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  1. Very glad to hear the two episodes filled in the missing gaps, Evie. I agree that Elizabeth has to think of that aspect of her marriage. It’s going to be really important for her to try and adapt to her new environment. I enjoyed reading about the difference between your family and in-laws. That’s a conflict waiting to happen! Must be difficult to handle. For Lizzy, the challenge is going to be whether to turn her back on her family and try to please Darcy’s side or whether to constantly be somewhere in between, don’t you think?

    • Family seems to be pretty important to Lady Catherine, even though she is highly critical. She also would not like to have her good reputation tarnished by association with Elizabeth’s family. Do you suppose she might try to improve them? And what would that look like?

  2. I think family is important to Lady Catherine as long as she can control them. the disparity will cause some difficulties with Lizzy and Darcy but they will not be insurmountable. after all Lizzie always rises to a challenge. I think the contact with her immediate family will be somewhat limited but there will be more contact with the Gardners as they are more refined. I can’t wait to find out what Lady Catherine thinks of the gossip her trip to Cheapside causes to come about.

    as for Theo, I think he doesn’t really need the allowance Darcy was giving him. after all he has already been noticed and seems to have natural inclination forfinding flaws in testimony. he seems to leave no stone unturned and really cares and I think this should somehow come to the notice to the Queen and he should be knighted. he should get married but it needs to be someone who is smart and doesn’t give in to everything a sort of the Lizzie like character. someone who challenges intellect but isn’t too impertinent. as for an estate of his own No he should not have one. yet. but perhaps has enough saved to possibly consider purchasing one soon and ask Darcy for adviceon one to purchase. perhaps he has been saving his allowance for this purposeand he and Darcy could get to know each other even better.

    sorry but when I use my microphone on my phone to type it doesn’t capitalize words or place punctuation marks and sometimes forgets to put space between the words.

    • I think Theo shouldn’t need to allowance any longer now that he’s earning money, but many younger sons of the period kept getting allowances for years. I can see an interesting debate between Theo and William on the subject with WIlliam wanting to continue the allowance while Theo wants to prove his independence and that he’s not a drain on the Pemberley coffers as William has accused him of being in the past.

      • Clearly he doesn’t need one because he used 6months of it to purchase back Georgiana’s necklace. To have that much at one time must mean that he’s making much more than I previously thought.

  3. Interesting – I married a man of a different religion and my father would not attend my wedding. We saw almost nothing of him in years to come. Yes, you read “Dear Abbey” or one of those columns and realize that family has a big effect on one’s relationships both before and after a marriage ceremony.

    I believe Elizabeth and Darcy would attempt to maintain relationships with both sides. Mr. Bennet (as we all know) would have to visit Pemberley for the library privileges and I believe that for major events, i.e., Christmas, a Christening, the couple would invite extended family. But Darcy would warn his aunt that she must not insult Elizabeth if she attends. Many authors have presented this and I like those qualifications. And as far as the younger sisters didn’t Jane Austen have the Darcys and the Bingleys invite Kitty to visit often with a change in her character as the result? I don’t know how one could handle Mrs. Bennet – hope she is in awe (and shuts up) of the surroundings and notable personages in the same room with her when/if she visits?

    Theo: I am sure his success is part of the reason he is attempting to break his dependence on Darcy’s allowance. And with his personality he has lots of support. Although it may take some time before he can support a wife, I do believe with time he will find someone. Obviously Lizzy has charmed him but he will have the London society with his profession to fit into so his wife will have to “think before she speaks” so as to not put her foot in her mouth and alienate persons Theo may need or whom he may some day have business with in court. But he will not marry a wallflower. He, like Col. Fitzwilliam would benefit greatly if they fell in love with an heiress. C’est la Vie!

  4. Great post, Evie, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    I would dearly love to see this story progressing from a story about Elizabeth and Darcy to one that sees them happily married and explores Theo finding the love of his life – and then hopefully it won’t finish very soon 😀

    I think he wrote the letter in the heat of the moment, but with the confidence that he was doing well in his profession & hoping to do better, and is able to support himself, rather than take his brother’s money with all the strings attached.

    Not sure which of the ladies we already know might be a good match for him – our lovely authors might have to create a new one. I think he needs a partner in life who would question and challenge him, not just a decorative and quiet miss!

    Looking forward to more!

  5. Hi Evie! Some penetrating thoughts to mull!
    Here are my thoughts for Theo’s bride.

    I lean toward some significant ton lady in trouble with the law. Her husband killed in a duel, banker and trustees stealing assets from his estate. She needs to have a country estate as a dowry, but not overly large so Theo can keep on doing legal work. Her having to be more open with Theo in order for him to help her, will give them insight to their characters and they fall in love. Theo being a barrister probably does not make enough to support a ton wife. As a wedding present the Darcys can arrange for him to receive a judgeship – only way he would accept a large gift from William. She and Elizabeth become friends so Theo will be convinced after resisting. It would be fitting if Theo’s wife became an active proponent for legal change and used her cache with upper levels of society to further his career growth. An in to access the rich clients. Even though a judge, Theo could have connections to a law practice – I suppose… If not, the Darcys and his mentor could promote his partnership into a prestigious law firm.

    Until the Darcy’s have a legal-age heir, what would happen if William is ill for months? What happens to Pemberley with Elizabeth at the helm and no one with big-time estate management/investment skills to assist? Col Fitz’s dad? We do not know him for this story – were they supportive of the Darcy marriage? If Theo can pick up enough estate skills, he could help. Does Darcy have a secretary and business managers? Is Darcy considering this possibility and grooming both Elizabeth and Theo – just in case? Always more questions than answers!

    • Theo is a Darcy! He already has cache with the upper levels of society by name recognition alone. I don’t think he could marry someone in trouble with the law who he was legally helping … meddlesome ethics and all. 😉

      Also, Theo also has cache in that he is a barrister. He is not a simple solicitor. As a barrister, he could not form a partnership with another barrister or enter into a firm but he could elevate in politics or become a judge.

      I always love these what-ifs, however, so many story ideas! 🙂

      • Hi Cindy! My line of thinking was upwards to Dukes and the like – way up there. Many of the upper crust would not give a twit for a non-peer Darcy. But then, how many peers were barristers? Probably very few. A Darcy may be their best option!

        I think some barristers were both free-wheeling and affiliated with law firms – just not exclusively like they can be today. I think. 🙂 My idea for joining a law firm as a partner comes from my personal leaning away from the free-lance, insecure life of a barrister to a more secure position in a solicitor firm either as the senior affiliated barrister or change to a solicitor and give up the courtroom. I believe solicitor partners and top ranked barristers made about the same money – just depended on personal preference and the whim of fortune. Being a free-lance consultant would scare me with the insecurity.

        You are right that he should not have personal relations with a client – Wickham would have but not Theo! I was thinking he would get her acquitted in court then court her properly. Would he wonder if she is attaching to him for gratitude or for love? Maybe he would quickly come to understand why Darcy was willing to be seen holding Elizabeth’s hand – when it is his emotions in turmoil. 🙂

    • Okay, Dave. Gosh, I don’t know what to day. Your thoughts put us all in the dust. Are you s writer in disguise? 🙂

      • Hi Deborah! No, definitely not a writer! You know how we old guys are – just blather on, and on, and on… LOL Before retiring I was accustomed to situations where my ulterior motives had ulterior motives.
        Makes you look at situations with a jaundiced eye – if I can keep from nodding off with a snore…

        • You keep a teacher of 2 & 4 year olds focused.
          Our minds are going 500 hundreds miles a minute, to keep up, which is why, sometimes thoughts are only half finished. A massed jumble of thoughts.

  6. Will Lady Catherine survive all the changes? I agree that family is important if it is run the way she says….the true concept of family love and support seems to be lost on her–just duty and position are seemingly important.

    Family is important to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth is important to Darcy. He is making the effort to mend his relationship with his brother for her, I think he will find a way to keep her happy even if it means putting up with Mrs. Bennet on occasion. 🙂

    Of course Theo will be married in five years. It will as others have said need to be someone who can act the part of society wife to help him with his career, but someone that is just on the edges of proper. She should be very intelligent and tenacious. 🙂 I don’t think a country estate would be best for him. He needs to be in town. I like the idea of him moving up politically.

    • I could see Theo doing very well in political circles. He has the sociable nature it required at the time. Poor Lady Catherine has the double blow to deal with – losing Darcy as a son-in-law and having to deal with a rebellious daughter.

  7. I think Lady Catherine is going to be facing all sorts of changes, not the least of which is Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage. She has a new Anne to contend with, and who knows what will come of the inheritance question. So I would think that rather than have her remaining family allied against her, where she knows she is obviously on the outs, she will find some way to assert herself again even if it means overtly accepting Elizabeth.

    I love to think that Theo will be positively influenced to find a soul mate who is somewhat like Elizabeth – someone lively who supports him, is good for their overall family, and who might not be someone just from the society that he frequents. I can’t begin to speculate on his legal career — I’m having a hard time following the nuances of that discussion! But with the active support of his brother now, will that make his career advance more quickly?

    • I feel rather sorry for Lady Catherine at the moment, being upstaged by her daughter. As for Theo, it certainly can’t hurt his career to have active support from Darcy. He already has a good source of referrals for lower class clients, but I imagine the middle and upper classes would pay much better.

  8. Evie – Thanks for hosting this discussion on The Darcy Brothers. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed this week’s little scenes. They’ll be incorporated into the book when it’s all done and I think they’ll be a great addition – and we have our fans to thank for it!

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