P&P: Behind the Scenes – Darcy Anticipates Trip to Rosings — 20 Comments

  1. Thank you Leslie!I could immagine Mr.Darcy doing exactly what you described so wonderfully!! Have a nice day and pls let me Know when you’ll publish behind the Scenes!! Barbara

    • Oh yay! I felt like I took a chance writing it this way, but I enjoyed the image of it too much not to write it. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! Thanks, Barbara!

  2. Thanks Leslie. Darcy is fighting a losing battle. Very descriptive writing about Darcy’s struggles with trying to forget Elizabeth. Little does he know what’s waiting for him when he gets to Rosings. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    • That’s the fun of this scene, I think. He’s trying so hard, but we know what awaits him. I just felt he needed a little desperation because of the proposal he gives at Rosings. Thanks, Carol!

  3. Oh my! Darcy has it so bad. He is trying to logically erase his soul mate (there is no other way to describe ODC). I can so picture him seeing her everywhere. Me thinks he is in for a bit of a SHOCK when he gets to Rosings; and more than one. The poor man will never be the same.

  4. Loved it Leslie! At least his imagined Elizabeth did not speak. How would he explain him replying if overheard?

    This is one of my favs!

  5. Oh yes, just wait until he gets to Rosings! He will be in a state of discomposure. And as we all know rather, he will be inarticulate when confronted with her sparkling wit.

  6. Poor Darcy!! Imagining Elizabeth throughout his home must torment him to no end.

    And little does he know what (or rather, whom) await him in Kent!

    Well done, Leslie; I absolutely loved this glimpse into Darcy’s mind and heart.

    Susanne 🙂

  7. Loved this Leslie. So exactly what I would assume he went through. Poor poor man has no idea. Shame he doesn’t know that it will all work out eventually 😐 Thinking about it even though I feel for him I am glad he had to go through it all or it wouldn’t have been much of a book and I wouldn’t have all the variations to read 😞 Speaking of which are you writing a new one? I have all your others and enjoy re reading them thank you.

  8. We do love our tormented Darcy…he earned it with his first words at the Assembly of “not handsome enough to tempt me.” And, oh, how we are all smiling imaging his horror when he discovers his tormentor has followed him in person to Kent.

    • She has never really left him alone, has she? I’d almost feel sorry for him if it wasn’t for that dreadful proposal!
      Thanks, Sheila!

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