Reader’s Perspective with Dave McKee and Evie Cotton – Chapter 23 — 72 Comments

  1. “My favorite Jane scene was in Bride and Prejudice when Elizabeth(/LaLita) says that a single guy with big buck must be shopping for a wife. (Jane/Jaya) says “I hope he is!”…I remember laughing when I heard her say that in the movie. (I had to put the DVD in to get the second name.)

    “I actually HATE the unwed pregnant Bennett sisters.” – I missed this story and/or book but doesn’t sound like one I would like, either.

    “She seems like a whip in the bedroom sort of girl.” Oh, it is late at night, isn’t it, Dave and Evie?

    OK, it’s 12:40 am and this is very long and the innuendos keep flying and I am only 1/2 way through reading it and laughing out loud…are these two slap-happy this late at night? Do they know what they are saying?…”bit’s o blood”….I’ll start here in the morning

    • Honestly we started writing this at around 5:30 pm after I got home from work. I may have been a little slap happy though because I didn’t have a weekend and spent eight hours traveling a few days before. Even with all of that, I can’t get enough Theo! What am I going to do with myself when this is finally over?

    • A side note: we watch Bride and Prejudice at least once a week at my house. My daughter has all of the songs memorized, my son knows all of the dances and I’ve got all of the characterizations down to a science. It may be slightly pathetic.

      • I love, love, love the dance by the men in the beginning but as the words are in another language, I can’t sing along. It does have great music – the choir on the beach – Bring me to love, etc. Just wish they could have one kiss – but I do know about the cultural reason.

  2. You two are hilarious!!!!

    Loving the thoughts on the characters, the upcoming plots but LOL at the two suggested scenarios. “She saw you in your skivvies” ROTFL!!!

    Thanks for the laughter this morning!

    • Dave was unsure of that line when I wrote it. He didn’t want any passersby to be offended by a gentleman stripping in broad daylight and definitely didn’t want Theo’s reputation to be tarnished. But he relented and let me have my giggles. After all, this is FICTION!

  3. Hmmm — with Theo’s cravat water-logged and his reputation stripped how can there be a sequel? How will our dear hero ever re-cover his dignity?

    I had a good laugh at your “snippet” ( “long scene covering three possible sequels” is a better description, methinks), especially since I have not one, but *two* wet shirt scenes in my latest novel. Neither of them involved skivvies, however.

    I for one am going to miss your hilarious quixotic speculations on The Darcy Brothers!!!!

    • Hi Monica! Do you ladies say ‘thanks’ to Colin Firth for all the wet heroes? I would bet the female readers of your latest novel will slip in a daydream expanding to skivvies – it’s their choice!

      Evie and I did tilt at a few speculative windmills lately – hoping to put romantic ideas for Theo in you writers’ paths. No problem Theo, glad to help! These characters do seem to come to life, don’t they?

      • You know that Andrew Davies wrote not only the wet shirt scene for P&P, but he also added one into the newer BBC version of Sense and Sensibility. Edward is chopping wood and he’s dripping wet. That one didn’t catch on as much although Dan Stevens (who played Edward in that) did get the part in Downton Abbey after that! Go figure!
        Thanks to both of you for all your efforts with the Reader’s Perspective! It’s been so much fun!

        • Hi Susan! I do remember the Edward scene – it did add to the story. It will be interesting to see how you writers bounce around with the official story and the memorable scenes added in the movies. The readers will no doubt be happy with your ideas as long as there is a little wiggle room for our own imaginings. What you do with the ending will be of great interest! Am looking forward to reading Persuasion 200!

  4. A great way to start the day. Thanks.

    I loved the scivvies comment as well.

    I see an opposite of Darcy’s situation happening here in your “snippet”—the girl is above him, not below him; he gets tongue-tied but instead of keeping his thoughts in his head they seem to pop out “You are beautiful”; he is asking for help instead of trying to “fight” the attraction on his own (and he isn’t fighting it, it seems). This could be a very humorous story. So fun.

    I will miss hearing from you guys each week.

    • Hi Eileen. Perceptive as usual – you catch my ulterior motives every time. 😀
      Was skeptical about the skivvies – forgot the female readers proclivities regarding wet men. (eyebrows waggling) Looks like Evie had the right of it. 🙂

      Am hoping all the readers now shift their attention to the Persuasion 200 writing while Theo is on holiday – it should be a lot of fun seeing what interpretations the writers put to the story line.

  5. That scene had me rolling with laughter. Though I cannot believe that a gentleman, waterlogged or not, would begin to strip in public. they would just deal with it and get home as quickly as possible. 😉 Though stripping in public is far more interesting.

    • Hi Cindy! Imagine if the waterlogged man had been the rake, Monty the Mountain? The passing ladies may have been whispering ‘More! More!’ while slipping pound notes in his … 🙂

  6. This last snippet was hilarious. I had to reread it since I read it at 4 am & thought I was delusional. It was even funnier after a cup of coffee. Thanks for the entertainment the last few months. Thursdays just won’t be the same. Looking forwards to the sequel after Theo goes on vacation for 6 months and am looking forward to Persuasion 200. And maybe more reader perspectives in the future.

  7. A bright morning smile from Dave and Evie! Thank you!

    Loved the snippet too and totally caught the flip side version of the two brothers – one attracted to a woman below him and keeping it totally bottled up and the other attracted to a woman above him and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. I’d love to see this continued.

    As for Monty and Anne….I had a chemistry teacher in high school who was 4’10” tall with thick Coke bottle glasses and an overbite who introduced us one day to her fiance who was 6’4″ tall and a mountain of a big man – much as I picture these two. She barely came up to his shoulder and she weighed all of maybe 100 pounds. It was the strangest couple I have ever seen, but they were in love. Have wondered over the many years since that day how they got on in their married life. They sure made an impression on my young mind.

    Anyway, thanks to you two for making our trip with The Darcy Brothers even more entertaining.

    • Hi Sheila! Evie is working, again so here I am spouting off, again. Hey! We men must make the most of our opportunities to blather without correction! 😉 Shucks! Thought I was being so subtle on the role reversal thing – obviously not! 🙂 Theo being in a similar situation as Elizabeth makes them kindred spirits – maybe sharing advice?

      One theme on these novels that I like, is that there is no accounting for love. You grab it wherever, and in whatever form it takes. The angst of love slipping away because of hesitation makes you want to counsel the character on the spot! That is what I really like about this snippet where Theo is determined to not hesitate but pursue at all costs. These writers would find numerous ways for him to pay a cost – nothing comes easy in romance novels!

      We truly do appreciate all the comments – has made this a fun project! Keep them coming!

  8. Was waiting to see if this would be brought up…

    Are all the other readers holding their breath like I am? Where did the writers leave the story? Darcy and Theo riding to the church. What did they find there??

    How about…. total chaos!! The bride stepped outside the church to calm her feelings and escape her mother – just for a moment. When Jane goes to check on her… missing! She found a small boquet of flowers, one of Elizabeth’s slippers, and a torn scrap of sleeve lace snagged on a rose bush. There is also a stained workman’s cap half buried in the dirt! What to do???

    • NOW I am ROFL! Only you Dave would go so far as to change our HEA ending. Every JAFF has had the same ending up until now. History rewritten.

    • Now you have me thinking about that wedding….with or without a ‘napping, there could be plenty of interest at the church….Will any of Darcy’s relatives be there (besides Theo)? Will Anne be there? How will she and Mrs. Bennet get along? This will be the first time that Theo is meeting the Bennets, is it not? What will his impressions be? Will Monty attend? Will Caroline set her sights on Monty–could there be a rumble between Anne and Caroline? Will Lydia be there trying to upstage her sister because she was married first, but her poor Wickham is so ill? That would be enough to get our Lizzy to head outside for fresh air and leave her where it might be “easy” for the flower shop mafia to snag her. But, poor Jane and Bingley’s wedding would be in tatters then, too. Jane would not want to get married until she knew of her sister’s welfare, putting Bingley in a most unfortunate position, don’t you think? See what you have started. 🙂

      • Ooooh! Eileen I wonder if any writers are reading our musings – they seem full of plot bunnies to me!

        I really like the idea of a confrontation between Anne and Caroline. The accusations and shrieking could go on so long the wedding is delayed, or Monty would tuck one under each arm and haul them out of the church. Caroline would be clutching his arm shouting ‘Compromise! Compromise! Ohh, you are sooo strong!’ while Anne would be challenging him to a curricle race. These two will never give up being who they are!

        So many ways to go and it is all the fault of the brothers for taking so long getting to the church!
        Yeah, I’m sure you ladies will put the blame on the guys. 🙂

        • I can just see them pulling hair and smacking faces. Maybe an all out down in the dirt (completely unladylike) brawl. Bonnets flying and ribbons tattered. We’ll finally get to see Anne’s ankles!

          • LOL What? Caroline with her petticoats covered in more than 6 inches of mud? How disgraceful (and delightful, in my opinion)

            • Oh and mud smashed into her hair, a hand print streaked down her face. What of the high and mighty Caroline now?

    • I didn’t mention the small knife with traces of fresh blood… Could a one armed assailant be strong enough to subdue a feisty Elizabeth?

      No worries! It is just a little ‘nap!

        • Snicker! Was she worried about Darcy getting nervous and fumbly-fingered undoing her buttons? The knife at the ready to whack the little suckers off if need be. Go Lizzy! 🙂

      • I still like the idea of a little ‘nap as well. Maybe that’s how the sequel could begin and we’d still have our HEA. 😉 Monty carrying the 2 out….I can just picture that. Too funny. And then mud wrestling… too much excitement at 4 AM. My hubby thinks I’m insane laughing at this hour.

        • Deborah, I understand! My wife knows Darcy and Elizabeth and that’s all. The uninitiated just do not understand the hold these characters have on our imaginations! Amused tolerance is what I get here. Joana Starnes once told me that I am a brave man to go swimming in this ocean of estrogen! It is intimidating, but massive fun at the same time.

  9. ROFL! The daughter of a Duke and a barrister/younger-son who is only a nephew of an Earl…. yes, that could work, but I suspect their courtship will involve horses. Theo must prove himself worthy of her attention. And/or he can impress her with his barrister skills in court, since we have not seen enough of his legal skills.

    Wait, what is Lady Catherine doing? Will she try to matchmake Theo with Anne – changing her attention from one Darcy for another? What will Lady Cat say about her daughter’s “wild ways”? And what is Mrs Jenkinson up to? Perhaps Mrs Jenkinson is up to something nefarious, such as kidnapping or extortion?

    Will there be occasional posts from Theo – “what I am doing on my six-month hiatus”? Theo must keep Evie and Dave busy, to keep their wit sharpened!

    Thank you, Dave and Evie!

    • Hi June! OK, here we go!
      Theo is refused entrance by the Duke himself. Theo tracks down the Duke at the Newcastle race course and challenges him to a horse race – wagering free legal advice for three years and Theseus against a courtship with his daughter – offered in public so Dukie can’t refuse. After all, daughters are one thing but a chance to get Theseus… . Off they go racing at break-neck speed – neck to neck. The Duke’s horse stumbles and he is injured but Theo saves his life and the Duke’s approval of his courtship. Impressing her Dad counts big time with Lady Mary!

      Wonder if Lady Cathy is behind the little ‘nap? You’re right – no way is she done plotting! The dower house terrifies her with its lack of a proper throne chair. If Mrs Jenkinson is smart, she is long gone. Anne probably does not trust her so her situation is tenuous at best. If gone, she had Lady C write a glowing recommendation in exchange for her silence.

      The writers are indicating intermittent updates on Theo events – hope so!! Ah, the Reader Perspective was a trial and afterwards the writers will have to decide if it should be given another go. They really wanted several different guest readers… Time will tell! Thanks June for all your encouraging posts!!

        • 🙂 Not for hire, but I do like to take a scenario and squish it around a bit just for fun! That’s the really cool thing about being retired – zip stress and can do as I please!

          One thing I am playing with because of the upcoming Persuasion 200, is having Darcy try on, like a suit of clothes, the persona of Sir Walter Elliot. He seems to take to the change just fine but now has a ridiculous obsession with his appearance. What will Elizabeth say to him at the Meryton Assembly?

  10. OH, this was so much fun to read after sleep and about 4 cups of coffee. You two have us going off in so many directions. One thing for sure is that we are all already feeling Theo-deprived!

    And, Dave and Evie, you really show such potential for writing your own book. I’d love to see what happens with “thunderstruck”. (Does our younger audience know that event from The Godfather?)

    Will miss reading your quips every Thursday.

    • Hi again Sheila! LOL, we did toss entire bowls of spaghetti against the wall this time! It is our last toss so why not toss the whole lot all at one time! Abigail was very, very nice to let us put up a monster post – she did not edit our content on any of these posts! And since the readers have not objected to the length or content this week, who knows what the future holds!

      Yes, the ‘thunderbolt’ is impressed in everyone’s mind – even if we tweaked the word a bit. Theo has to marry, why can he not do it in a big splash? His better half needs to be special in some way.

      Yeah, Thursdays will be a tad different in the future. BUT… Persuasion 200 is right around the corner so we readers will have a new series to capture our attention! Plus there are a lot of other WIPs going on that should garner our focus! Lots doing here at AustenVariations!

  11. Way to go out with a bang Dave and Evie! You really had me rolling in laughter. And some of these comments are just hilarious… It’s like sitting through the credits of a movie and then there is that last funny “hidden” scene at the by end. Thanks for sharing your musings with us!

    • Can’t add anything more really. Difficult to use a touch screen keyboard when ROTFL!!

      I like TLeighF’s comment about movie credits but to me, Dave and Evie’s perpectives are more like the “outtakes” you get at the end of a Pixar or Jackie Chan movie. They didn’t make the final cut but who knows if the movie might have been better with them in?

      Please can there be more Perspectives for Persuasion 200?

      • Hi Anji! Like the out-take/cutting room floor ideas! 🙂

        Here I was so hoping somebody would take up my hint of Wicked doing a little ‘nap on Elizabeth. Had a whole series all thought up. Nobody asked, but here it is anyway! 😀

        Lizzy pokes him in the eye while struggling and he stumbles in front of a carriage… oops there goes a foot! Theo has him patched up, so there goes Wickham – on a new pegleg, sporting an eyepatch, with a shiny new hook. He keeps muttering ‘Arghh where’s me parrot… ‘ or something like that.

        Yeah, that one belongs on the floor! 🙂

  12. Thanks for another fun post, guys!

    I’ll miss the Readers’ Perspective quite as much as the drop-dead-gorgeous Theo!
    I so wish there was some hope of a sequel.
    Thanks everyone for a lovely story and some hilarious speculations!

    • Hi Joana! While we tapered off to a stopping point on this batch of Readers Perspective, fortunately, Theo is simply in a lull! We can look forward to another Theo-fix right after Persuasion 200 wraps – that’s my guess.

      The speculations went wild this week, didn’t they? The writers wanted opinions and they got ’em in a big gob this week! So glad everyone had a good time!

  13. I have to agree with others that I will miss the Dave-and-Evie show after each Darcy Brothers posting. I’ll sign the petition to have you continue in some way.

    Regarding your proposed sequel, I will only suggest that Lady Mary needs to have some other qualities, aside from the fact that she’s beautiful and has superior connections. After all, Jane was the beauty of the Bennet daughters but has been portrayed in various stories as boring! So let’s make sure Lady Mary can keep up with Elizabeth and the newly-energized Darcy family. Maybe she has hidden talents that can help Theo in his career?

    Did Lady Mary’s footman really remind Theo to dress appropriately to visit? Like he’s going to show up in a wet and muddy shirt? Does that household have the propensity to shower their prospective guests with mud – so Theo’s dousing in the street is nothing to be surprised about?

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for the kind words! Would you agree this chance meeting was met with amusement but also interest in Theo by Lady Mary? Her glance at Monty the rake indicated her discernment of which gentleman had potential, but on a public street she has very limited options. When Theo finally has time to spend with her, their initial, mutual spark of interest can blossom when they discover how they have such similar tastes and personalities. A natural match – met through pure chance and a mud puddle!

    • Kathy, after rereading these posts, I realized your last paragraph was overlooked in my response!

      I meant to tweak following sentence to allow for the footman’s comment, but forgot. Anyway here is my fix…

      After a sharp look of reproof toward her overstepping footman, Lady Mary sends Theo a slight smile and nod. She then turns and approaches the shop door where she was headed. A moment of hesitation, she turns her head back to Theo for an appraising glance. The tiniest of nods and she disappears from view.

      Hope this helps! Thank you so much for commenting!

      • Hi Dave — wow, my own personal author that does rewrites when I complain about the smallest thing! Now THAT’S what makes our modern era superior! I just thought it was funny that the footman could be so persnickety, but I guess that comes with the job description. Thanks! 🙂

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  15. The scene you described is absolutely funny, Dave. I wouldn’t mind if the authors incorporate your version of Theo’s love interest. And I love Evie’s story too. I’m guessing the lady in question is from European aristocratic class. I will definitely miss both of your insights and conversations.

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