P&P Missing Scenes – Darcy Finds Out Elizabeth is at Hunsford — 38 Comments

  1. Wonderful missing scene, Kara.. Parts had me chuckling while others had me feeling sorry for Darcy. Little does Darcy know what is to come by taking the Colonel’s advice and proposing to someone other than Anne. Poor, tortured soul with more torture to come, but all of his own making.

    • Darcy had no idea he would actually take his cousin’s advice – or was it an ultimatum? Thanks, Deborah!

  2. Poor Darcy, to find out from Lady Catherine that Elizabeth was at Hunsford. His head and heart drive the poor man to destraction. Great scene.

  3. Great scene Kara! Darcy is so very torn between his heart and head. You could feel his pain.

    The colonel certainly added to his discomfort !
    Great read

  4. I do believe you got it right, Kara… just the way Jane herself would have written it! With but a few words you clearly let us see Darcy’s anguish, his pain and frustration! I love it. Thank you for a great read over my first cup of coffee this morning.

  5. I do so like the heart and head remarks. Perfect. Yes, Darcy, it will be torture and we know you suffer in silence…but, as said, all of your own making.

    Thanks for this missing scene.

  6. Love it! Poor Darcy, he is so miserable. He runs Pemberley, and who knows what else. Just tell Lady Catherine enough is enough. I will not marry Anne. So she gets evil and flaps her gums. She does all the time anyway. No different than normal behavior for her. She just expounds on a different topic at the drop of a breath. One thing she’s really totally proficient at, because she practices all the time. Really, he’s 28 years old.

    • Yes, really! What is he waiting for?!?! Well, I guess he’s only doing what Jane Austen had him do… Thanks, Carol!

  7. Great scene Kara! Darcy has no one but himself to blame on all counts…Anne and Elizabeth! Being so reticent only compounds his problems.

  8. Aaaahhh this was beautiful.. I am re-reading our beloved P&P for the zillionth time and I am at the time when Lizzie arrives in Hunsford… now everything makes sense :)))

  9. Kara, you depict so well how this scene plays out, we can feel the tightness of his heart and chest as he walks to the window. I wonder what Elizabeth is thinking at this same time when Mr. Collins announces who has just arrived in the neighborhood.

    • Megan, I need you to get in touch with me. My emails to you keep coming back, and it looks like is no longer supporting email. (I googled it.) You might need to get a new email, so email me when you do (or figure out what is wrong). 🙂 This was the only way I could figure out how to get in touch with you.

  10. Absolutely LOVED this vignette! Alas, poor Darcy!! He suffers so…because he has missed his aunt and cousin so very much, correct? 😉

    Wonderful writing–I just love thie site!!

    Susanne 🙂

    P.S. Kara, I’ve just started to read your book, Only Mr. Darcy Will Do. I’m fascinated already…and I’m only on page 33!

    • Triple thanks, Susanne! So glad you liked this vignette, that you love this site, and that you’re enjoying OMDWD! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it!

      • Well, I was on page 33 of Only Mr. Darcy Will Do yesterday morning, and this morning I finished it (yes, in fewer than 48 hours, thanks to Easter break!) and wrote a Goodreads review. It’s definitely one of my favorite JAFF novels, Thank you for writing a wonderful novel, Kara Louise!

  11. I loved Darcy’s care to not get Anne’s hopes up too much, while still continuing to pay his Aunt the respects she’s sure she’s due… and the agony of wondering hoping, not hoping, great job!

  12. Darcy is trying so hard to maintain control in the face of the unexpected news. At least he found out before actually encountering her. That would have been awkward and even harder to stay in control. Great job, Kara!

  13. That would have been a great scene to see his reaction in seeing her if he didn’t know she was there! Would he have been able to maintain control? Thanks!

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