P&P Behind the Scenes – Elizabeth Meets Darcy’s Uncle — 40 Comments

  1. wow Monica!! She is Lizzie and hear her roar !

    I loved the playful give and take between Darcy and Elizabeth. It was good to read how they both faced a dragon in its lair and survived it!
    To paraphrase Collins, ” they were made for each other” .

    Great job !!

  2. Lovely scene! I really enjoyed it. Please clarify one thing, as I was not sure if the following sentence had a typo or a different meaning that I didn’t understand: [Darcy laughed. “You are such a minx,” he said, softly, his eyes {wondering} over her face and settling on her lips.]

    I am really enjoying these “missing scenes” so much. Thank you!!

  3. Well we know better than to intimidate Miss Lizzy, it only causes her hackles to rise. Lord Matlock may not have been completely satisfied with Darcy’s choice, but he did realize she was worth his attention. Wonderful scene that keeps us wanting more.

  4. Wow what a scene! Lizzy is not to be trifled with! Omg I loved how she sealed with Lord Matlock! It was priceless reading, I do think Lizzie is just about to win over the whole Fitzwilliam clan bit by bit!

    • Yes — Anglo-Saxon. They can trace their ancestry back that far. Of course after the Norman conquest you get the Williams…

      By the way, Aethelfrid means Noble Peace, and is distinct from Aethelfrith, who was a real Anglo-Saxon king aptly named The Destroyer.

  5. Great scene. I feel like Elizabeth handled Lord Matlock’s accusations very well — she didn’t try to just deny that there would be any problems, but addressed them directly, for example, saying she would help Darcy to repair any damage to his reputation or friendships. I think this should bode well for Elizabeth’s relationship with Lord Matlock in the future, now that he sees he can not intimidate her, and that she shows she is sincere in her devotion to Darcy. I would say she was relying on Lord Matlock’s real interest in Darcy’s well-being, rather than Lady Catherine’s more selfish motives in objecting to Lizzy and Darcy’s marriage.

    • You can see that Lord Matlock is Lady C’s brother — he has the same tendency to bully people if they’ll let him. It’s probably true that Lady C’s relations with Darcy is complicated by the fact that she’s expecting him to marry her daughter, while we know Lord Matlock is more of a father-figure for Darcy. I like your comparison, Kathy.

  6. I wish I had Elizabeth’s confidence and her ability to deal with all people as equals. She did not offend, much, and she stood her ground. But, most importantly, she offered family harmony and a willingness to ignore the way she was treated by Lord Matlock. He easily saw her character and immediately recognized why Darcy wanted her as his wife. She is just amazing, as are you, DA!! Great missing scene!

  7. Barb — so do I! That’s why she’s a heroine and we’re not, I suppose! I think her sense of humor and ability to see the ridiculous in everything helps her see through people. Rather than being enraged as Darcy is about his uncles’ tactics, she half-jokes about being cattle, which enables her to deal with the situation on her own terms.

    You’re right that In this scene I think she’s not only smart but emotionally very balanced. She keeps her eye on the main goal, which is ultimately to reassure Lord Matlock that she is really cares for Darcy and is not a fortune hunter. Her sincerity is very clear.

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