Pride & Prejudice & the Magic 8-Ball — 2 Comments

  1. I got an 8 ball when I was a teen and kept it around for much longer than I should have. I can recall asking it about my various crushes and the like. When I tossed it out a few years ago the letters were no longer legible. I haven’t yet replaced it but wonder if P&P would be better at predicting outcomes. I never got past talking to any of my crushes. :/

    • Chanpreet,
      I love that you had a Magic 8-Ball and asked it about your crushes, too! Honestly, as a teen, all I did with that thing was ask it questions about some boy or other. As a now-married adult, I only ask it questions about my books, LOL, but I still play with it more often than my son does 😀 .
      Fingers crossed that if you give the P&P version of this test a try, it’ll lead to good predictions and even better results!!

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