P&P: Behind the Scenes – Darcy Plots to Accidentally Meet Elizabeth on her Walks — 19 Comments

  1. What a lovely lovely scene to read first thing in the morning and v funny too. Poor Mr. Darcy hiding behind a tree, he is completely besotted with Elizabeth but we know all will be well in the end…! Thank you Leslie fabulous excerpt

    • I’m so glad the humor came through! I always worry about that. I just found the idea of Darcy waiting to ambush Elizabeth so funny. Thanks, Michele!

  2. Loved reading this with a cup of coffee. I had to smile at Darcy hiding behind a tree. What an infatuated puppy. The poor deluded man. We know what a shock he is in for….Thank you for such a fun missing scene.

  3. Who would have thought, biting his nails!!!! I love to read Darcy so uncertain so human!

    Boy, he really had no clue.

    Wonderfully written !!

  4. Thanks Leslie. What a great post. I can just picture Darcy hiding behind a tree and biting his nails. It made me laugh and “I love to laugh”! More please. I am just re-reading A Will Of Iron. Love your books.

      • I don’t know how you come up with the ideas. I have read your 3 books several times especially Rain and Retribution. My next read will be Unwavering Trust again – I love Darcy’s grandma.

  5. Such a delightful vignette!! His poor thumb, though!! What an amazing detail that reveals so much about him. And his dithering thoughts, his shaking hands as he checks his watch, the Colonel having to kick his foot the previous evening–more details that reveal how hopelessly in love he is, whether he truly knows it or not.

    And it never crosses his mind how ungentlemanly it is to spy on a young lady as he does. All is fair, I suppose…. 😉

    A wonderful peek into the mind of Darcy–thank you!!

    Susanne 🙂

  6. What a beautiful scene you’ve painted with words. Poor Darcy. The man has been running Pemberley and Darcy House for years, why can’t he just admit he’s smitten. Stalking is against the law now, but in their day, it was like a proposal while they were alone with each other.

    • LOL! It was stalking just a bit I suppose, but not a malicious sort. Poor guy just wants to walk with her! Thanks, Carol!

  7. That did have me smiling. I can’t get enough of this couple. I guess we all love how he is clueless as to the opinion she holds of him. But this was lovely with the blossoms falling on her head. I can just see that and it must have looked so beautiful if you love nature rather than artifice.

    • The cherry blossoms in the spring are beautiful, and towards the end they do begin falling. There is one tree at the school here, and the children will pick the petals up off of the ground, throw them in the air, and laugh as they rain down. Thanks, Sheila!

      • Oh, that sounds so lovely. We have many cherry blossoms in spring around here and Washington, DC is famous for its cherry blossoms. The children tossing and running paints a joyful scene in my mind. Thanks.

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