P&P Behind the Scenes: Lydia Elopes — 15 Comments

  1. Oh Diana. What a great love match!!! He’s had what he wanted so doesn’t care either way and she is too young and careless. Having had her own way all her life she has no idea what she is getting into.

    • That’s true, Glynis, she’s got a lot of misery ahead of her and no clue. It’s sad really…because she hasn’t got the character to learn from her mistakes.

  2. Thoughtless girl! She truly has no familial love or even loyalty, does she? It’s all about herself, all the time. Perhaps that’s merely the “curse” of being the youngest in a large family, especially in a family in which every whim is coddled by a weak-minded mother and a distant, apathetic father.

    Sigh. Poor girl.

    Thanks for this glimpse into their lives, even as Wickham actually tells the truth for once…. 😉

    Susanne 🙂

    • So glad you’re enjoying the story, Susanne, and you put your finger on the problem. Weak-minded mother, distant, apathetic father. Lydia has no chance.

  3. These two are such a mess. He has no love for her, and she’s too stupid to realize he really doesn’t want her. She lives in a bubble never seeing what’s before her. Everything for her is some folly she’s involved in.

  4. Yes, completely indulged by her mother has lead to life being all about her in her mind! Consequences? What’s that?

  5. Thoughtless selfish Lydia. Never thinks of anyone else. She lives in a fantasy world to boot. What chaos they create.

  6. So, he’s got her so besotted with him that she thinks it’s her idea to elope with him. She has absolutely no idea that he has no feelings for her whatsoever and his basically planning on selling her into prostitution. She has no qualms about skipping town with none of those clothes and hats being paid for. She also rhinks her father woill probably let them have some money.

    Personally, I think they deserve each other!

  7. As has been said…not a moment of thought given to the act or its consequence. As for Wickham – he is just as happy as not to have a bed-warmer he can abandon when there is no money and pursuit is hot. Thanks for this scene.

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