the finished work.

    In the meantime, please share more with us.

  5. I really enjoyed these lovely scenes, Abigail. What a great idea to post them so we all get to read the deleted scenes. You’re on the home stretch now!!!

  6. I must join the chorus….that was wonderful…and disappointing since I really want to know about that meeting on the morrow and patience is not my strength. 🙂 More, please. Soon?

    • Okay, I thought I could walk away without asking, but unlike patience, curiosity is a “strength” 😉 …this Mr Bennet, why did he refuse to tell where she was? Is he being angry and unreasonable? Does he think this is protecting his daughter? Does he hope to test Darcy’s resolve and depth of feeling? Or is there some other reason?

      • LOL! Though we don’t tend to think much about it, in P&P Mr. Bennet only says yes to Darcy because he’s afraid to say no, and then he tries to talk Elizabeth into refusing him because he thinks it’s a bad idea. In this variation, Elizabeth isn’t there to talk her father into approving the marriage, and he’s not at all certain Darcy’s intentions are honorable. I also explore how Mr. Bennet ended up married to his wife, and how that unequal marriage made him feel about the idea of his favorite daughter making an even more unequal marriage. Hope that helps a little!

        • 🙂 Thanks. It helps a bit with the curiosity issue, but not the issue of patience…still just as anxious to see how the story unfolds… 🙂

        • Yes, I had been wondering about that, too, why Mr B would keep him away from Lizzy. How much does Mrs B know of the situation?

          I was *so* excited when I saw this in my email box this morning, and I *finally* got home from work to read it. I love the idea of cut scenes being posted and I can’t wait to read the finished story!

  7. This was really good, and like everyone else, I have to say that it more than caught my interest. If this didn’t make it, I am eager to see what else didn’t make it, and I am going to order that book to read all the wonderful things that did make it. This was a wonderful way to catch our attention, and you have more than caught it! I am already waiting for the next post and I have just finished this one. Please please please give us a deluge for outtakes. I am curious about Mister Bennet as well. Why did he refuse to tell Darcy where she went? Is it anger? Or is it fear that if Darcy makes his proposal, that Elizabeth will accept him? I can see him angry about the “compromise”, but surely that should not get in the way of his wanting to come to a solution. So many questions, so much curiosity, so little time. I want that book!

  8. I agree that this edited bit has my interest. I am sure it would fit very well into a story. If not this one then some other. I have always enjoyed your writing and this excerpt proves my opinion. Poor Darcy if he could just relax!. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Thank you. I’ve been waiting for something new for SO long. Thanks for sharing your outtake. We’ll be happy to read any and all of them.

  10. I too am going to agree with everyone else. If the outtake is this good, then it cannot wait to read the rest, Abugail! I already have so many questions about what has happened and what will happen. 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Looking forward to reading future outtakes.

  11. I also am totally captured! I love Charlotte’s character here, and wonder how the meeting will go tomorrow… though I have an idea! 🙂 But I also wonder about Mr Bennett’s refusal to tell Darcy where Elizabeth is. Is he still under the impression that she abhors him? I look forward to your book when it comes out. Best wishes!

  12. If that’s the outtakes then this book is really going to tug at our heartstrings as readers. Great story! I can’t wait to read the finalized book, but I will gladly accept more outtakes if you’re willing and have the time. Thanks for sharing Abigail!

  13. More! More! What a grand outtake! Obviously we all look forward to the final story. Have you ever considered doing one of those books where at the end of a chapter you have choices for the story path? Should Lady C interfere go to page 47. Should Mr Collins discover the H/H in a compromising situation go to page 103…. You may have a big start just littering your efloor!

    I like H/H over H/h – Elizabeth is certainly Fitzwilliam’s equal so should also be capitalized. Still hoping for a snowball fight. Plop! Knocked his hat off – again! 🙂 Thanks Abigail – your efforts are very much appreciated!!

    • I feel like I practically have done a choose your own adventure for this book! It’s been through so many different versions. I have 10K words which were once in this story but have been taken out to go into the next after I realized I had way too many plot lines tangled up. I like H/H – she’s definitely Fitzwilliam’s equal!

  14. This is phenomenal! I am so looking forward to the release of the book and am eagerly anticipating reading other cuts to whet my appetite. This was a beautiful way to wake up this morning. Thank you for sharing. As others have said if this is a cut….I can only imagine how wonderful the new book will be.

  15. Loved it! Please post more! I like Dave’s idea of choose your own adventure so we get to read all your plot twists. But otherwise I’ll take them posted here, just so long as I get to read them!

    • Have been thinking more on the follow-your-own-adventure idea… Wouldn’t it be great if several AV authors did different directions of the same theme each month where they could be interwoven. Gee, how hard could that be? LOL Maybe when Theo is resurrected… This sure is a wonderful block of writing – would like to know why it will languish unused.

  16. I loved this! I cannot imagine it being cut from the book, it is so good. If this didn’t make it, I can’t wait to read what did!!!! Can’t wait for the book to be released. Please share some more to get us through the waiting period!

  17. I’ve read all your P&P books, and am eagerly awaiting the newest one. Is it available to pre-order for my Kindle? This outtake brought a measure of satisfaction to an otherwise dull day. Thank you, thank you.

  18. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Can hardly wait for December! But, I think you have a great idea here. Please feel free to post any other out takes. And, encourage other AustenVariation authors to do the same. You may be surprised at how much they are loved buyout readers and it seems a fun way to promote upcoming publications.

  19. Well now we all have something wonderful to look forward to: another Abigail Reynolds book! This is a full novel, right (she asks hopefully)?

    Thank you for sharing!

  20. Oh Mrs Reynolds! you cannot do this to us! how can we wait until december now?! such pity this was cutted out… But I already have my mind full of images like a bbc production…as usual with your books…and that will carry me through… please regale us with as much outtakes as you want!
    Greetings from Argentina!

  21. So much to enjoy about this post! First, you are writing another book. Second, the new book is so overflowing with great stuff that this spilled over for us to read! Third, Charlotte is awesome – she is astute, and protective of her friend. Finally, clearly, Darcy and LIzzy are awesome as well (obviously).

    I imagine authors often have to do a lot of pruning when they write, and that must be hard especially when you’ve written something that even is fun to read on its own. Thank you for sharing it!

  22. I was away for two days babysitting my grandson so just read this delightful “reject”/outtake. As everyone is saying, “if this is not good enough….please give us more”. Will definitely be pre-ordering the paperback to add to all my other Abigail Reynolds’ books and probably the kindle version as well. I do keep checking your web page for new books thus am so very happy to read this and learn a new novel is in the making. Anything you give us is a delight! More, please. And any other outtakes I am sure will be kindly accepted – so very happy to read this. Thanks.

    Charlotte was so sneaky – good for her. Darcy – going to great lengths to make things right – oh, delicious!

  23. The great Georgette Heyer once said something to the effect, that “once you give your characters a voice you have to go where they take you, whether you wanted to go there or not.” Many of her great books went in a different direction than she had planned and usually it cost you cutting some of what you wrote, but to do otherwise would ruin the book. People are very sensitive to characters acting out of character.

  24. I am impressed. I’ve always loved Abigail Reynolds’ works and this looks like it will not disappoint. Looking forward to the book in December!

  25. The only thing I do not like about your writing is that it takes too long to wait for the next book. As I’ve said before I have all your books and always wait for the next one. Can’t wait for the book but in the meantime please post your other out takes.

  26. Wonderful outtake! I always liked Charlotte despite her marrying Mr. Collins! So looking forward to this full length novel! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Very enjoyable. I can’t wait to find out more. You could almost make this it’s own story I have a hard time thinking of this as an outtake – it seems more like the beginning of a great story – or one shot, but probably a story, since there seems to be so much potential for problems – Mr. Bennet, Lady C, Mr. Collins, Maria, just to name a few.

  28. I can’t believe you cut something like this! Well, I understand wanting a different direction of the story, but it’s just delicious… what could be the version you preferred?! Also, this is a storyline that reunites the couple after a painful separation and gives a chance to right the misunderstandings…I hope the final version has these element in it as well. I look forward to see it! Thanks for sharing this part!

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