P&P Missing Scenes – Darcy and Elizabeth Arrive at Pemberley – Jane Odiwe — 37 Comments

  1. This was wonderfully evocative and romantic. I really liked the exploration into Elizabeth’s thoughts, and her worry that she might not be up to the task of being Mrs. Darcy. Given the situation she was stepping into, it was a very natural fear. Nothing in her life would have prepared her for suddenly being catapulted into the aristocracy. I also found it very natural that the villagers would have been lining the road to see the new Mrs. Darcy. Nothing would have been more likely and I wish more authors would include a scene like it. This chapter was just perfect on so many levels and we readers feel like we were not just reading, but experiencing everything that Elizabeth did. This was also therapeutic in a way since my husband and I just moved and are beginning a new life too! We are all also suffering from very bad colds, so reading this was a wonderful tonic. Once again you have done the impossible and given us something fresh, enduring and beautifully romantic. I think Jane Austen herself would have liked this.

    • Thank you, Mari-you’re very kind. I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, moving is such a stressful business. I hope you’re soon on the mend and can begin to enjoy your very own ‘Pemberley’!

  2. I got tears in my eyes at this sweet scene – perfect. And, I , too, loved that the Lambton residents lined the streets to welcome them home.

  3. Wonderful scene. I love the addition of the response from the Lambton villagers. It’s difficult for us modern people to understand just how closely tied to the great estate the small villages were. Their success and prosperity and happiness were very dependent upon the relationship they had with the estate and the family. Thank you for adding that scene.

  4. Thank you, Rae-yes, Mrs Reynold’s words reminded me that as a master of an estate Mr Darcy would have a lot of tenants who would rely on him. It was another world!

  5. Absolutely stunning! I loved knowing Elizabeth’s thoughts and feelings as she first arrived at Lambton and then at Pemberley.

    The warm welcome in the village must have both pleased her and given her reason to be slightly anxious with so many people dependent upon the family at Pemberley, yet their cheers and well-wishes could only be heart-warming.

    And Georgiana’s welcome is so sweet; I simple loved it!!

    Wonderful story, Jane—thank you for writing for us!!

    Susanne 🙂

  6. Jane, I just loved this!!
    Thank you for this wonderful insight into Elizabeth & Darcy at the start of their marriage.
    Those recollections of when they first saw each other at Pemberley were just marvelous 😉 .

  7. How wonderful! I can imagine how intimidating it would be to understand that you are to take over the running of this amazing estate! And coming from the Bennett household, I don’t think we can count on years of watching her mother cope will be much help for Lizzie! But it was so touching to see her reach out to Georgiana – I think Georgiana’s blossoming is one of the most wonderful things that will come out of the Darcy marriage!

  8. Beautiful! I especially liked the part where all the village folks were there to greet them. She must have been touched by the respect for her husband and that they wished to extend it to her. Loved it. Jen

  9. Loved it! A perfect scene for a moment in time with so many conflicting emotions for all our characters. It sets the tone for Lizzy being very welcome and adored by her new sister, her staff, and the villagers (and Darcy, of course, but that goes without saying). You did a great job capturing all those emotions. Thank you!

  10. Really enjoyable to read! I think Darcy would have to be even more impressed and touched that the villagers were also so happy for him. It really drives home how important he was to their community. I also liked Lizzy’s reflection on how Mrs. Reynolds’ words were spoken “from the heart” – and it wasn’t just empty praise of a housekeeper for her employer. Thank you!

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