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  1. Delightful Behind the Scenes story. Caroline Bingley is always a spiteful creature with little redeeming qualities. Why Darcy would be with them without Charles Bingley is beyond me.

  2. I couldn’t fathom why Darcy would be there without Bingley either. An outing with the sisters and Hurst does not sound at all appealing! It does however make for an interesting look behind the scenes. No doubt it was one of Caroline’s little plots again. The woman in purple was intriguing. If she really did write gossip for the papers, might not she have overheard Caroline going on about the Bennets, and might that feature in the next day’s gossip section? Oh wouldn’t that be a huge embarrassing mess for Darcy and the spiteful sisters. The Bennets would surely have seen that, and in particular, the ones most likely to read it and spread it: Lydia and her mother! I do so hope that there is more story coming up from this. As always, you drew us in effortlessly and left us wanting more. I could read about my favorite characters forever.

  3. Thank you for the excerpt from your short story, Maria. I enjoyed the story.

    Carol and Mari this is an excerpt from Maria Grace’s short story, ‘To Forget:Darcy’s London Christmas’, available at Amazon for 99c. and is also available as part of a set of books on Amazon, ‘A Jane Austen Christmas Bundle: A bundle of Regency Christmas traditions, history and fiction’.

  4. Oh for Darcy to be very wary of the lady in the purple feathers, she certainly must wield a ruthless quill! He is so ‘lost’ to Elizabeth. Thank you for that and Happy New Year!

  5. I really can’t imagine why Darcy would go to the theatre with Caroline Bingley and the Hursts when Charles wasn’t going. Thank goodness he finally realised how stupid he had been and got away on his own. I look forward to reading the rest of this story. Obviously in the original Elizabeth wasn’t in London at this time but maybe this story is different????? Thanks for the post Maria 😊

  6. I did read the novella this was taken from. Interesting entertainment. The book does give an answer as to why Darcy was there.

    And “purple hat” plays a role!!!!

    Good story. I enjoyed it. Posted a review.

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