Re-Release of “Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion” with an Excerpt and a Giveaway — 60 Comments

  1. I wonder how difficult it is to write from a man’s point of view, especially when we already have Jane Austen’s view

    • Hello, Susan.
      As a military brat, I spent my youth around men – heard them talk and observed their actions…good, bad, and indifferent. My best friends have always been men. All my books are from the male POV. Only yesterday, on my blog (, I spoke of the differences in language choices and attitudes for Mars vs. Venus.

  2. Lovely new cover!! Cannot wait to add this one to my ever growing collection. Thanks for the excerpt; it is always interesting to read through the men’s POV.


  3. I fell in love with Captain Wentworth the moment I realized I prefered him to Darcy. He is much livelier! What a pleasure to read his POV! Thank you.

  4. I have the original e book. I enjoyed it very much as I have all your books. Reading the excerpt has me wanting to reread the book. Captain Wentworth has a great depth of charachter, but I still prefer Mr. Darcy. Since I already have the eBook, please don’t add me to the eBook giveaway.

  5. I am so excited that this book is being re-released. My oldest daughter has started to fall in love with Jane Austen’s novels and this will be an excellent way to be introduced to the variations that are available by the talented authors on this website.

    • Thank you, Becky. One of my friends had her daughter read my version first because her class was reading it at school. She said she understood Jane’s language choices better after reading mine. LOL!

  6. Persuasion is my second favourite Jane Austen novel, running P & P very, very close.

    Every time I read this scene in the original, it brings tears to my eyes. The line near the beginning of this excerpt that says: “He was instantly deep in the happiness of such misery or the misery of such happiness” really defines how FW must have been feeling at this particular instant.

    I also can’t read this without hearing Ciaran Hinds voice reading the words of the letter. The emotion he conveyed in his voice was all anguish and hope: “You pierce my soul! I am half agony—half hope” and “For you alone I hope and plan”. The 1995 adaptation with him and Amanda Root as Frederick and Anne was simply brilliant and so much better than the later 2007 version which had characters behaving totally different to the book.

    I’ve read the free sample of this book on my Kindle and it was already on my TBR list. Reading this excerpt has moved it up to near the the top now. Austen variations wirtten from the male POV are some of my favourites and this one looks to be extremely good.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    P.S. Regina, a thought occurred to me whilst I was typing this. Would you and the other AV authors consider hosting a series of discussions (one for each book) about our views on the various TV and film adaptations/variations of the works of Jane Austen? Jack Caldwell did this in a minor way when he asked for opinions on our favourite Mr Collins a while ago. It’d be great to see what folk think about the adapations/casting each of the works as a whole. I also have a few ideas about casting for future adaptations!

    • Thanks, Anji. I will toss your idea into the mix. I did some very extensive analyses of many of the film adaptations for Austen Authors, and I have moved those over to my blog. I once served as a media literacy consultant. Teaching others to read film as one does a book is exciting and challenging.

  7. Fabulous news, Regina! Somehow, I missed this book, and it’s a great shame because it sounds fantastic!

    A retelling of Persuasion from Capt Wentworth’s point of view promises to have everything that the original story is missing! I’m looking forward to a story that would vindicate him! I might sound very harsh now, but of all Austen leading men, I think he’s the only one whose behaviour is even more objectionable than Darcy’s first proposal (and that’s a tall order 😀 ) because none of the other Austen good guys let their bitterness and disappointment push them into parading a younger (and sillier) model before the love of their life! It would be great to read about his inner conflict, and understand what he was going through at the time. As for the news of a sequel, things just can’t get better!!

  8. Wentworth’s bitterness took on a “cruelty” not found elsewhere in Austen’s tales. He a bit of a blunderhead in that aspect. I think you will find him redeemed in my tale. Thanks for joining me today, Joana.

  9. Persuasion has always been my favorite. Elizabeth Bennet is just too impertinent for my taste. I didn’t know about your book until reading this post (I’m knew to this genre), but I look forward to reading it.

  10. What a wonderful idea to re-release this book in anticipation of a sequel. Persuasion is my next favorite after P&P. I have always thought that Captain Wentworth was cruel to Anne. I never sensed that he still cared deeply for her but wanted to wound her like she wounded him. It will be enlightening to read Persuasion from his point of view. Thank you for the giveaway.

  11. Dear Regina, Thank you for revisiting your retelling of Persuasion and giving us this most romantic chapter in the story! Your skill at interweaving Jane Austen’s writing with your own is seamless and wonderful! And you have added to the intensity and romance of this beautiful scene, making it even more satisfying than the original. I too love the Amanda Root/Ciaran Hinds version of the movie the best. I had watched another, and I believe it was a BBC production, that had cast the characters… especially Anne… all wrong, and was really disappointed! I had purchased it from the PBS store, and they usually get it right, but not this time… I forget the actors and I don’t believe I even kept it. The whole tenor of the movie was just off! The modern one is good in some ways but too rushed, and can not compete with the 1995 one! I look forward to getting and reading “Captain Fredrick Wentworth’s Persuasion” and also your “Darcy’s Passions”!

    • Carol, I, too, prefer the Amanda Root and Ciarán Hinds version. I also own the 1971 version with Ann Fairbank and Bryan Marshall, as well as the Rupert Penry Jones and Sally Hawkins version. I love both Jones and Hawkins as actors, but my students used to make fun of the scene where she is running forth and back on the Royal Crescent. They would screech with laughter for the kissing scene because they said Hawkins looked like a baby bird accepting food from its mother/father. The slow motion is horrendous. LOL!

  12. I am very excited to hear about your Persuasion sequel. I have your Wayward Love version and revisit it from time to time. Persuasion has a close run for first against P&P for me and there are so few Persuasion variations out there. Love the excerpt. Wonderful way to start my day.

  13. I am a fan of P&P variations and since Persuasion is my second favourite JA book I’m looking forward to try some Persuasion variations. This books seems a good start. Thank you, Regina, for your generosity and talent.

  14. Even though I have read that letter over and over again in re-reading the book, it stands out in my memory and continues to bring tears to my eyes…angst producing. Yes, it does seem that Capt. Wentworth put Anne through some agony as he courted the younger, sillier Louisa. I have 3 DVD’s of this story and the Ciaran Hinds/Amanda Root one is my favorite (May have to watch it today). I enjoyed reading this from a male POV and look forward to reading the book, as I do not have it. I know I will enjoy it. The most recent version (BBC 2008) of this story on DVD has the most unlikeliest pairing of actor and actress…I do not like how the director has Anne running all over town trying to catch Capt. Wentworth at the end, after reading his letter. Although Rupert Penry-Jones is “eye-candy” in the role. Enjoyed this excerpt.

  15. Sheila, I mentioned above how my students found that scene of Sally Hawkins running around Bath the most ridiculous version. They also wondered how a woman with rheumatic fever managed to be on the street to give Anne directions. The one scene I do like in the Rupert Penry Jones version is the one where Captains Wentworth and Harville are on the Cobb, and Harville suggests that Wentworth withdraws to see if Louisa will think “out of sight, out of mind.” It is an excellent plot device.

  16. Love the excerpt! I enjoy reading JA variations from the male’s POV. The new book cover is very nice! Handsome man! 🙂

  17. Ahh, you’ve given us the “dessert” chapter — the sweetest end to their eight years of separation! I’m glad his friends were supportive of him. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Yet, June, the “dessert” is not the end of the meal. I cover the trials leading up to their marriage and the first few months of Frederick and Anne’s life together. He! He! Lots of fun!

  19. Thank you for the lovely excerpt, Regina! I haven’t read this one yet but I will have to remedy that. 🙂 I, too, heard Ciarán Hinds’s voice in my head during The Letter scene. Makes me want to go watch the movie.

  20. I haven’t read this novel of yours but it is definitely on my to buy list!!
    Persuasion in one of my favorites , only second to pride & prejudice!

    Thank you do much for the excerpt!

    Would you suggest waiting on the “reworked” one?

    Thanks so much Regina!!!

  21. Persuasion is my fav Jane Austen story and of course Wentworth is my fav Austen man. There is something about the story that stays with me. Your tale sounds right up my alley!

    • Nicole, Wentworth was the 3rd Austen hero I fell in love with, but that was because I had read Pride & Prejudice and Emma before reading Persuasion. I have a true fondness for Persuasion and its story line.

  22. I have spent a great deal of time reading every variation, sequel, you name it to Pride and Prejudice. Just recently, I have begun reading variations on Persuasion. This is one I definitely look forward to reading. Congratulations to you on the re-release and to all of us for your doing so!

  23. Persuasion is definitely the close 2nd-favorite Austen work for me, and this was such a great scene. Thank you! I would think it would occasionally be fun to revisit works you’ve finished and tweak them a bit. Looking forward to reading more!

  24. Thank you for another look at this wonderful book. It is nice to go back and revisit, and this time we it revamped too.

  25. I read this book way back in 2010 and I loved it. The excerpt reminded me why I love Anne and Captain Wentworth’s love story just as much as Darcy and Elizabeth’s.

    I’m curious when you I heard that you re-release the book, Regina. Now I know why you can self-published your books. Good for you. Although I own the early copy, I would love to win either the e-book or paperback copy as I would like to read and compare which scenes are edited.

  26. Loved the book and can’t wait for the re-release. Every now and then it is good to have a little Anne and Frederick mixed in!

  27. I loved this book when I read it a few years ago! I do prefer the new cover however 🙂 Best of luck with future re-releases!

  28. What a wonderful excerpt! P&P is my favourite book by Jane Austen but my favourite scene she wrote is this one, from Persuasion, with the exquisite letter, so thank you for sharing another perspective of it.

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