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  1. Oh my goodness – you two are priceless (and also hitting the mark a few times!!!)

    Loved your post as always – the discussion of the characters to begin with was fun but the imagined scenes – well, I am waiting in anticipation of your first jointly penned novel!

    • Originally this week’s perspective was near the length of a novel. We had to cut quite a bit to make it fit. It is so much fun working with someone who has just as overactive of an imagination as I have!

    • Hi Cassandra! Really liked the story chapter this week – Susan and you blended your segments perfectly – I couldn’t tell who wrote what! It seemed extra long this week – more for us to enjoy! All you will ever hear from us readers is More! More! 🙂 Have enjoyed the opportunity along with Evie to spout speculations!

  2. What?!?! Wickhead is not dead?!?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I want Wicky dead, Dead, DEAD! I want Lydia to be the Wild Widow of Wollongong, Australia.

    And I do not want Anne to marry Beau Brummell who has syphilis. Brrrrr! Besides, Beau goes into exile in just a few years because he has no money and plenty of debts.

    I hope someone shows us Theo’s successful career and a few more of his legal clients. Another Judge Darcy in the family!

    Thank you, Dave and Evie!

  3. You two have done it again. Evie the duel between Lady C & Elizabeth had me chuckling at 4 this morning. I could just picture it. I am suspicious of Wickham….is he really dying or is it staged or is he injured, but not so seriously. Is it a ruse to get him out of jail? What does that slime ball have up his sleeve? He gives me the shivers.

    Lady C has something planned. Glad Theo didn’t remain overnight. She’s too compliant and is hiding something. Was she keeping Anne drugged and out of society, feigning her illness to keep control of Rosings?

    Dave love your idea of having Elizabeth kidnapped. I do love her, but a little more difficulty for her & Darcy seems to be in order (IMO) since we know all will work out in the end. Maybe in all the smoke Wickham kidnaps her…..maybe, the criminal in jail is similar to Wickham but has been disfigured by the shears and W had escaped to exact revenge against the Darcys…..

    Sequels sound good. I also like Theo too much to let him go.
    Dave & Evie…I love reading your ideas and conversations…. I agree that you 2 should write a book together.

    • Hello Deborah! Last week I likened Wicked to a cockroach – stomp them down but they always come back! Is Wickham really Immortal – like the guy in ‘Touchstone’? THAT is a chilling thought!

      On Elizabeth, a little ‘nap is OK as long as she comes through it fine. It is vital to me that she and William end up happily together. I shun any story that ends otherwise.

      Hadn’t thought about a jail substitute – even if Wicked dies, the sequels will need a sinister villain… 😀

      • Wickham…immortal? That’s a bit too much for me….but he seems to have 9 lives like a cat.

        Elizabeth and a little ‘nap is fine….but all MUST work out to a Happily Ever After in the end. I agree wholeheartedly. I couldn’t bear it otherwise.

        Ah, yes a substitute or maybe a secret brother or cousin even….definitely need a sinister villain….even if at first things happen and we don’t know who is causing the trouble……maybe even Lady C. I feel she already knows more than she let on about the will….What will she do while alone at Rosings? Only a sequel will tell.

        • That is a really good point on the villain! Things keep happening but who did it? Red herrings lead to dead ends. Another disaster, maybe some clues that point in the wrong direction. Four possible suspects with all pointing toward one then shifting to another. Kind of like Gosford Park with a bottle of poison in every room and everyone having a valid motive.

          Yeah, I don’t like Lady C giving in so easily. I am betting she has a husband in mind for Anne – one biddable to her that she can use in a compromise to keep control. She wants her Rosings throne at all cost – Anne’s future is unimportant.. Purely guessing. Yes, you are right! only a sequel will tell.

          • OK , now which story has Lady C. with the lover, Andre (?)….bring him in….(he has to be a younger man – well paid by Lady C.) and in her control, so marry him to Anne and he is on hand for Lady C.’s pleasure, and in her pocket…LOL

            • Oh yes, Evie is working all day today or she would be chipping in with comments about Andre’s well muscled chest and well toned something or other. LOL Sorry Evie, couldn’t resist!

            • Yes well toned, muscular and tan. You all knew he was Latin right? He’s got this exotic accent that you can’t quite place. Is he spanish? Or maybe Cuban? And I’m sure Lady C has a pool for him to tend!

            • I find Andre sleezy. Yuck. But perfect for Lady C. Uggghhh if she tries to foist her on Anne, although I wouldn’t put anything past her. And I agree with the Wickham comparison, Dave. It makes me shudder.

            • That, of course, (as I am sure you know) was said “tongue in cheek”…dripping with sarcasm! The whole idea of any lover for Lady C. is beyond the pale. LOL There are some people in life that you wonder about being in bed with anyone…for me Mr. Collins is one of those. Lady C., obviously had a husband but her manners are so off-putting one has to wonder about him?

            • 😀 Deborah and Sheila, definitely drew you both ‘out of the box’ with that snippet! The idea of Lady Catherine wearing a society ‘mask’ like Darcy is worth considering. Those beneath her not worthy of knowing her true thoughts and emotions… The vision of Lady C frolicking and teasing in nature. It could happen! 😀

            • A choice between an obsequious toadying servant with no backbone or independent thought, or a gambling, theiving pedophile.
              ….I’ve gone from shivering to quaking. Neither would be an option. From yuck to gross.

            • OK. I will entertain the thought of Lady C wearing a mask like Darcy. OK I did. I feel she’s far too demanding and controlling of everyone and every movement around here to be hiding her true self. To have to be involved in every conversation and tell the Collins’ how their household should be run as well as approving his sermons….. nah. I don’t think so.

            • Ahh, but Deborah, I am picturing her in her private rooms – possibly with Andre? Prancing around in a coy fashion, waving a wrap like a harem veil… Could that be her ‘true’ self? 🙂 LOLOL keep this up and I will need a brain scrubber to erase the idea! OK, will leave the rest to Andre….

            • I don’t know….I can’t picture her going against the dictates of society or letting her guard down…..Seeing what you described…..I might go blind and will definitely need that mind scrubber 🙂
              LOLOL (shudder)

    • Hi Joana! The duel just popped to mind in the middle of the night. Stumbled to the kitchen and scribbled notes on the grocery list – fortunately they were discernible next morning! Lawayne buys such strange things at the grocery store, wandering around mumbling ‘gunpowder.. what do I want that for? ‘

      • Lawayne? Is this your significant other? Sounds like “left brain”/”right brain” monologue on UTube….with the shopping list indiscernible or misunderstood.

        • Hi Sheila! You are close! My wife Lawayne is my Significant Other – or should it be in all caps? 😀
          40 years together so she knows (tolerates) my foibles very well! Hope you enjoyed today’s posting – have hopes for some mushy stuff next week!

  4. Oh my, that was fun! Well done.

    Like you said, Evie, what makes Austen’s characters so great is that they are real and flawed, just like the rest of us. And I have made comparisons between people in my life and her characters. I have taught probably all of them–including a Mr. Collins–and my family, well we are a family of five girls with a father who loves to tease and yes, there is a Lydia in our midst. Although my family seems to be more Gardineresque–stable and happy.

    The duel—so funny, but you would think Lizzy would be more conscious of swinging a gun around since she has that scar on her shoulder from a bullet wound. Loved the instructions to protect the horses and how the surgeon was hiding behind a tree.

    I like the Anne and Beau combo. What a combo that would be! The ton wouldn’t know what hit it.

    Now, Wickham and Lydia…..wonder if the youngster will still wish to marry the old boy if his face has been disfigured. Looks are VERY important to some sixteen year old girls—and I think Lydia is one of them. And, since you didn’t like my idea to turn Wickham into the next dread pirate Roberts last week, perhaps he could be part of the flower shop mafia, Dave? Perhaps he was going to meet the Godmother at her shop when Anne and Georgie stopped by?

    And Theo…sigh… 🙂 I agree with Deborah, I like him too much to let him go.

    • Hello Eileen! Thanks for the word ‘Gardineresque’. Will remember that one!

      You know how Elizabeth jumps to conclusions and holds a grudge (tolerable). She is so incensed at the insult towards her fichu, rational thought has fled. 😉

      Actually back at Chapter Two I wrote a bio of a sinister London mafia guy – of course he is a Ton gentleman during the day… If the writers croak Wicked, they will need a very bad guy to take up the villain slack. Theo needs his own nemesis.

      Wondering if Wickham stages a recovery! We readers like old characters mixed in with the new – two bad guys stirring the pot would add more plot angst.

      • Well there are cat fights and then there are Cat (Cathrine) fights….

        Aaah, but what of a slithery, black widow as the mafia boss….intent upon seeking revenge (we know how women hold grudges)? I think a woman in such a role could possibly be more terrifying than a man…more sinister and devious….planning torture instead of death….but if she likes you, as she does the cockroach then things could get interesting and painful–you know, pulling off the legs before crushing– if he crosses her.

        • LOL No way I would say women have more evil intent that men! That would be flammable! 🙂 I do like this idea – she would have greater access to Ton gossip. Blackmailing men into reporting the doings in their clubs. Would her torture be mental as well as physical? Catlike playing with living toys – watching pain for the personal enjoyment? Crushing a toe if Wicked displeases her? She would not crush a finger since he makes a living cheating at cards – that is until he outlives his usefulness. Hmm that has possibilities!

          • Definitely dangerous for a man to make such a statement. 🙂

            Of course, it would be mental and physical–are not (some of–throwing in a qualifier here for safety) the fair sex good at manipulating emotions? What mom hasn’t employed the guilt trip–or am I the only evil mom to do that? (unfortunately, my sons seem to be immune to it 🙂 ) Yes, small bits of pain that do not affect usefulness would be best.

            • Yes, women can be better at manipulating emotions. Men have such fragile egos they are easy. Manipulating other women would seem easier for a woman to accomplish – more subtly. Men miss so many signals like raised eyebrows or a flip of the hair – we just assume you have something in your eye or a gnat flitting around your hair ( like a horsetail swatting at flies ).

              On the sons guilt trip, the same method used repeatedly is eventually spotted ( even by sons ) for what it is and loses effectiveness. Possibly time for a creative change of tactics.

      • I’m really loving this flower shop mafia! They look like genteel young ladies but hide a sinister underground sweat shop and gaming den. Careful or they take out your kneecap!

        I dont think we need Wickham dragging us down all the time. His plots are all so used. I think that if we give Theo his own law practice there will be plenty of villains lurking about to keep us entertained. Remember my idea a few weeks back? The Trials of Sir Theo Darcy.

        • Since Theo is following Garrow in concept, he could have a variety of clients – lots of pro bono?
          Should be a gazillion story lines to follow – sweatshops, climbing boys, stews of town type people who do not have a champion. Ah , he could meet bluestocking gentlewomen… One in particular with enticing eyes and sparkling personality?

  5. I have a friend with several brothers and I found it interesting how she could get them to do things…all based around that ego….”If only I there were someone strong enough to move this” and they would fight over who got to prove his strength.

    Unfortunately, my oldest is very quick witted….and enjoys the battle for the battle’s sake (almost as much as I do) before eventually doing what he is asked…

    • Your oldest sounds like my daughter – taking up an indefensible and false position just for the pleasure of arguing. My wife indulged her for hours and hours and hours. 🙂 Wondering if something like this would work with Lydia? Theo got her to talk and even almost understand – before her mother’s training overcame reason. How to manipulate a totally selfish person??

    • Thank you Cindy, this has all been great fun! Believe we all are hoping for more Theo.

      I especially enjoyed the Reader Choice with voting/comments – made Theo special! Our Reader Perspective could also have been called Reader Speculation! 🙂

      • Yes Reader Speculation would have been a good name. I’m not sure that we actually followed directions when asked to write our pieces but it was definitely good fun!

        • Directions? We had directions? Oh. Well… I remember Abigail said something when Reader Perspective started. I didn’t have my hearing aids on and it was a vaguely garbled email … something about not dissing some stork. Something like that… Oh well, turned out just fine!

  6. I can’t keep up – too many plots being thrown around! LOL Very funny…chuckling out loud. And here I thought the “family jewels” were the part of the anatomy attacked by the nosegay visitor. I think that is a “natural consequence” for Wickham’s behaviors with various and numerous women. The duel was tense. I had the scenes in my head – protecting the cattle, surgeon behind a tree, etc. Then Anne and Beau Brummel – opposites attracting in my book. But she would certainly profit from someone introducing her to the ton. Yes, would love to hear more about Theo. Thank you, both, for my morning lift. Laughter is the way to start the day – I read the comics, also.

    • Sheila, what will be fun for me in the future is the confusion of the real Theo story with all the speculation we readers have been tossing around. A year from now, “Why is Anne making up to Monty? I thought she tossed her cap at Beau Brummell? I’m sure she did!”

      You are right, Wickham is a total opportunistic cad – have not heard anyone approving of his behavior. I did a snippet being in his head but it was so dark and depressing, it is buried deep out of sight. Next week ought to be a fun wrap. The writers had such a grand time with Theo, I am positive he will resurface for new adventures!

  7. Dave and Evie – you two make a great combo. I felt like I was watching the Regency version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I agree, Dave, that some point in the future we are going to get all confused about what was really in the story and what was Speculation. How fun it will be to come back and read it all again! Thanks for the laughs, and even some intriguing things to think about along the way.

    • Hi Tobin! Sorry to see the story settle for now, but have high hopes for Theo’s future! Maybe when he comes back from holiday we can all get together again for more speculation! There are enough options to fill a lifetime. Evie and I had a great time with the speculating and we had a massive amount of help from all the other readers and writers. Pretty much a win, win project! Glad you have enjoyed Theo’s introduction to the JAFF world!

  8. Thanks again, Dave and Evie for your entertaining post! Loved your two alternate scenarios. Not so sure I agree with Wickham faking his injuries however — with how badly he’s treated everyone, I’m guessing Darcy would have checked (or had someone check) that he was, in fact, gravely, painfully injured as he deserves, before coming up with the idea to help him and Lydia (I’m reminded of a movie scene from “Charade” in which various thugs double check that Audrey Hepburn’s husband is, in fact dead at his funeral…) I’m also not really fond of the Anne-Richard combo. I mean, really — they’re cousins! Even if they didn’t think that would be a problem in Regency times, for the health of their gene pool, let’s not put them together!! I guess one thing I’m wondering is what Georgiana has been up to? I’ve lost track of her, and she wasn’t mentioned in the last chapter.

    • Hi Kathy! My thought was Wickham had Mrs Younge bring his stash and paid the prison surgeon to tsk and shake his head mournfully – for a huge price. Surface cuts including one near a certain… ahem, spot would keep a gentleman from peeking under the bloody bandages. He is sooo skillful at deception! Wickham is such a good villain, almost want to keep him around to torment Theo!

      Anne has the whole Regency world to explore – she may need an entire sequel of her own! Or a part of Theo’s at the very least – it partly depends on the interest of the readership – more demand, more writing!

      Hopefully the writers will answer your Georgiana question next week!

  9. Love it. Love these DM/EC mashups!
    Re Elizabeth -As you say, she’s 20. I’ve often wondered if she will be so embarrassed by her mother & Lydia when she’s older than 20.
    Re the Flower Shop Mafia – I suppose they lead you down the garden path, then distract you so a carefully-misplaced garden tool can trip and kneecap you. I won’t go into the details of what happens next.

    • Hello again Beatrice! On Elizabeth as the relationship continues toward marriage, my feeling is that she will go from mortified, to embarrassed, to very far away! Absence, and distance in this case, may make the heart grow fonder so that even Darcy’s feelings mellow toward all his new family. It could happen! 🙂

      My guess is that this next week should provide us with a nice temporary closing for the Darcy family – but they are only going on holiday and will return to us with new adventures!

  10. Gosh, you two are priceless! Other folk have said about possibly mixing up the original with the speculations in the future. I think I’m already doing that!

    The last few weeks of perpectives/speculations have been laugh out loud. I hope that you’ll be continuing with them on the Persuasion project. I look forward to hearing your comments, especially on Sir Walter Elliot, Mary Musgrove, Mrs Clay and Mr. Elliot.

    • Hi Anji! Evie and I are both glad you had a fun time with our sometimes outrageous speculations! It has been great fun! I am looking forward to next week’s wrap up – Theo has so many open questions in his life a sequel is certainly desired by the readers!

  11. OK, reading all the back and forth with Dave and Deborah (and moi)….I am off to church…that will be my mind scrubber! LOL Bless me, Oh, Father, for I have sinned.

  12. You two are very perceptive, Dave and Evie. I’m in awe of your creative abilities and endless imaginations of the scenes which you have described. It was fun catching up to your thoughts on The Darcy Brothers.

    • Hi Luthien! Well, Evie and I are at it again tonight at midnight, eastern time! For the last time in the near future! We do have our version of how a woman might strike Theo’s fancy. Who knows what the writers have in store for him in the next sequel (please notice that I am hoping for more than one sequel).

      Do hope you enjoy the Persuasion 200 project that starts soon – many writers looking forward to their turns as the story unfolds. Should be some interesting interpretations on character thoughts behind what they actually spoke. I always wondered if Sir Walter Elliot was checking himself in the looking glasses to make sure his three freckles were properly covered… His obsession with Gowland’s Lotion may come from a personal concern! Possibly some writer can explain. 😀

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