P&P: Behind the Scenes – Christmas Dinner at Longbourn — 10 Comments

  1. Delightful behind the scenes chapter. Seems like Aunt Gardiner knows something about Wickham’s treachery in Lambton, but hasn’t shared this with Lizzy. He’s such a slimy character. Happy Holidays 🎄 🎇 🎉

  2. Oooh how can Elizabeth be taken in by such a terrible man. This scene just needs Darcy riding in on his big white horse and taking her off into the sunset (no doubt aided by Mrs Gardiner). Unfortunately that would vary from the actual story so is not allowed (sigh) thanks for this scene Maria and happy Christmas to you and your family 🎄

  3. I am sure Aunt Gardiner has kept in touch with friends and family from Lambton so any debts or disgraced daughters would have been gossip for the mill and she probably knows a little of them. And we all do know just whom Wickham does marry in the upcoming year…with a little nudge from certain “old acquaintances”.

    Have a merry day, today, and a Happy New Year. Thank you for this chapter.

  4. What a great little story to wake up to. It made me wish that we had more pomp and ceremony in our traditions. Mrs. Bennet would totally have done what she did in this scene, and it was perfect. I was hoping that Darcy would show up to give Wickham a good. Case of indigestion, but no such luck. This chapter would fit nicely into a future book, I think. This was a wonderful start to my Christmas morning. A very Merry Christmas everybody who celebrates it.

  5. It seems that Mrs. Gardiner has Wickham’s number, all right. He’s being even creepier and smarmier here than usual. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Mrs. G tries to fill her niece in about the man.

    I wonder if it’s just Wickham’s thought that he has fresher intelligence about Lambton than Mrs. G. I’m sure the some of people she corresponds in Lambton with would have a great deal to say about Wickham.

  6. I enjoyed this sweet. Lizzy is certainly in Mama’s and Philip’s black books for turning down Mr. Collins. Aunt Gardiner does not like Wickham very much though. Thank you for sharing.

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