P&P Missing Scenes – Elizabeth Reflects — 16 Comments

  1. How beautiful! I can imagine Elizabeth feeling this way and thinking these thoughts. I think back to when I first met my husband. I thought he was a jerk and the nerve of him! He drove a sports car and would come into the movie theatre with his dog and no one I ended up with similar thoughts to Elizabeth’s written here. Thank you for bringing back memories and for a true to life posting! Oh, dear….those letters….What a rollercoaster ride this is to become for Elizabeth.

  2. I love these scenes too. I have the first book and hope there are more to come. I always think scenes like this are wonderfully romantic, and they really help us to see the characters more clearly, and to understand how and why they make certain decisions. Like Deborah, I also wasn’t impressed when I met my husband, but after a closer look I married him. Like Darcy he is shy and known to blurt out the wrong thing at the worst possible time, and like Darcy, he is the best of men when he isn’t putting his foot in his mouth. Thank you for this lovely vignette, and for reminding us that first impressions can be misleading!

    • My husband liked to push people to see how much he could annoy them. He never behaved that way with me though. When I began dating him, I had quite a few people ask me why I would go out with him because he was such a jerk. LOL! He doesn’t push people’s buttons like he used to–that’s my daughter’s job now. She is a little version of him, but looks like me. I can’t help but bite my lip to prevent a giggle when she does it too. Thanks, Mari!

  3. A lovely glimpse into Elizabeth’s mind and heart here…just before all he** breaks loose at the information in Jane’s letters. I enjoyed these insights very much indeed! Thank you for writing for us! 🙂

    Cassandra 🙂

  4. I liked this scene so much! Just as, when we are reading P & P for the first time, we are slowly coming to these conclusions ourselves, so is Elizabeth. Oh, to be able to read it for the first time again! I need a “do-over” – I don’t think I properly savored it the first, first time! This is so well-written, and well-integrated into the novel. Great job!

    And yes, to leave us on tenterhooks as THOSE letters arrive!

  5. So many times in life and in fiction timing is EVERYTHING. Other novels do take us to what might/would have happened if those letters never arrived at a time when Darcy could react to them and thus, Darcy didn’t learn of Lydia’s “elopement” in time to help! Perfect insight into what Jane might have had Elizabeth thinking if she had added this scene. Thank you.

  6. Currently I am listening to an audio of p&p. I just got to the hunsford proposal and this “missing scene” fit in so well with janes prose!
    Great job!

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