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  1. A would have to be Mrs Bennet as it looks like it would enjoy a good gossip.
    B would be Caroline Bingley as I think she would like that colour to draw attention to herself
    C would be Fitzwilliam Darcy, looks rather prickly and untouchable
    Thanks for this post and can’t wait to see what you and Leslie have in store for February 😃

  2. Very good suggestions, Glynis and you get extra credit for your reasoning:)
    Yes, Leslie and I are taking over Wednesdays at Austen Variations. We’ll tell you more about it next week, so come back for a look – we’re beyond excited about it.

  3. I think A is Caroline Bingley as I don’t think that nose could be any higher in the air. B could be Colonel Fitzwilliam as he looks in attack mode as appropriate for a soldier and C is Mr Darcy. Looking forward to what you and Leslie are doing together. Love the books of both of you.

  4. I particularly like your suggestion of the Colonel, Lynn.
    B does look fierce enough to take on Bonaparte.
    Leslie is very creative and lots of fun to work with, I hope you’ll stop by next week for the big announcement.

  5. A. Caroline because she’s green with envy
    B. General Tilley because he’s red with rage and sends Catherine away disgracefully
    C. Mr Collins because his plates of armor protect him from Lady Catherine’s insults and instructions

  6. A-Mr.Collins
    B-George Wickham
    C-Colonel Fizwilliam

    The short little arms on the t-Rex reminded me of Mr. Collins while the red and “swarminess” of B reminded me of Wickham leaving the strong presence of C to be Colonel Fitzwilliam.

    • Thanks Jennifer. Your little arms comment made me laugh so much. Thanks for stopping by and joining in with the silliness

  7. A – George (Wickham): He looks handsome, worth noticing, but he actually has a very tiny brain and he’ll destroy you at the first available opportunity. B – Caroline (Bingley): The flashy red/orange color fits her hair and personal style preferences; plus, the raptor’s speed and voracious hunting mentality sums up Caroline’s single-minded pursuit of wealthy, aristocratic men! C – Lord Matlock: I agree with your assessment, this guy looks pretty high in the instep… a strong family resemblance to your Lady Catherine. 🙂 Thanks for the fun game, and for the generous giveaway! (Ps: I have read “The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet” and absolutely loved it! Such a unique story!)

  8. Good points, regarding A and B, Darah. Tiny brain LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in, and for your lovely comments regarding The Coming of Age. I will stop making collages of dinosaurs and have something new out soon, I promise.

  9. These are three different men in P& P.
    A is Colonel Fitzwilliam as he is ready to attack his prey – either the French or Wickham
    B is Wickham as he is thinks he is brave but in reality is a skinny, scared man
    C is Darcy who is ready to protect those he loves. His expression: “don’t mess with me!”
    Thank you for the giveaway! Can’t wait to see the release on Feb 1. Love how your son protects you while you write.

    • An all-male line up, Eva. Interesting. I agree C does look stubborn and possessive. Thanks for entering and stopping by. Please come back next week to read about the big project. It’s gonna be fun.

  10. A – Emma Woodhouse because a T-Rex is blind to what is right in front of their eyes but yet they can hear – Emma is blind to Knightley and Harriet’s suitors and situation but yet hears all the gossip.
    B – Wickham because raptors are bad and they never give up on their prey and they use other raptors to help catch their prey such as Wickham uses Denny and of course we can see that when the story of Georgiana comes out! Raptors use their wiles to get what they want – as does Wickham – they are both very intelligent and know how to seduce people.
    C – Fitzwilliam Darcy because I think this is a Triceratops and they have horns for defense which Darcy does and uses when he needs to, plus the horns also double as dominance which he clearly displays throughout his life – always has to be better than everyone else. And the way he proposes to Elizabeth the first time – yeah that’s the horns talking too LOL.

    Erika Messer hopefuldelights1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. A is definitely George Wickham, and, wickedly, because I think the adage small hands means other small things so he has to compensate. I mean, really, all dash and no substance! But would be Caroline Bingley’s. Don’t you see her latest in orange-red attire? Her mouth is open and her nose is pointing up in the air. She is trying to get everyone to pay attention to her. Now, I must join the herd , pun intended, on C. That ponderous, thick-skinned, horny, I mean horned, animal is pushing himself forward to be in the ladies’ company , to their great distress.

  12. My 9 year old is a major dino fan as well. Love this contest.

    A. Mrs. Hill, after years of scrubbing the mud from E’s petticoats, her deformed and gnarled body protests!

    B. Mr Wickham, looking fine in his regimentals.

    C. Mr Darcy at the assembly after he says that E is tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt him. Note his resemblance to Lady C with his haughty airs.

    • Mrs Hill? Now that’s thinking outside the box! Yes, all those muddy petticoats to wash – enough to make you roar in anger. Thanks Talia

  13. A Mary Bennet -looks unsure of herself
    B Lydia Bennet -looks like she is looking for some fun
    C Darcy – taciturn, and aloof

  14. Oh my! Looking forward to this ‘secret’ project! The giveaways are amazing on this post…especially the autographed book! Thank you! I love your son’s idea of protecting and he picked some really good ones! Now as to who I ‘see’ in these dinosaurs:

    A. Mr. Collins looking up to Lady Catherine with his little hands hoping she will condescend to speak to him as he worships her!
    B.Miss Bingley as there is such an evil gleam in her eye as she plots to gain Mr. Darcy’s attention and offer of marriage!
    C. Mr. Bennet as he walks off to his study so he doesn’t have to deal with talk of balls and lace!

    Keep safe!

    • Yes, Carole. I can how C might be Mr Bennet, nice idea, slow moving, thoughtful. Hmmmm.
      Thanks for taking the time to enter and play along

  15. I agree with some of the reasons others wrote for:
    A to be Caroline
    B to be either Colonel Fitzwilliam or Wickham
    C to be Darcy, but my reason was he looks solid and dependable and the Triceratops was an herbivore, therefore he does not have to denigrate, kill or take advantage of anyone else in order to survive.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. I immediately thought A should be Caroline Bingley because of the nose up in the air. B should be Mr. Collins – see the way its mouth is open? And it just looks so eager, perhaps ready to dance? (Or dance attendance.) C is a tough one. Perhaps Mary Bennet because of the modest, practical color, and the earnest expression. I like the way Charles Bingley’s mouth is pursed, ready to kiss Jane Bennet. I can hardly imagine what a dinosaur named Jane Bennet would look like! My Little Pony perhaps. I certainly understand why you named the Miss Elizabeth Bennet dinosaur as such. It’s definitely the eyes!
    I don’t suppose for your giveaway we could convince you to substitute ‘Ardently’ for the ‘The Coming of Age…” ?

  17. “Charles Bingley’s mouth is pursed, ready to kiss Jane Bennet.”
    YES, exactly. I haven’t found a Jane yet…in vain I have struggled…
    Thanks for entering, fab suggestions.

  18. I love the ‘Name the Dinosaur’ idea and the ones you have already named seem perfect! Your son lining them up around you is precious. That has to bring a smile to your face every time. My son and later, one of his son’s both loved dinosaurs. I think I may even have a few similar to yours lying somewhere in a toy box! 🙂

    It has been such fun reading the names and all the reasons for them. You are going to have a difficult time with this one, I think!
    A. George Wickham – his jealousy over wanting everything ‘Darcy’ makes him green!
    B. Caroline Bingley – this one just makes me think of her, maybe because of its color more than anything else. The mouth being open is also like Caroline. She never knew when to keep her mouth shut and rarely did keep
    C. Fitzwilliam Darcy – the full armour to protect himself from the conniving husband hunting mothers and daughters. He doesn’t want to be compromised. He is strong and ferocious in the protection of those he loves.

    Thanks for the nod about doing your book cover and especially your kind words! 🙂 It was a pleasure.

    • You’re welcome Janet, the cover is now so lovely thanks to you.
      I like your point about Wickham being ‘green’ with envy, and about Caroline not being able to keep her mouth shut. Thanks for stopping by to play

  19. A is Darcy, because he’s the king (Rex) of the story.

    B could be Mr Collins, because as in the recent Jurassic World movie, velociraptors are easily controlled when given the proper direction (Go Charlotte!)

    C is the hard one tho… Perhaps Mrs Bennet, since in many ways she’s not unlike Lady Catherine, just on a less grand scale.

    Also, you really need to find a dinosaur that’s orange so you can call it Miss Bingley!

    • Thanks Molly. I can find a more orange one easily. My house is full of the things!
      I like your reasoning behind B being Mr Collins

  20. I would day
    A- Caroline Bingley. Her hoity toity personality.

    B- Emma Woodhouse- the young and enthusiastic one with a slightly over eager personality!!!

    C- Mr Willoughby- the spiky one with undertones of smartness!!

  21. A-Greener in colour than Mr Bingley,with his neck elongated,his nose protrudes in the air in a haughty and proud pose,this fine specimen,strong,lean and muscular, is only too aware of his position in high society and looks down on lesser in the food chain with an air of proud superiority,this is undoubtedly Mr Darcy (pre proposal!).

    B-Suffering incessantly from her nerves (now also suffering from the symptoms of the menopause, which combine to highlight the profusion of red that permeates her outer appearance), people underestimate this slight character whose measured determination and tunnel vision in obtaining a man of huge fortune for each of her girls,would give the grand dames of the Ton a run for their money!!! It can only be the inestimable Mrs Bennet!

    C-A rotund,thick necked,ignorant character who plods through life leaving sore toes ( among other things) in his wake,horns blunt underlying his wit and oblique view of life,this character finds himself willingly and gladly playing the subservient role to his ubiquitous leader. A sycophant in the making,this is none other than Mr Collins.

    Caitlin,love the fact that your little man is seeking to protect you,hence gifting you the armour of his most prized possessions!!! So cute!!!

    • Inspired Mary! Yes, if it’s Darcy, definitely pre-proposal. Mrs Bennet- LOL.
      Thanks so much for taking part, I loved reading your response, so funny.

  22. Oh, this is sooooooo fun!! I have to say that:

    “A” is Caroline Bingley: nose in the air, always on the prowl for fresh meat to tear apart.

    “B” is Lydia Bennet: mouth open as she chatters away, obviously not much brain by the blank look in that [yellow] eye, and is the color red in honor of the redcoats she adores.

    “C” is Mrs. Bennet: her fan-like head protects her girls (as best she can) from becoming spinsters, and also allows her to plow through all conversations and possible obstacles, yet for all her bravado, she is no predator; she is prey to her nerves and to all gossip that comes her way.

    What a fun little exercise!! Thank you, Caitlin!!

    Susanne 🙂

  23. A)is George Wickham because of his turning green with envy of all that Fitzwilliam Darcy has: handsome looks, Pemberley, expensive tailored clothes, Georgiana, and boundless money.

    B) is Caroline Bingley because she always has her mouth open spouting ridiculous statements and red in anger over Darcy’s feelings for Elizabeth.

    C)is William Collins because he is short, squatting, and overly round in his looks and has a bulbous nose. The horns representing that his attitude towards anything not Lady Catherine approved and sycophantic nature makes him more evil than a pastor should be. His remarks about Elizabeth after her refusal and then remarks Lydia’s behavior and disgrace were the opposite of Christian feelings. To allude to what Elizabeth lost for her refusal in front of Charlotte was hateful.

  24. I’ve deliberately not looked at the other comments yet, in case they influence my choices! So, I’ve decided to steer clear of P&P completely and try to match them up with characters from other works. Here goes:

    A. Sir Walter Elliot – this one, with it’s nose stuck so high in the air, looks as if it’d always be checking out it’s appearance in the nearest mirror.

    B. Lady Susan Vernon – this red one looks as though it’d always be scheming to make circumstances work to it’s own advantage.

    C. Mrs Norris – it just looks as though it’d always be finding fault with a younger, gentler dinosaur.

    Now I’ll hit Post Comment and go and read the other comments and realise how much better the other choices are!

  25. A has its nose in the air, so it has to be Caroline Bingley. We can call is Caro-Saurus
    B is a raptor. Sounds kind of like ‘raptures’ which Mrs. Bennet has a lot. So, I’d say B is Mrs. Bennet. We can call it the Bennet Veloci-rapture
    C just looks kind of drunk. Kinda chubby and tired too. Must be Mr. Hurst. Hurst-ceratops it is.

  26. A. Lady Catherine…big, bossy and short sighted
    B Wickham in his regimentals…shifty and fast
    C. Colonel Brandon…strong, loyal but not flashy

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