Regency Interpreter on Pride and Prejudice, part 1 — 19 Comments

  1. Thank you for taking time to provide us with this insght. Please continue, this will be a wonderful way to get back into P & P again, and these conversations add so much. Keep them coming. 🙂

  2. Please carry on with “The Regency Interpreter”, Maria. You’ve covered so much here already that I hadn’t realised or noticed. I shall certainly look at my 1995 version with new eyes next time and you’ve not even reached the end of the first episode.

  3. This is a wonderful post, Maria, and I will look forward to your future additions! I was not aware either of Mrs. B’s blatant disregard of social customs in addressing Mr. Darcy before being introduced… It does change one’s understanding of the scene! And how interesting about the distinction in refusing a dance at a public versus a private ball… I recently read “Evelina” by Frances Burney, and this occurs as a prominent scene there, and is characterized as indeed a very personal insult… now I better understand it! Thank you for this wonderful post! I’m sure most of us do relish the insight from our dear “Regency Nerds”!

  4. It’s interesting isn’t it how things translate? I think your application of translating Kabuki theater to Jane Austen is quite inspired and very bright.

    • I’m so glad you like the idea. I do the same sort of thing when I watch period movies with my friends. Sometimes we end up pausing the movie a lot.

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  7. I believe that there are two times in this movie when something to that effect (needing introduction before speaking with a person) is brought up…In the opening scenes at Longbourn, when Mrs. Bennett is urging her husband to visit Mr. Bingley when he first leases Netherfield and later when Mr. Collins approaches Mr. Darcy at the Netherfield Ball and it is stated, “But they have not yet been introduced” or something along that line. Tucking of the lace – that has to come up. Allowing younger sisters out before older ones are married – Lady C. informed us that was irregular. So much to learn. And I was not aware that public balls vs. private ones were different so I did learn something there as far as a lady refusing a man. Did know that he could not dance more than two times with the same lady and many books infer that if he did dance twice with the same person it is almost saying that they are engaged. Does that compute? Looking forward to learning more. Would be great if we could all meet to watch all the various movies with comments as to this and that. Hello, anybody listening?…LOL (workshop or evening entertainment at a regional or annual meeting)

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