Chapter Nineteen: Questions, Schemes, and Ultimatums — 20 Comments

  1. Oh, cruel author! How many times in this story have you left us hanging like this? I can’t wait for next Wednesday…such torture. I need to quote Inigo from The Princess Bride..”I hate waiting.”

    • It just works out that way! I have an outline that Caitlin and I worked on and I know where it’s supposed to go, but it just kind of ends where it ends. I do understand about hating to wait, though! Thanks, Alecia!

  2. Two headstrong girls, one who is extremely impertinent, one delicious, delightful Darcy that will do whatever to help Elizabeth, one irate uncle and unconvinced aunt, and what do we have? Another cliffhanger to worry over for another week over one very stupid and foolish 15 year old brat. I won’t even call her a gentle woman. Love the suspense. I hope they’re able to not only stop the idiot child, but catch Wickham and end his foolishness. Jail, transportation, but death would be a permanent solution.

  3. Ohhh I do love the interaction between Darcy and Elizabeth! It’s SO obvious they are head over heels in love with each other! 😍😍
    Oh no! Why can’t the Gardiners trust Lizzie? Okay understandable I guess that she mentions a friend she has never mentioned and says Lydia is in trouble… they only react sensibly but stiiiiiil!!! Thank god for Darcy and his offer of assistance – Now will Elizabeth accept his offer?
    I personally can’t wait Leslie!!!

    • They’ve never seen or heard of Ellie, who shows up out of no where saying that Lydia is in trouble. I think anyone would be suspicious. They’re just trying to protect their niece. We’ll get Elizabeth’s answer plus more next week! Thanks, Sophia!

  4. What is it with the Gardiners? How on earth can they be suspicious of Ellie? I’m sure ‘hooked up, messing with her head & con her’ were all suitable regency terms 😂. Luckily Mr Darcy seems too besotted with Elizabeth to pay much attention so hopefully he will convince them to let him accompany her and Ellie. And fingers crossed they will be on time!
    This is getting REALLY interesting now that Darcy and Elizabeth are together Leslie, can’t wait for next week! 😍💕

  5. Leslie, you are a cruel writer!! lol. I can’t believe I have to wait another week! This is torture!!
    I can understand Mr Gardiner, poor man! But I would love for Lizzy and Mr Darcy to go on this adventure together! And I loved Ellie’s modern language! Hooked up!! lol

    • Sometimes I get the worst block trying to go back and forth between Elizabeth and Ellie for their language. It’s a lot easier when you’re writing something all in one time period/language style. I’m glad I hit the nail on the head this week! Thanks, Daniela!

  6. Suppose Elizabeth and the Gardiners both say no but Darcy feels duty bound to seek out Wickham and Lydia and determines he’ll search them out even though he doesn’t have the approval of Lydia’s family. His reasoning would surely be that (1) he feels he may know a way to find them add (2) as a gentleman, he is obliged to take action.
    Of course, he won’t be at Pemberley when everyone visits but ultimately he’ll be forgiven and ODC will have plenty of time once they’re wed to extend long loving looks for their HEA.

  7. The Gardiners truly can’t be blamed for Ellie has certainly ‘dropped in’ out of nowhere! Then to claim Lydia is planning to elope with Wickham, I would think they would know that Lydia is capable of such stupidity! As for Darcy, he know something is ‘off’ where Ellie is concerned, but he would move heaven and earth to help Elizabeth Bennet in any way! I certainly hope she will say yes and the Gardiners insist on going as well! Now to WAIT!!!

  8. Isn’t it wonderful to see Elizabeth and Darcy through Ellie’s eyes?

    But Ellie…”hooked up”??? Really????

    Good for Mr. Darcy!! He plans to help, no mater what! And of course we may figure that the support of a man of Darcy’s position may help to persuade the Gardiners of the truth of what Ellie and Elizabeth proclaim.

    Wow. That was quite a chapter!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

    Why do Wednesdays always have to be a whole week away? 🙁

    Thank you again, Leslie, for an amazing chapter!!

    Susanne, who will now return to grading her hundreds of Macbeth essays….

    • Meep! I like Much Ado about Nothing and a few sonnets, but I’m not a Shakespeare fan! I hope you are!

      Ellie will hopefully begin to get the lingo soon. Or maybe she won’t 😉 You never know. Darcy is interested in Elizabeth so he’s definitely interested in helping her. We’ll have to see to what lengths he will go. Thanks, Susanne!

  9. I think Darcy will trust Ellie because Elizabeth does. Yes, he will help. Elizabeth will agree to it, too. Hopefully, the Gardiners will agree and hop aboard the carriage to go along to Brighton to help. They are supposed to be her sensible relations.

    • They are, and really, the Gardiners are behaving sensibly. They have no proof, other than the words of a girl they’ve never heard of or seen before. They’re being cautious. We’ll see next week! Thanks, Patty!

  10. One favorable thing about coming into the conversation late is that I get to read everyone else’s opinions and/or comments. I have to agree that M/M Gardiner are acting in an expected manner. Elizabeth’s behavior and the sudden appearance of someone who speaks and acts so out-of-tune with those around her would make me in my modern mind think “what weed has she been smoking?” Back then I would probably think she had hit her head upon something or was becoming ill. Lydia’s behavior has always been wild and flirtatious but how much do the Gardiners know about Wickham? Darcy knows what he is capable of but has he/will he convince the Gardiners that preventive action is really needed? Like Mr. Bennet the Gardiners may suppose that Colonel Forster is there and should keep reins on Lydia. But can he really be trusted when his wife is much like Lydia? (I am thinking that since the two “girls” are best friends.) Darcy did state his knowledge of Wickham but the Gardiners didn’t agree as of yet. So will the entire party take off or just Ellie, Elizabeth and Darcy? And who knows if Ellie will travel back to her own times during the journey? How would they explain that? Ellie does not impress me with her intelligence. She can’t seem to keep her word about not talking and when she does talk she can’t seem to think about what she says. I know you are trying to make her seem out of place but she seems rather impulsive and a risk for Elizabeth. Thanks for the chapter.

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