Save the Date-and help save the romance! — 46 Comments

    • We have been scribbling away in secret and it’s lovely to be able to announce it to you all. It’s shaping up to be a great story, so I hope you will check back next week for the start of it.

  1. This sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to start reading. I am trusting you both know I must have a happy ending? No spoilers I know but just saying……😃

    • It’s been fun and I can’t wait to include everyone else! We still need a name for it, so hopefully, someone will come up with some suggestions by the end. There might be a giveaway to go along with that, but we’ll get to that once we’ve posted 🙂 Thanks, Deb!

  2. Looks like fun … but according to my calendar (my JT Jane Austen’s men) February 7 is a Tuesday. So it starts on a Tuesday and then switches to Wednesdays?

  3. Oh this is exciting news! I can only imagine what you two have cooked up…other than bacon! Then again, I can’t! LOL! Calendar is marked!

  4. Oh this sounds like so much fun, ladies. I love a time slip story, one of my favourite sub-genres. Please tell me that the handsome men in the tight-fitting breeches will be wearing cravats as well?

  5. I started smiling as I was reading your announcement. Now I know where to go on Wednesdays to do that again.

    Looks great, Ladies!

    • I hope so! We’re trying to think outside the box as much as we can, although it could possibly be because Ellie won’t allow us to think any other way 😉 Thanks, Deborah!

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