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  1. That was funny Dave and Evie. The two of you together make a formidable team. I like the idea of Wickham going overboard and never making it to Australia or anywhere. As Evie put it he’s a pedophile and transport is too good got him.

    Truly though, Lydia cannot go home. She will boast & ruin her sister’s chances for marriage nor can she stay st the Gardiner’s as they have young impressionable children. Looking forward to see how this will play out when Theo tries to approach her in light of her seeing him as very much like his brother and how he feels being compared in that way.

    Looking forward to next week’s continuation of the Darcy Brothers and next week’s Reader’s Perspective.

    • I think writing Lydia is extremely difficult. Our authors did a great job this week. It was a lot of fun to read and a lot of fun to write about. I think at this point, Theo has his eyes open to Lydia and may have other plans. Clearly you cannot speak directly to her.

    • Hi Deborah! I think most people wish Wicked ill tidings. My hope is that he can swim and will be nibbled on for a nice long time – a shark would be too quick! He caused so much hopelessness and deserves some of his own! imo

  2. Hilarious. Evie and Dave, you make a great team! I really enjoyed this — very creative. When did you get the time to put this together? You’re amazing!

    • Thanks Monica! This was fun! Evie had the document in where we both could edit the same doc – after she got home from work last evening, we were simultaneously editing the same file. Of course she was finishing my sentences for me. OK, OK, I did the same. 🙂 Like chat on steroids. Evie deserves a major pat on the back – she had a terrible day at work and pulled it together – she could not think of disappointing the readers!

      • Yes it was a terrible day but thankfully that particular kind of terrible is behind us (think germophobe and raw sewage.) I kind of enjoy the chat on steroids. Gets the creative juices flowing! Just wait and see what we have rolled up our sleeves for next week.

  3. That was fabulous, you guys!!!!!

    You realise what you’ve done, don’t you? Now you’ll never get a break while the other gives the ‘Perspective’ because we’ll always want the double act, it was just FANTASTIC!

    Great outcome for Wickham and Lydia! Hers better than she deserves, but she’s a silly kid, she might get smarter and mend her ways (and pigs will fly in tight formation 😀 )

    Thanks for this, it was superb – and thanks for sharing the gentleman’s POV on garters, Dave 😀
    BTW, the conversation between Anne and Lady Cat was priceless!

    • Hi Joana! Drat! You figured out the garter thing started with me. 😉 Was not sure what the reaction would be regarding Lady C and Andre. Will the writers now work him into the real story? Har! There was actually quite a lot of ad lib back and forth as we wrapped the doc – fun to do! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. What can I add that the others haven’t already said? Except that you two should get together and write your own humorous take on P & P at some point in the future, or even a humorous graphic novel version if you can find the right artist!

    • Hi Anji! Was not sure on the reaction towards some of this post – very glad all have taken it as meant – purely fun. Feel I can take off the Kevlar asbestos suit – there does not seem to be a batch of readers with pitchforks and blazing torches! Will see how the comments/votes go – truly want honest feedback!

      • Anji, a graphic novel is actually something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I come from a VERY creative family full of authors, musicians and artists of all sorts. Currently I am waiting for my cousin the graphic artist to graduate from college. She is such an amazing artist! I must say that working with Dave was a lot of fun. Comedy is much easier when you work in pairs…

    • I think they need to contact D.C. or Marvel Comics, etc. I can just see this and maybe leading up to a series on TV. These two have all the comic comments to make it very tantalizing.

  5. I was laughing with this installment. You two make a wonderful team! Comedy is better in pairs, Good Omens springs to mind immediately. And a graphic P&P novel would be awesome.

    • Thanks Cindy! What makes it interesting is that we were like, in an online-Internet coffee shop just chatting – just amusing ourselves. What-ifs can be such fun! Hopefully the vote will show most people enjoying Reader Perspectives – Abigail has posted a couple times wanting more guest readers. The more the merrier!

      • Well, thank you for your kind comments about my graphic novel suggestion, Dave and Evie. The idea just kind of popped into my mind as I was reading your analysis, which was brilliant as usual.

  6. Hilariously fun! What an enjoyable way to start my day!

    Poor Mrs. Bennet–a daughter married without here knowing or being present or being able to show her off? Seems fitting that the girl would think as little about her mother as she did of everyone else–isn’t that what her mother taught her?

    And Wickham is in the water, but is he dead? What if he were to somehow survive for a few hours (maybe a piece of drift wood large enough to climb onto) and gets picked up by another boat–maybe even a merchant ship? What if the merchant ship was captained by Captain Carter? Hmmmm. Wickham could still be a problem, now couldn’t he?

    Now would Captain Carter share any characteristics with Wickham–same eye colour, hair colour, build. That would make it easier to pass of Lydia’s first born as his. And with Captain Carter being gone on journeys there could be ample opportunities for Lydia to get in trouble in her new land.

    Now about Anne. I suppose she could go to London for a season and find all the “nice” gentlemen to be boring and become focused on befriending only the worst rakes. That could be fun. I never liked the idea of Monty for Anne….Richard, now there is a possibility. Can you imagine the arguments (and accompanying make ups) that could result in such a match? Richard use to being in charge and Anne who refuses to be controlled by anyone.

    Thanks for the post Evie and Dave. I look forward to the debates, I mean discussions, that follow from the reader’s perspective.

    • Anne and her commanding cousin together would certainly be an interesting match–hadn’t thought about that possibility in this story. Hmm…

    • Arghh! No! No Eileen! Wickham being picked up by Captain Carter/Lydia. What a devious thought! We had the guy being fish food and now… Like the cockroach he is, after being dropped off somewhere… He gets back to England with murderous revenge in mind – against Theo…. Sheesh!

      Reader comments come through again! Tag to the writers. 🙂

      A grudging ‘well done’ Eileen.

    • What if Captain Carter Finds Wickham, realizes that they look alike and sees his great escape! Being stuck on a smelly ship with Lydia has got to be a fate worse than death! What would Wickham do then? This has exciting potential!

  7. I loved the combination of Evie and Dave. Really funny. Lady Catherine doing a right turn and giving Anne advice on attracting a man was too much. Really laughed after that one. Lydia! What can one say. I think she’ll never change but who knows what the good Captain gets up to. After all he is a sailor.

    • Hi Mary! Your comment made me think of something. A very, very long sea voyage. Boring. A ship full of men. Lydia who has no loyalties to anyone – except herself. Only interested in her own selfish pleasure. The Captain better keep a very close watch on her!

  8. I really enjoyed the banter between Dave and Evie. Can just see one finishing the other’s thought or sentence. Lady C. giving bedroom advice, the garter POV, Wickham going overboard, Capt. Carter taking Lydia away (PLEASE). Well done, Dave and Evie.

    • Thanks again Sheila! From the comments above, even falling into the Atlantic far from land does not dispose of ‘cockroach’ Wickham! He sure makes a resilient villain! 🙂

  9. Like all your other commenters, I really enjoyed the combination of both of you in the reader’s perspective. Well done! I wonder, though, if any of the loyal followers of this site are from Australia or India — and if there’s any (mild) offense taken at always wanting to ship out the Regency reprobates to your shores (even though Australia didn’t have a say in whether or not they got to receive all those losers during that time!). We can only hope that the possibility of starting over, and real life challenges to get along in a totally new environment and culture would finally bring out their redeeming qualities.

    I have to admit while I can easily imagine Lady C giving her questionable marital advice to her daughter, the thought of Andre also kind of turns my stomach… what kind of person is HE who has taken up with HER (even if he were paid to do so!)? Shudder, shudder.

    • Hi Kathy! Actually British colonies in the Americas were the favorite sites for transportation – until 1776. Then with prisons still overflowing the next best place was Australia and Tasmania. Those were brutal times and surviving anywhere was a challenge! There were opportunities and when finally having served their sentences, most remained as free citizens – often becoming landowners that had new prisoners assigned to work their land.

      On Lady C, that was not planned, as the snippet evolved, it just went that direction. Frankly, I do not want to dwell on the thought of Andre for very long. 🙂 Could we say that everyone deserves a little happiness? LOL

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. As for Lady Catherine, I think that Anne would want her to move into Sir Lewis’ mistress’s townhouse, but Richard, thinking kindly of his aunt, won’t make her move there. They could use it as a threat every time she tries to stick her nose into other people’s business.

    ROFL! Yes, that would be an excellent threat.

    I would hope that Lydia’s new husband would keep her in line – all those servants to spy/watch her. As for Wicky on a “long walk” across the ocean, I like that very much.

    Dave and Evie, it looks like the two of you feed off each other’s humor. Very good work, you two!!

    • Hi June! I think the Captain is going to set two men watching his wife while at sea. Such a flirt would be explosive on a small ship! Then another two men to watch the first two men. Then… oops! Out of men to man the sails!

  11. What larks! It will be hard to see the story go in other directions after this!
    If Richard & Anne get together, I think he may be a little like Prince Philip when he got fed up with the Queen Mother refusing to move out of Buckingham Palace; he had the heat turned out in her quarters.
    There are always ways of doing things without resorting to violence!

    • Hi Beatrice! Ahh, but if the story goes a different way, we all get to pick new twists and turns! Am so glad we get to vote on the story direction each week – adds that extra ‘kick’ that makes Theo better!

  12. These are some very good scenarios, Dave and Evie. I like the way both of you think and hope you will continue to contribute your ideas and conversations after The Darcy Brothers has ended.

    • Hi Lúthien! Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully the authors will continue with The Darcy Brothers for years – sequels and spin offs! So many ideas and paths to follow!

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